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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Young Jae returns to Full House

From last night episode of Full House...

Remembering their memories, Young Jae smiled in his tears. At Full House, Ji Eun also thinks of the past and started to smiles with tears too. Dong Wook goes to YJ room and found out that YJ has speed off to somewhere. JE sit alone in Full House…

Time passes. Maybe a couple of months, JE have a new hairstyle and a more mature look. She’s back to her old habit; Full House is in a mess, dirty dishes, foods, clothes were strewn around. The doorbell rang and JE rushes to get it. She’s happy to see Min Hyuk holding a bouquet of flowers at the door. JE smiles and she looked really pretty. I guess this hairstyle suited her more, though it made her look mature.

JE invited MH in and were quite embarrassed because her house was messy. “I know.” MH told her that he has found a good director for her movie scripts and suggested to hire famous actor for the main role. “He’s a little expensive, but it’ll help the movie.” JE hesitated.

MH: You don’t like the actor?
JE: Well, he’s popular and very good looking… but I prefer a taller actor.
MH: Tall?
JE: Urm, yeah. There was this scene the actor helped the actress to close the window above her…

“How tall? YJ’s height?” (MH was a little unhappy)

JE is a little shocked that MH suddenly mentioned YJ. “Well, I didn’t mean that…”

JE: But can we cast YJ as the main actor?
MH: I don’t think YJ will take the role.

MH took JE out for lunch and they start to chat about her life, staying alone in Full House. MH proposes to JE.

MH: Everyday, if we could eat together, drink tea together, chats and laughs together… What do you think about it? I mean everyday. Everyday.
JE: Pardon? Everyday?
MH: Yes, I want to see you everyday.

“Han Ji Eun, I’m proposing to you right now.”

JE: … … Well, I just got divorced. Now is not the right time… It’s too sudden for me.

MH was disappointed but he told her that he’ll be waiting for her. “Then, I’ll wait for you.”

JE goes back to Full House and felt very lonely. She thought of YJ and look around in his room. Nothing has changed. She took out her wedding ring and stared at it sadly. The next day, MH goes to see YJ’s manager and tell her that he want to cast YJ in his next movie. His manager told MH that although YJ is still in Seoul, but she doubted that YJ will agree. This is because YJ was depressed after his divorce and gone into hiding ever since. MH replied that he’ll pay any fees they asked and meet all his demands for the movie. YJ manager called DW in and ordered him to bring YJ back, and drag him back if he has too.

All this while, YJ was hiding in a monastery (temple) up in the mountain. DW goes to see him and find YJ meditating in his room.

DW: Brother YJ, what’s the matter with you? Don’t tell me you really want to be a monk?
YJ: Why did you come? I told you not to come again.
DW: I know, but boss asked me to bring you back. So please go back with me.
YJ: I told you I’m not going back… If you keep pestering me like this, I’m going to hide somewhere you can’t find me.

DW then think of an excuse to make YJ go back with him. He lied that JE was terribly ‘sick’, and YJ was immediately concerned. “Sick? Where? Why? Is it serious?”

YJ: (sigh) I shouldn’t be concerned about her. Even she’s sick, it has nothing to do with me. Now you go back.

DW gave up. Suddenly YJ turned and asked angrily: “JE was so sick, where the hell is MH? Did he sent her to the hospital? She should be eating porridge…” DW said that MH dumped JE after YJ left and now she’s in a terrible condition. Still, YJ didn’t agree going back with DW.

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JE and YJ misses each other and start pacing around, having sleepless night…

Hee Jin came to Full House to visit JE. Why is her tummy still flat? I mean she got pregnant early on in the series and now there’s still no bump at all? It’s been like at least 4-5 months! Anyway, she hopes that JE will invest in DW’s video store. JE said she can’t because she doesn’t have the money – the movie script doesn’t pay much. HJ suggested that JE should get together with MH since he’s so rich. JE get mad and told her not to speak nonsense.

HJ: Can’t you just forget about that Lee Young Jae? Anyway, he’s not a popular star anymore.
JE: Hey, why do you have to mention him? ANYWAY, WHO SAY HE’S NOT POPULAR? HE WILL RISE AGAIN!!!

HJ then accidentally told JE that YJ was hiding up in the mountains and his career is gone. He’s so hopeless that he even refused to come back even though his grandma was really sick. JE got worried and rushes to the hospital to visit grandma. She cried and asked forgiveness from grandma (she’s asleep). YJ father saw JE crying outside the room and felt a little sorry for her. The next day, JE was surprised to receive a call from grandma and YJ mother. Grandma told JE that she’ll only forgive her if she could make YJ apologize to his father.

At this, JE became dejected. Because she knew there’s no way she could make YJ come down, moreover apologizing to his father! Suddenly she has an idea and goes to Hae Won’s boutique. She asked HW to tell YJ to stop messing around and come back to apologize to his father. HW said she can’t and suggested JE to go instead. “Why don’t you go and ask him to come back yourself? “

JE: I can’t go see him.
HW: Why not?
JE: It’s my fault he end up like this.
HW: Silly, it’s not your fault.
JE: No, I treated YJ badly (regrets).

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Meanwhile, YJ rushed back to Full House to see how JE is doing. He really thought she was sick. He couldn’t find her anywhere and decided to wait for her outside. JE come home and saw YJ standing there. She gets tearful, but she looked at YJ with contempt. She let him in the house coldly. While she’s getting him a drink, YJ goes around, inspecting the house. It was full of dust and YJ was disgusted. “So filthy!” Then he noticed that their wedding portrait is gone. YJ get sad again.

When JE bring him some drink, he noticed that she’s not wearing the wedding ring. “You… already took of the ring?”

YJ: HEY! The house is in a mess? Did you ever clean it? Go and clean up now! Look at all the dust! *cough *cough
JE: When did you come back?
YJ: Huh? A little while ago… By the way, weren’t you sick? What are you doing running around?

JE was confused. YJ then nagged how he told her to exercise every morning and she must have been too lazy after he’s gone. JE said don’t bother about exercising and asked him where he’s been to all this while. YJ told her that he stayed in a monastery and reflected on his past, and his mind are more mature. “So, did you notice any change in me? Hehehe…” Lol... YJ pose while saying that is so cute.

JE: Did you know that grandma is sick? Did you visit her?
YJ: Cheh, sick? She’s only pretending to be sick so that I’ll come back. It’s not the first time she fooled me.
JE: Then why can’t you ask forgiveness from father?
YJ: It’s not your concern so don’t meddle in my business.
JE: If you don’t want me to care, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE THEN?
YJ: What do you mean by that? This is my house! From now on, I’m going to live here!

JE got mad and kicked YJ out. It’s like a replay of what YJ did to JE. Lol… YJ yelled and banged on the door but JE just ignored him. “You cruel woman! Jerk!”

JE was bothered by YJ presence outside the house and she start to spy on him once a while. YJ was meditating outside. Later he tried to sleep on the bench, but it was too cold for him and there’s a lot of mosquitoes. As night falls, JE spies on YJ again and was shocked to see him missing. JE immediately ran out to look for him. She got distressed and start to cry.

“LYJ, where are you?! Where are you? If I catch you hiding somewhere, you’re so dead!!!”

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But there’s no reply from YJ. JE panicked and run out to the road, shouting his name. YJ, who was in the shadows, saw JE running out and calling his name. YJ realized that JE still cared a lot for him… (teary eye) @_@

JE couldn’t find YJ anywhere and goes back to Full House dejected. “If you’re going to leave, why don’t you just leave earlier? You could have least say goodbye to me… He’s always like that!”

She went upstairs and stopped by YJ room. She switched on the lights and was shocked to see YJ sleeping on the bed. JE was about to cry and went up to YJ, beating him up mercilessly.

JE: Wake up, wake up LYJ!!! I said wake up!
YJ: Ouch that hurts! What is it? I'm sleeping!
JE: How did you get in? How did you?!
YJ: Ish… I went it through the broken door in the kitchen… So?
JE: (outraged) WHAT?!
YJ: Hey, I might catch a cold sleeping outside, and there are a lot of mosquitoes! See these bite marks, it's so itchy… My room is empty anyway, so there's nothing wrong if I sleep here. Don't be so petty!
JE: … …
YJ: By the way, nothing changed in my room… still the same way I left it.

JE start to glare at YJ.

YJ: Why are you glaring at me like that? What are you going to do, huh?

JE bawled out loud. YJ doesn't know what to do. Hehehe… men are really scared of women crying.

At the kitchen, YJ apologized to JE and hand her some tissues. JE is still sobbing and glared at YJ nastily.

YJ: Okay, so I sneaked back. You don't need to be so upset that you cried.
JE: I'm not mad because of that.
YJ: Then why are you crying?

"I thought you left without a word again…" (sobs)

YJ: Pardon? I can't hear what you said.
YJ: Hey, why you shouted! You scared me!
JE: … (glaring with tears in her eyes)
YJ: Look… it's not like I want the house back. I mean, I'm just staying here temporarily until find a place. Can't you let me stay here a while?
JE: No.
YJ: Huh? HJE, you are so mean! You really dislike me being here? You really want to kick me out? You hate my sight?
JE: No, it's not that.

"LYJ, can you please go and ask father for forgiveness? When I miss grandma, father and mother, I can't go to see them. But you… you still can see them anytime you want and they'll forgive you if you just ask."

"It's not fair. I hate you!"

YJ feels a little guilty. The next day, YJ's father was shocked to see YJ visiting him at work. They went to have lunch together. YJ father was curious why YJ came looking for him.

"Father, I'm sorry. Please forgive me."

Of course YJ father didn't quite believe what he's hearing. He asked if YJ really repented over what he did.

"No, actually I don't. But JE… told me to ask for your forgiveness. So I come."

"It was me who lied and cheated you all. So please forgive JE. Please, father."

Father: You really love this girl, don't you?
YJ: Yes.
Father: (sigh) Then why don't you marry her real? Why did you marry her under contract?
YJ: Back then, I never expected to fall in love with her.

His father then asked YJ what he planned to do. "So, are you going to marry her then? Are you?"

"Yes, I will marry her. I don't want to lose her again, father."

YJ bought a diamond ring and looked at it happily. He wants to propose to JE but he doesn't know where to start. JE was busy with her scripts and got annoyed by YJ hovering next to her. YJ finds an excuse to talk to her.

YJ: Hey, I know work is important but look, the house is really messy. Why don't you clean?
JE: I'm okay with it. By the way, where have you been this morning?
YJ: Uh… I went to work out (gym).
JE: Tssk… Why you always need to work out? I don't understand why you're so obsessed with it…

"Han Ji Eun… I…"

to be continued…


da jie said...

aiguuu, sehseh you are great. thanks for the FH summaries and rain news. just want to let you know that your work is appreciated. i'm anticipating FH to be shown on S'pore cable. meantime your summaries are helping to crush hunger pangs for FH. hope you are taking care of yourself well inspite of all your activities.

sehseh said...

You're welcome. Glad to share with FH fans :)

You're right, I'm actually losing my sleeping/resting time for FH... Man, recaps really take a long time... almost as if i'm writing the transcript for the series!

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