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Sunday, August 07, 2005


Full House episode recap, Friday.

Hae Won called Min Hyuk out for lunch and gave him the birthday present.

“I… I really love you. No, this time please listen to me. I like you not because you’re the perfect guy, or because of my desire to conquer you. It’s not like that. I truly love you. Even though I knew you don’t love me, knowing I’ll get hurt in the end, but still… I kept thinking: If I just wait, wait a little longer… (sigh) But I’m only cheating myself. Therefore, from now on, I won’t wait anymore. I love oppa (brother) Min Hyuk, but I need to cherish myself too. I will appreciate myself from now on.”

MH didn’t say anything and kept quite. Actually it was more to shock because all along HW has been very stubborn and persistent in going after him, and all of the sudden she’s finally letting go. HW thanked MH for all the good memories he had given her and said “From now on, I can be myself and smile again.” In the car, HW starts to cry…

After the autograph session, Dong Wook asked Young Jae if MH had said anything strange to them during dinner. DW was afraid that MH knew about the marriage contract. YJ received a call from HW…

JE waited for YJ at the restaurant. On the other hand, YJ was at a bar with HW. She told YJ that she met MH and decided to give up on him. “YJ, letting go of MH, it is okay…?” HW is sad and tell YJ how she used to imagine being with MH. Cooking, cleaning and waiting for him at home. Receiving a big bouquet of roses when he comes back from work. YJ tells HW to ‘fighting’ and be the happy HW he once knew. DW was watching both of them and called JE. “Ji Eun, come now, there’s something not right between YJ and HW. Come now and overturn their table!” JE is upset, but she refused to come.

“Why should I go there? I’m not going, I will wait here! Whether he come or not is his business!”

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DW checked back on YJ and found that they have both disappeared. YJ sent HW home. HW said she will be fine but starts crying. “I should be relieved after letting him go… but today I feel so tired. I don’t want to go back inside home… because I will be alone again…”

JE kept waiting for YJ until the restaurant closes. JE went home and start crying while eating. Sleepless, she went downstairs and rides the bicycle while waiting for YJ. She fell asleep on the sofa. Meanwhile, YJ watches over the sleeping HW…

The next morning, JE woke up and checked YJ room to see whether he has returned. YJ’s room is empty and JE feels bitter. YJ came home and found JE sitting quietly in the living room. He remembered about last night dinner and asked the upset JE whether she waited for a long time last night.

JE: … Why? Why you are always like that?
YJ: What is the matter?
JE: You think I’m an idiot? That you can always treat me like a fool?! Why did you made me wait so long?
YJ: You can leave first. No one told you to wait! Don’t tell me you waited like retarded idiot.
JE: Retarded idiot? Who is the retarded idiot? You are the one retarded! You love Hae Won but you didn’t have the courage to tell her. Like an idiot!

YJ got angry and start yelling at JE.

YJ: You know nothing so shut up! You got nothing to do with me! Who you think you are? Why do I need to hear this crap from you?!
JE: Crap?
YJ: Yeah, crap! Who do you think you are? You think you are really my wife? You have no right to interfere in my business!

JE starts crying now.

JE: You are right; I’m have nothing to do with you at all! BUT WHY YOU KEEP HURTING ME?!!!
YJ: Tell me; tell me how I hurt you! How?!

“YOU KEEP MAKING ME WAIT! How many times already? I waited at the restaurant, until they told me they’re closing. Back at home, I still waited for you. I said to myself: Why he’s not home yet? Wait a bit longer; he must be coming back soon. Like this, I waited for you the whole night. Why, why do you always make me wait?!”

YJ: Who told you to wait? No one told you to wait!
JE: You are right; I’m not going to wait again. I will not wait for you anymore.
YJ: Great, then don’t wait. Don’t get misunderstood. YOU ARE NOTHING TO ME!

YJ sees JE pained expression and immediately regrets what he said.

JE: I know I’m nothing to you. And now… YOU ARE NOTHING TO ME TOO!”

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YJ goes to his room and threw his clothes against the wall. JE goes to the park and start to think about their memories together; how they first met, their honeymoon, their arguments, YJ singing 3 Bears…

It started to rain and YJ got worried. He goes out to look for her. JE goes into a phone booth to seek shelter from the rain. She stared at the phone and called MH. MH hurries to the park and saw the drenched JE waiting in the phone booth. MH walks toward JE (his eyes showed that his heart is painful for her) and took her back to his apartment.

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JE: Sorry. It started to pour, and I don’t know who else to call...
MH: It’s okay. You should call me.
JE: Last time you were so cold to me, it made me feel bad…
MH: Really?

JE start mimicking in a serious tone “Leave the document there. You are hard to understand. We will talk later. You can leave now.” MH laughed and JE start to tell him some corny jokes she learned in high school. Lol… I guess I must be a corny person too because I laughed at her jokes too :P

YJ is pacing around in Full House. He’s worried, confused and mad at himself. It’s driving him nuts.

JE fell asleep on the couch and MH took out some blanket and pillow for her. JE starts crying in her sleep. MH gently wiped away her tears with his hand.

“Tell me, HJE; tell me what I should do…”

MH called YJ to inform him that JE is safe.

YJ: Hello? Ji Eun?
MH: No, it’s me. I called because I thought you might be worried. Right now she’s at my place. No, she’s asleep right now, she can’t answer the phone.
YJ: Tell her to wait. I’m coming right now.
MH: There’s no need to come. I’ll send her back when she wakes up. I’ve made up my mind…

“I have decided to steal Ji Eun away from you.”

MH was cooking some soup for JE when the doorbell rang. He hesitated and opened the door for the super pissed YJ.

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MH: Didn’t I say that you don’t need to come?


YJ keep yelling at JE, telling her to come out but she just keep quiet. YJ goes into the apartment and dragged JE by the hand. MH is angry, but I think he’s too gentlemanly to throw a punch at YJ. Which I think YJ greatly deserves. Ji Eun shakes off YJ’s hand and YJ was stunned. So does MH.

JE: (to MH) I have to go now. Sorry for bothering you today.

JE leaves with YJ. MH start folding the blanket and think about JE. I think MH is really going for JE by what he saw just now. (YJ treating JE badly, JE getting disappointed and distrust YJ)

They reached home and JE quickly goes up to her room. YJ is upset and trashed his bed. He barged into JE room and start yelling at her for sleeping at MH place. Angry, he pulled off JE’s blanket and realized she was sick. YJ quickly wet some towels to cool her forehead.

“I’m sorry… so sorry. It’s my fault. Please don’t get sick.”

The next morning, JE woke up and saw YJ sleeping next to her bed. She pretends to be sleeping when YJ got up. He checks her temperature and was relieved that her fever has gone down. After YJ leaves, JE went downstairs and found a pot of porridge YJ cooked for her. She received a call from YJ’s grandmother and mother, asking her to visit them. Over lunch, YJ’s mother noticed that JE seem a bit pale but JE said she’s okay. Grandma was a bit worried and took JE to a doctor.

The doctor said JE is fine and grandma asked “So, no news yet?”. Grandma is disappointed because she thought JE is pregnant and asked the doctor to give JE ‘some health tonic to get babies’. JE eyes widened with horror. LOL… In the end, she was forced to bring home two huge box of ‘tonic’.

HW asked YJ to go with her to a concert but YJ said he has to go home early today because JE is sick. HW is a bit disappointed. He goes home and found the porridge untouched. Worried, he goes upstairs to JE room to check on her. He checked her forehead for fever but JE shoved his hand away. JE is giving YJ the silent treatment.

YJ: You feel better now?
JE: …
YJ: Why didn’t you eat the porridge? You have to eat before taking your medicine. Or else you won’t get well.
JE: …
YJ: Want me to re-heat the porridge for you?
JE: I don’t need it. I don’t want to eat.
YJ: Why?
JE: I eat or not, what does that got to do with you?!

“Tssk! What right do you have, putting up a hunger strike? Who told you to go out in the rain? You should seek shelter when it’s raining! Hey, when it’s raining, the chickens know how to go home; you must be the dumbest of all the chickens! A retarded chicken!”

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JE got pissed and sat up from her bed. She stares angrily at YJ, and he’s afraid she’s going to cry again. To make up for being a jerk, YJ sing and dance the 3 Bears. JE was amused and start laughing. “Do another version.” So, YJ does the American version of 3 Bears but he doesn’t know much English. I was laughing at the part where he said embarrassedly “Sorry, I don’t know how to sing ‘slender’ in English…”

*video clip* Left speaker for Mandarin & right speaker for Korean.

JE start eating again and YJ was relieved. “There, it’s good to eat again. Who told you to go on a hunger strike anyway?” YJ took out a packet of the tonic from the microwave and tell JE to drink it. This is so funny… YJ absolutely has no idea what kind of tonic he’s feeding her (it’s the baby making tonic grandma gave!). JE was a bit embarrassed and refused to drink it. She drinks it anyway because she’s afraid of grandma. “My body feels hot.” YJ eyes widened. Lol…

The next day, JE start to imagine a scenario while drinking the tonic…

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(JE opening the door to YJ room and beckoned at him seductively)
YJ: Eh, what do you want?
JE: YJ, you looked extra handsome today…come over here…
YJ: What are you doing? Don’t come near me or I’ll shout! (Hahaha…YJ is really afraid)
JE: Shout all you want. No one is coming to your rescue. (Evil laugh)
YJ: HJE, be rational!

“Rational? Hahaha… Chicken doesn’t have rationality, they only have basic instinct. INSTINCT… Now come over…”

YJ: No, no! Please don’t! AHHHHHHHHH!

JE was laughing loudly at her own joke. YJ walked over and asked what’s so funny. “None of your business” JE is still a bit cold to YJ.

YJ: I’m going out now.
JE: Ok.
YJ: … JE, from now on if I’m late, I’ll call. I’m not used to have someone waiting for me at home. Making calls to explain why I’m late… this is a bit difficult for me. But from now on, I will call and explain why I’m late.

And… you’re not ‘nothing to me’. It’s not like that (saying that she’s nothing to him).”

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