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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

TVB Mag Issue 426 - Yummy Yummy

This week TVB mag features Raymond and Charmaine on the cover! Yay!, so cute :)

Feature interview:

Weekly preview:

Special thanks to Kitson, Raymond's Forest, Qingwa &

Man, the haze is getting worst. This morning I'm afraid to go to work because it's thick smoke outside. It's like the hell version of Genting Highland. My officer is sick because she have asthma attack due to this. What are ppl in 'that' country doing to alleviate their problem? Nothing! What are they trying to do here? Suffocate us Malaysian to death?!

Sigh~ It was so bad that even for my air-conditioned office, you can see it's a bit hazy inside too. And looking outside our window, it's like we're surrounded with white clouds. And those clouds are REALLY, REALLY a health hazard. If this continues, schools will be temporarily suspended. Yes people, it is THAT serious. I brought a mask with me, just in case I need to go out. Argh... my eyes, nose and throat is so uncomfortable!


Katie said...

Do ppl in malasyia speak english

Melissa Ann Wong said...

Please tell me the ending of Yummy Yummy and post some pics/.

sehseh said...

Katie, we Malaysian do speak english and perhaps better than our European counterpart. No offense to anyone.


Gai Zai end up with Mandy while Ngor Siu with the singaporean girl. For pics and clips, try searching in my past archives

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