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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

She's gone

Last night Full House recap. This episode have one of the coolest line I heard in this series, and it's coming from HW. I think she looked really pretty and happy (because she's freeing YJ and also herself), and those tears is so real, a beautiful performance by the actress.

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After dinner, Ji Eun left with Min Hyuk. Young Jae was pretty upset over it and Hae Won noticed it too. On their way home, MH asked JE whether she like to go on a vacation with him. “Would you like to go to Venice with me?”

Meanwhile YJ drove HW home. HW wants to ask him something, but his mind has wandered somewhere else. When asked HW to repeat her question, she just answered:

“There’s no need to ask. I already knew the answer.”

YJ came home, still angry and created a lot of noise. He walked up the stairs loudly and closed his door with a bang. The next morning, JE tells YJ that she’s going to Venice with MH. YJ tell her to go ahead and JE start to plan her tour in Venice.

YJ: When are you leaving?
JE: Wednesday.
YJ: Wednesday?!
JE: So, when I’m not around, you can cook for yourself, don’t get starved, ok?
YJ: When you’re back, I’m already gone, you idiot. I’m moving out on Wednesday too.

This leaves three of them: YJ, JE and HW pondering about their relationship. Wednesday arrived and it’s time for JE to go to the airport. YJ pretend to be cool about it.

JE: I’m leaving.
YJ: Bon voyage. Enjoy yourself.
JE: LYJ… you take care too.
YJ: Oh (meaning yes, alright)
JE: I’ll call you when I come back, ok?
YJ: No need. Don’t call.

She went out and returned to the house again. “LYJ, want to send me to the airport?” YJ said no, because it was too troublesome. JE left and YJ ran out after much pondering... But JE’s already gone…

YJ then fetched HW and she start asking on his belonging as he’s moving out today. YJ said it’s just some clothing so it’ll be quite easy. He then asked HW whether if she’s hungry.

"Ji Eun, what do you want to eat? "

HW did a double take when she heard this. “Pardon?”

“You just called me JE.”

YJ made some excuses why he mistakenly called HW as JE.

“Oh, sorry. Because… she’s leaving today. She always makes people worried, so troublesome, and she’s dumb, doesn’t know english. Her body is weak, she get sick easily. I’m just thinking whether she bought her medication along. Just now I was –

HW: Enough! If you are so worried, then tell her not to leave. You be honest with her and tell her don’t go!
YJ: ?!?!?!?!?!

“Tell her not to leave, you idiot!”

YJ stopped the car and goes to the airport to look for JE but he can’t find her. HW realized that perhaps YJ loves JE more than she imagined. They both went to the bar and YJ start talking about JE.

“She always say: Aja Aja Fighting!… Yeah, her brain is pretty empty all the time. She’s a strange girl… but when I’m with her, it feels so good. (laugh) Was it because I’m around a strange girl, I’ve turned strange too?

Or was it our time together we got to know each other too much? That must be why I feel comfortable around her. I’m not sure…”

YJ start drinking heavily. (Teary)

“Actually, I really like her. But I always made her sad, I can’t protect her.”

HW: Then treat her better in the future. You can still protect her.
YJ: But she already left me…
HW: Then you go to her.
YJ: I can’t go to her side.

“Why? Because of me?”

“YJ… I knew… that you love JE. But I pretended not to know. Because I’m sad, I pretended I couldn’t see your sadness too. I’m not willing to let go off your hands…”

“I knew what I did was wrong… but I’m still unwilling to let go. I’m so unlucky. Eh, losing love twice sucks, isn’t it?”

“I’m wrong. I’ve hurt my best friend. It’s my fault. I’m sorry. Sorry, my friend LYJ…”

YJ: HW…?

“Go. Leave now. I’m letting you go, I won’t bother you again. Don’t worry about me, I’m the brave KHW, remember?

YJ offered HW some ice cream and for me, HW reply is one of the coolest line uttered by any character in this series.

“Hey, I’m an adult, when I’m sad I don’t eat ice cream. I drink.”

YJ smiles at HW. HW really has grown up and let him go.

YJ: But she’s gone… She already left.
HW: She will come back. You just need to wait for her.

“LYJ… aja aja fighting! Okay?!” (HW looked really cute and pretty in this scene)

After that, HW cried her eyes out in the washroom while YJ drink like a fish, drowning his sorrow. He tried hard not to cry. Basically, he just ‘sat luen’ (got dumped) twice today.

JE have a change of heart last minute and cancelled her trip to Venice. She rushed home and realized that YJ has moved out. JE and MH sat in the garden, having a chat about YJ.

JE: He’s leaving and yet he still gets mad at me like that. He’s such a weirdo.
MH: If you miss him, you can meet him later.
JE: He told me not to call.
MH: What? What a jerk.
JE: That’s what I think too. No manners, disgusting jerk. Cheh, who want to call him anyway?
MH: Want me to beat him up for you? I’m good at fighting, you know?
JE: I’m good at fighting too. LYJ can’t beat me.

They both laughed but JE starts to cry. MH feels sorry for her and tenderly wiped her tears away. He put his arm around her shoulders… Unknown to them, YJ has just stepped in Full House. He saw MH embracing JE…

JE: I'm alright now so you should go home.
MH: Are you okay staying home by yourself?
JE: Yeah, don't worry about me and go home. It’s late.

YJ feels bitter and hid in the shadows as he watches MH leaves. JE goes to her room and start to think about YJ. She checked his room and found it still empty. The next morning, JE misses YJ again and checked his room. JE is still hoping YJ will come back.

To her surprise, YJ was sleeping on his bed! JE couldn’t believe her eyes and ran happily towards YJ. She shakes him to wake him up.

JE: LYJ? LYJ! Wake up, wake up!
YJ: (drowsy) What is it? I’m sleeping!
JE: When did you come back? When? Didn’t you left yesterday?!
YJ: I don’t know… If you’re awake, then go make breakfast…
JE: You wake up right now and I’ll cook!

As YJ is eating breakfast, JE grinned happily at him.

JE: When did you return? Didn't you say you were leaving yesterday?
YJ: ....
JE: Why? Did something go wrong with the apartment? Is that it?
YJ: ... Yeah… (sweats)
JE: What’s wrong?
YJ: I don't know! Hey, why are you asking so many questions? ... Pesky.
JE: What?! (irritated) Then, when are you going to leave?
YJ: Fine, I’m leaving soon! Satisfied now?
JE: Tssk…
YJ: Erm, by the way, I thought you were going to Venice, why did you come back?
JE: Huh? Well... something came up.
YJ: What happened?
JE: I don't know! Hey, why are you asking so many questions? ... Pesky.
YJ: What?!
JE: Don’t talk, and just eat.
YJ: ...

YJ was a bit mad at JE and sat sulking on the sofa, his back against JE. YJ attitude is annoying the hell out of JE. She tried to make peace with YJ. “YJ, I have thought about it…”

“Wow, a chicken can think (intelligence)? This is funny.”

JE: Ish! I don’t know what you are so upset with me. But you leaving like that, make me feel bad… So let’s talk and solve our problems. Why are you acting like that? What’s your problem?
YJ: There’s nothing to talk about. I have nothing to discuss with a woman like you. Always have a change of heart easily!
JE: What? Woman like me?

“Why you are like that? I just left the house one, two days? And you already brought a guy into the house. Han Ji Eun, are you those kind of person? Are you?”

JE wondered what on earth YJ is so upset about. “Guy? You mean about MH coming over yesterday? How did you know that?”

JE: It’s late so he sent me home.
YJ: Forget it. Did I comment anything? I’m just saying …

“I don’t mind you going out with MH. But at least have some decency.”

YJ: If you bring a guy to an empty home, this is a terrible behavior.
YJ: What did you say? Bringing a guy home?! If you feel unfair, then go ahead and bring HW over. That’ll be fair! Hmmph, It’s not like you never went to HW house! You even ate jellyfish salad!

YJ: ... Hey, what do you bring this up? Besides, HW and I were childhood friends, we went over each other's houses when we were young. But how long have you known MH? How long, huh? Meeting everyday, laughing… Haiyo, you are so funny.
JE: The relationship between a guy and a girl doesn’t depend on time length, it’s the communication that counts!
YJ: No way, time is important! Just show what an easy woman you are…
JE: What? Easy?!

“Forget it! A bird won’t speak with a disgusting jerk!”

YJ: Oh, so NOW you know you’re bird. You bird!

Lol…two jealous spouse bickering.

JE went away and the doorbell rang. YJ shouted for JE to open the door but he gets no reply. YJ grumbles and opened to door. MH was standing outside the door holding a bouquet of flowers. The shocked expression on both of their face is priceless! ;P

MH: Oh, YJ… you were home.
MH: I came to visit JE, is she home?
YJ: Erm…No. She is not at home.
MH: Really? Where did she go?
YJ: She went somewhere.
MH: Really?
YJ: Yeah, are you going to give that to JE? I'll give it to her for you (grabbed the flowers, so funny). You're a busy man so I guess you should get going!
MH: ...
YJ: I wanted to invite you in, but you see I’m going out soon, so you better go back. See you later.
MH: ...

As YJ closes the door, JE called out: “Is someone outside?”

YJ must have been muttering ‘Damn!” He fakes a laugh and said that JE must have just returned from ‘somewhere’. “AHAHAHAHAHHAHA!”

JE was thrilled with the flowers and thanked MH. As JE was preparing the drinks, YJ and MH sat at the living room. YJ adjusted the wedding portrait, exclaiming:

“Eh, why the picture is tilted? It’s my favorite picture, oh I just love it!”

Man, even my sister was laughing at YJ childish antics. YJ keep asking why MH was here, shouldn’t he be at work or something. Lol…

MH: I was wondering how JE is doing alone here.
YJ: Well, no need to worry. OUR JE is doing fine. It’s not like she’s alone. I’m here.
MH: I heard you were supposed to leave yesterday? Why are you still here?
YJ: What do you mean by that? This is my house, I can come and leave as I please. Hahahahahaaha.
MH: This is JE house. Not yours. Anyway, weren’t you supposed to be with HW? How about HW?
YJ: That’s not your business.
MH: I know it’s not my business. But your action is so childish.
YJ: (irritated) Childish?!

MH then asked why is YJ still here since he just said he was going out. JE thought YJ has work to do and tell him to leave or he’ll be late. YJ can’t find any excuses and went up to his room. His wardrobe is empty as he already moved them out yesterday. He goes back downstairs and panicked when he can’t find JE and MH. They were sitting out in the garden. YJ tries to move closer to spy on their conversation.

JE tell MH that YJ is still here because there’s something wrong with his apartment. She confessed that at least, she can see him leaving, it made her feel glad (not leaving without saying goodbye).

MH: I don't feel better about it.
JE: Huh?
MH: I just feel annoyed.
JE: Why?
MH: Because, since he’s not around, I was planning to come over everyday... (sigh) Now my plans are ruined.
JE: How come? Come over, it's okay. (smiles)

YJ couldn’t hear what they were talking about. He dodged when MH saw him. YJ then pretend to receive a call from his manager canceling his schedule for today. However, JE tells YJ that she’s going out with MH and tell him to have lunch alone. JE get changed and leaves with MH. YJ ran out after her and grabbed her hand.

“Han Ji Eun, don’t go!”

“You… you… (making excuses) Today is spring cleaning day! You have to clean the house so you can’t go!”

MH can’t believe YJ is resorting to this and smirked. JE get a little annoyed and tell YJ that she’ll clean up when she came home.

“Don’t go! Han Ji Eun… if you go know…”

“How am I suppose to eat?”

Aww… YJ stood there with his puppy eyes, begging JE. JE stared at YJ and turned to MH.

JE: I'm sorry, I don't think I can go...

Both YJ and MH were surprised that JE is staying…

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