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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rain - PEPSI new ambassador?

Korean popular male artiste Rain who swept Asia recently, had gain popularity among both male and female fans. Due to his popularity, it has changed the initial plan of Pepsi which does not intend to offer Korean artistes to be Pepsi’s ambassador. Now they have changed their mind to offer a high price to invite Rain to be its new “blue blood”.

For the past 2 years, Pepsi had spent enormous amount of fund in search of the world popular mega stars, offering them to be its ambassador. They include Soccer stars : Henry, Beckham, Taiwan popular Idols F4, Jay Chow, Hong Kong stars Edison Chen, Nicholas Xie, Louis Koo etc. Now with the recent up and rising Korean star Rain, Pepsi is quick to put him in its list.

Sponsor Hong Kong Concert
According to source, Pepsi has recently sent a representative to fly over to Korea to discuss details with Rain and they were about to sign the contract. When the reporter called Pepsi’s spoke person Ms Li to verify about this matter, she didn’t deny, adding that “At this point, we can’t reveal yet”. Also according to source, Pepsi shall be the Sponsor of Rain’s October concert in Hong Kong, but Rain’s Hong Kong Manager Ms Chan Ka Ying responded “At this moment, it’s not convenient to talk about this, there shall be announcement shortly!”

A threat to Jay Chou
As the old Chinese saying “One mountain cannot be ruled by several tigers”, Pepsi has somehow created an internal competitions, as Rain’s rising popularity is getting strong, Jay having the same feature of “single eye-lid” as Rain, his status has somehow been affected, there’s a rumour that the skin product brand DHC has the intention to switch from Jay to Rain to be their ambassador, in order to capture Korea, Japan, China market to expand their business.

Besides being popular for his R&B songs and dance steps, Rain’s lead role in “Full House” had also emotionally touched many Asian women hearts, he has even successfully penetrated into the Mainland China market, the most difficult task. His recent Beijing concert had caused a tremendous hit, resulting in creating “Korean Fever” in Mainland China.

Rain been in Malaysia?

I've found some nice personal pics in Sexy Bi, and fan posted some screencaps of Bi introducing his home and personal stuff to fans. The pic above said he visited Malaysia. Oh wow!

More here
Credit to Nickgirl for posting the caps :)

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