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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Rain make guest appearance on Lil Kim new album

Credit to Rain International, and ttenovy.

Okay, now at least I feel better after hearing this news. Just now I was a bit upset over some spoilers in Yummy Yummy :( that made me really want to give up watching the last 8 episodes. It's really 'one spoonful of sugar, one spoonful of sh*t' for Charmaine fans. p.s. Heard from the cinple forum that LWOLAP was not going to be aired after HH3.

Anyway, I'll try to forget about that. I've heard that Rain was invited to help Lil Kim in her new album but I didn't expect it to come out so soon! Ooohhh~ can't wait to listen to that track. I wonder if they're gonna film a MV together too? Yummy...

Anyway, after the initial spoilers from YY, I guess I need something to lighten up my mood today. Don't want to celebrate Merdeka Day by feeling down. So... if you have any jokes, cute pics or even info to share with me (I want Rain!!! Hehehehe), please do email me at

Please make my day! :)


alice said...

hey seh seh...i have one question to ask!! do u have any ideas where i can download Oh! must win/pil seung with english subtitle?? thanks...MAN soon Bi will be international-known!! **happi**

sehseh said...

alice, try soompi forums. It's the best place to find korean series.

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