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Monday, August 15, 2005

Promises that meant nothing...

Full House recap for Friday. Full House will be ending most probably this Thursday, so don't miss it. Get your tissues ready for tonight and tomorrow's episode.

Continued from previous episode...

JE is wondering what YJ want to tell her? Is he declaring his love for her?

“Ji Eun, the truth is…. I am too greedy over you…”

“I don’t want you to get hurt… I want to protect you.”

“Now… I have to go back to Hae Won.”

JE was too stunned to say anything. She expected him to say that he likes her, and the last thing on her mind is Young Jae telling her that he is choosing HW. The next day, JE sat alone at her desk. She keep thinking about what YJ said to her last night.

YJ went to HW boutique and asked her out for lunch. She’s still upset over what she saw at Full House yesterday. YJ begs her to eat but she just sit there looking miserable.

YJ: I’ll be moving out of Full House next week.
HW: … Really? Are you really going to move out from there?
YJ: Yes. So please eat.

HW starts to cry from relief. “If you’re not by my side, I can’t live on. Do you know that?”

YJ returned home and JE was glad to see him. They have a small talk about her scripts. YJ is happy for JE progress.

“I’m planning to move out next week.”

JE was a little shocked that YJ is moving out so soon. She just stared at him. Before going back to his room, he tells JE not to work too late.

“Well, that’s about it. Erm… don’t work late, it’s not good. What I meant is the electricity bill is expensive. So… Aja Aja Fighting! Aja Aja Fighting!

YJ say the words of encouragement with a smile but he’s sad. JE is more perplexed because one moment he’s caring, another moment he’ll turn ice cold.

Min Hyuk goes over JE scripts and praised her improvement. He noticed that JE looked down and asked her if she was tired because he gave her too much work. MH then offered to treat her dinner “I think this the only thing I can do for you…”

JE: I don’t feel like eating. How about treating to me to a drink?

At the bar…

JE: YJ is moving out. To be precise, he’s going back to HW.
MH: (surprised) Did YJ said so? That he wants to return by HW side?
JE: Yes… I thought… when he said “I happy with you”, I thought he likes me a little. But it’s not like that. He told me, he want to go back to HW.

JE starts to get teary eyed.

“Can you believe it? You know what happen if he goes to HW? There would be a scandal, and perhaps he can’t be an actor anymore.”

“So… no matter how much he likes HW, he shouldn’t make such stupid decision. He must be a bird, a chicken!”

MH: YJ can’t bear to see HW unhappy.
JE: I know. He said he promised to protect her since 9 years old. Cheh… who will keep a promise like that? Idiot. Like a chicken!

MH becomes uncomfortable. It must hurt him as well because the woman he loves is hurting because of another man. There’s nothing he can do but just sit there and listen.

MH: YJ leaving… it might be better for you.
JE: Huh?
MH: The scandal of your marriage is coming up soon. Before that, it’s best that you leave YJ quickly.
JE: What will happen to YJ then?
MH: His career will be greatly affected. But there’s nothing we can do about it. He should realize the consequences from the start.

Meanwhile, YJ is waiting for JE at home. He heard a car coming and peeked out to see MH dropping her off. YJ ran back into the house and pretend to be watching TV when she comes in. He noticed JE walking a bit weird – she’s drunk. YJ is angry.

YJ: Hey, what’s up with you? Did you drink?!
JE: Yeah, a little. What’s wrong with that?
YJ: Why did you drink so much?
JE: Not much. Just had a few glasses of cocktails.
YJ: You’re drinking with MH?
JE: Who else?
YJ: What?!

Then – JE start calling YJ in a sweet voice. “Young Jae ~ Go make me honey tea.”

“What? What did you say just now?”

“What do you mean? I said get me a glass of honey tea. Now hurry~”

YJ protested and JE turn nasty. Lol… she’s really drunk!

“Do you want to get beaten up? (shows her fist) Quick make me a glass of tea. Or DIE.”

YJ grumbled but pour out a glass for her anyway. JE call over to YJ, saying that she has something to tell him.

“You can’t go back to HW.”

“I won’t let you go. I’ll protect you.”

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At this, YJ was touched. JE has fallen asleep and YJ gently carried her back to her bedroom. He lay her down tenderly and wanted to stroke her face but he held back.

“HJE, don’t be sad because of me. Don’t get hurt because of me.”

“I… I can’t protect you…”

After saying this, YJ gazed at JE and started to cry. Man, I’m starting to cry too…
I guess YJ love JE more than he loved HW because he never cried for HW.

The next morning, JE had a terrible hangover and was late in preparing breakfast. YJ is unhappy over this and scolded JE. JE said it’s not a big deal to be a little late sometimes.

YJ: And you a housewife; came home drunk! Tssk… Anyway, HJE… didn’t you say you want to return to the place where we went for honeymoon?
JE: ???
YJ: Why don’t you go and stay there for a while? The rumor of our marriage is coming up so you better stay (hide) there until things calmed down.
JE: No. I have to stay by your side.
YJ: Hey, who you think you are anyway? Why must you stay by my side? You must have mistaken, just because I’m nice to you lately? Let me tell you, I’m not the kind of person you think I am!
JE: Huh?

“I have a bad temper, I’m a disgusting jerk, a PYSCHO!”

JE: Of course I knew.
YJ: So don’t get me wrong.
JE: What did I get wrong?

“I said that I’m a bad guy. I’m selfish, abnormal, the super jerk!” (lol YJ beating at his own chest)

JE: (gasp) Oh …so you knew after all? Gosh, if you realized that you should’ve change!
YJ: (irritated) I’m not joking. From now on, I’ll make your life hell. Until you’re scared of me! I’ll going to train you ala Spartan!

“Spartan?” JE then imagines YJ is the one being punished by her, military style. “I should be the one punishing you!”

YJ tries to be mean to JE and make her leave Full House. He forced her to redo her chores and refused to let her use the computer. “If you don’t like it, then leave now!”

JE: Even if I leave, you will go looking for me afterwards anyway.
YJ: Now I won’t. If you leave, I won’t go looking for you anymore.

“So leave. The farther the better.”

JE realizes sometime wrong is with YJ and asked him what’s troubling him. YJ get frustrated and shouted “You! You are my problem!”

It’s you! It’s you! You keep pestering me! So don’t speak to me!

YJ feels bad but he couldn’t help it. He thinks that by making JE leave, she’ll not get hurt. YJ, you ARE hurting her, you idiot! But he just doesn’t get it… sigh~

YJ manager refused to help him get an apartment and warned him that he’s losing all his jobs. His role and advertisement deals were given to another actor, making YJ very upset. The actor kind of humiliated YJ and YJ pretends to be cool about it. But he’s not and he throws tantrum at his car again. Poor baby!

YJ received a call from HW inviting him over for dinner. At the same time, JE is at home making dinner for YJ. She say she is mad, wanting to teach YJ a lesson for being rude and there she was, cooking soup for him. Lol…

YJ was surprised that HW prepared so many dishes. HW laughed and said that her secret wish is to become a good wife and mother. HW asked YJ to tell her what he would like to eat, and she will prepare it for him. HW then remembers that YJ favorite food is jellyfish salad.

“I don’t eat it anymore. It brings me bad memories.”

YJ told HW that he hate jellyfish salad, and anyone who watches this series will know the reason why. For those who have no idea, JE once spent a whole day making the jellyfish salad for him, and he complained that it tasted weird. (Still he ate it! :P )

HW though YJ was upset because of his jobs being given to another actor, and she try to cheer him up by saying everything will turn out okay eventually. YJ just gave her a weak smile.

YJ finally goes home and sees JE waiting for him. He purposely told her that he had dinner at HW and lied that HW made him a really tasty jellyfish salad. JE is a bit disappointed and told him that he should’ve called if he’s eating outside. “Because we promised to do so.”

YJ: I won’t. I’m not going to call anymore.
JE: Why not?
YJ: HJE, the promise I made, mean nothing to me. Don’t wait for me again.

In the middle of the night, YJ can’t sleep and he saw JE sitting in the kitchen. JE looks miserable, she’s confused why YJ is treating he like this.

The next morning, JE followed YJ to morning exercise but YJ keep running faster and purposely left her behind. He just came out of shower when JE finally returned home.

JE: Why did you leave me there?
YJ: … (walks away)
JE: YJ… can you reconsider about moving out? If there’s scandal now, your career will be ruined…
YJ: What does that got to do with you?
JE: I don’t mean to meddle in your business, I’m just worried for you.

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“Stupid HJE! Let me tell you this just once, you are troublesome! All the words, the promises I made, they mean NOTHING. To me, it’s just empty. You also meant nothing.”

YJ then walks away. It was a cold moment at breakfast.

JE: YJ, if your promises meant nothing, does that mean I don’t have to keep mine too?
YJ: … … Yes.
JE: Then, if I don’t go morning exercise, I don’t clean and cook, is that alright too?
YJ: … Yes.
JE: But I said no cooking?
YJ: Okay. Don’t cook.
JE: Plus, from now on, I’ll be home late, and I won’t call; whomever I’m meeting, wherever I’m going to?
YJ: Great. Don’t tell me. It doesn’t matter. Do as you like.
JE: (angry) FINE then!

YJ stared at JE empty seat, perhaps he’s regretting being too harsh on JE. JE came down from the stairs, all dressed up. He asked where’s she going.

“I’m going out, but I’m not telling. I will be late, so you go to sleep first. Oh… maybe tonight I won’t come back at all…”


YJ received a call from HW and talked loudly so that JE could hear his conversation. He’s going out with HW too. JE was pissed and left immediately. Later, at a café, JE apologizes to MH for asking him out when he’s busy. MH said it was okay, because “It’s a date.” MH offered to spend JE dinner since she’s treating him to lunch.

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JE and MH were having dinner at the restaurant when HW and YJ coincidentally bumped into them. The four of them shared a table, creating an awkward situation. It’s like they ran into their spouses having an affair! Which is technically correct :P

HW tried to break the ice by asking MH about JE scripts. MH jokes that she’ll know when the movie comes out.

“It’s a secret between me and the writer.”

MH smiled to JE and she smiled back at him. YJ got really, really jealous and said that it’s nothing to be curious about. After all, it’s the work of a bird writer. MH asked YJ what he meant by ‘bird writer’ and YJ replied:

“Nothing special. Just a secret between me and the writer.”

The situation turns a little uncomfortable for the two ladies. JE sloppy eating get her lips messy again and MH is about to help her wipe off when YJ suddenly shouts and interrupted MH.

“Hey, HJE! Are you an idiot? There’s something on your mouth. Here, here rub it.” (passes her the napkin)

HW tells YJ that he shouldn’t embarrass JE in public.

“Embarrassed? Do you know how thick-skinned her face is?”

MH gets upset and warned YJ to be careful with his mouth. YJ ignored MH and rant on how sloppy JE was.

“MH, I understand her more than anyone does. Her face is so thick, not only she’s sloppy, messy, troublesome and her brain is dumb too!”

JE had enough and retorted back at YJ.

“How about you then? Everyday complaining, torturing me, yelling for nothing, your personality is terrible, you got no manners, you are a disgusting psycho!

MH smiled at JE retort and YJ kept his mouth shut after that…

p.s. Rain is so cute when he's jealous. The sideway glances, and the pout, he just stole my heart away (blushes). And when he cries for JE, that is so sad... Not to spoil too much, from tonight episode onwards, there will be plenty of crying from Rain (Young Jae). Don't get me wrong, the bleary, sad scenes will not last until the end. The last two episodes is filled with laughter, comedy, and tears of happiness. Rain and SHG is so cute, I wish they were a real couple...

Now that it's nearing the end, this series give me the feeling of... falling in love.

Aja aja fighting!

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alice said...

OMG!!!! i have to agree with u seh seh....YJ looks so cute like a baby when he's jealous....i just wanna pinch him and HUG him.....***FAINT***

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