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Monday, August 01, 2005

New toys

I was busy since Saturday, so imagine my horror when I opened my company email this morning and lo behold! FLOODED! Only now I got some time to breath. Phew~

It's Mega Sales again! Yippee! Sunday was the only day I could do my shopping, so yesterday me and my sis go to the shopping center for some 'retail therapy'. And we are going there tonight after work because my sis wants to buy more stuff.

But sehseh, I thought you were addicted to Full House and nothing can lure you away? (well, apart from Charmaine).

You're right. That's why I bought the original box set yesterday.

Wah, but it was so popular now, surely it's more expensive than usual...

Darn right, retails at RM129 at speedy for 16 vcd (apparently they don't sell dvd version here). Luckily there was this promotion for RM78 per set.

I tried looking for the director's cut version dvd (with all the bonus features like the making, bloopers, interview etc) and yesasia is selling them for RM355.66.

p.s. Amanda LKY, remember to sms me where tonight's episode ends so I know which part to stop in my next recap!

Toy 2
As I was approaching the cashier, my sis suddenly called out and point at something excitedly. The moment I saw what she's pointing, I shrieked. It was Full Metal Alchemist pocket watch and chain necklace box set! I was looking for the pocket watch everywhere, I thought I'm going to buy it online next month.

It's selling online for USD29.95 ($112.31 if converted to RM) and guess what? It's selling for less than 40 bucks and there's an additional 50% off!!! Muahahahahaha! I checked, it's the same one selling online so it's not a fake :) My sister want the necklace but I'm still considering whether I should give it to her...

Toy 3
Recently I got a new mp3 player, now I'm adding a dvd player. I love sales! Instead of RM300, I only spent RM100 on the same player! But I'm occupied with the two toys above so I haven't really 'explored' the player yet. (rubbing hands gleefully)

Tonight my sis is dragging me to the shopping mall again because she wanted to buy a crystal pendant. I don't know if I can resist the temptation (well, there's shoes and bags on my 'wants' list...) since I blowed a sum yesterday on vcds, clothings and accessories.

I'm hesitating in applying for a credit card yet, because I know one must have a lot of discipline and self control in order not to abuse it. Unfortunately, I lack the latter. But still, it's better to keep one for emergency.

It's 5.15pm already so I'm going home now to rest before my little spree tonight. Tata!

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Anonymous said...

omg.. i want the watch and the necklace..
*jealous ;\


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