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Friday, August 05, 2005

My rice cooker

Min Hyuk took Ji Eun to a fancy restaurant and told her that it was his birthday. JE was embarrassed and said “You should have told me” so that she can have time to prepare a present for him.

“It’s alright. Miss Ji Eun, you are my special present.”

MH: I thought all day what to give myself for birthday and I think of you. When I’m with you, I feel happy.
JE: Really? Because I’m funny?
MH: I always laugh when I’m with you.
JE: Then laugh as often as you like.

Young Jae was in a bad mood and refused to eat dinner. Instead, he went outside and waited for JE to come home. Meanwhile, MH and JE chats at a nearby park.

JE: Why are you alone on your birthday? Where’s your family?
MH: My parent lives overseas because of their business. My brothers are busy with their career.
JE: Don’t you have any friends? (JE, you idiot!)
MH: You are my friend.

JE realizes that MH is actually a lonely person and said that if she had known it was his birthday, she would have asked YJ to come along. MH then tells JE that it bothers him to see her leave with YJ yesterday. JE thought he meant about the spaghetti meal and apologized to MH.

JE: Umm… next time I’ll buy you a present. Whatever you want as long as it’s not too expensive.
MH: Can you buy someone’s heart?
JE: Huh?
MH: (killer smile) To tell you the truth, I’m very popular with the girls, they told me that I’m handsome, capable and suave. But how come you don’t like me?
JE: No offense, but are you an egoist…?

JE told MH she was just kidding and MH laughed.

“I’m not kidding. Please like me.”

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JE was speechless and tried to take it as a joke. She pretends to be ‘disappointed’: “I would like that but, DARN, I’m already married!” LOL…

MH: That s why I’m so troubled right now. Considering whether I should steal you from YJ. He don’t know how to appreciate you…

“Will you like me?”

On the way home, JE feel a bit sorry for MH. “When you feel lonely, I will tell you funny stories. If you don’t want to eat alone, or feel bored, or ill, you can call me and I’ll be your friend.”

“From now on, I will like you.”

YJ saw MH’s car coming and quickly ran toward the door. Unfortunately, it was locked so he ran behind the house and used the backdoor. He pretends to be asleep and ‘wakes up’ when JE comes in.

YJ asked JE did MH send her home and she said yes but she didn’t invite him in because it’s already late. (The expression of YJ face flashed: What? You still want to invite him in?) He asked if her scripts are really going to be made into movies. She said no, it was MH birthday today.

YJ: Really?
JE: You said you are good friends, yet you don’t even remember his birthday.
YJ: Tssk… (look who’s talking) You don’t even remember YOUR own birthday.

JE said that birthdays are meant to be remembered and celebrated by friends. She feels sorry for MH because though he is rich, he is not happy at all. “So, you only have dinner together?”

“Not really. He asked me if I could like him.”

Shocked, YJ spits out the water he is drinking.

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YJ: WHAT…WHAT? So what did you say?
JE: What else? I said I will like him, make him laugh and be his friend when he need company. You know, he said that you don’t appreciate me. To you, I’m just a rice cooker but to other I’m can be a special present.
YJ: Present?!!!
JE: By the way, have you eaten yet?


JE: Geez, you really haven’t eaten huh… waiting for me?

“No, I’m just busy from work – I just got home so make me my food now! NOW!”

MH goes home and start thinking while YJ tossed and turned in his bed. He couldn’t sleep.


The next day, MH visits YJ, who was shooting the magazine cover for MH’s company. YJ apologized for forgetting MH birthday.

“It’s okay, because I don’t remember yours either.” (just joking)

YJ: Hey, MH. You should have informed me first before meeting JE. I could misunderstand, you know.
MH: Misunderstand?
YJ: JE is a naïve girl, not like the other girls (MH ex-girlfriends) so please don’t mess around with her.
MH: I thought you only cared for Hae Won only, but I guess I’m wrong about that.
YJ: What do you mean? (offended)

“I’m not messing around with JE. I don’t have to explain everything to you and I don’t need to apologize for my actions because honestly, I haven’t stepped out of the line. But I’m warning you, from now on be careful, don’t let me catch your mistakes.”

During dinner, YJ tried backstabbing MH to make JE dislike him. Hahaha…YJ is like a “eight granny/ bat por.”

JE: Yes?
YJ: It’s about MH. He’s… he’s very popular with the girls. He treats all girls extra nice.

YJ emphasis the ‘extra’ words by widening his arm. LOL…

JE: What do you mean?
YJ: If he is nice to you, don’t think that he likes you and falls into the trap…
JE: Falls into? Into what?
YJ: (stutters) What I’m trying, what I’m saying is… you are inexperienced and you don’t know men so I’m just trying to advice you. Anyway, if MH treat you extra nice don’t go falling for him.
YJ: (psst…) I don’t want to say this but… MH is a playboy. He is a pro in courting girls.

JE get angry and start to scold YJ because he is taking their (JE & MH) friendship the wrong way. “We respect each other.”

“Haiyo, idiot! That is why I’m saying that you’re too naïve. Your brain is so dumb and stubborn, can’t you even understand I’m trying to advise you here?”

JE: Dumb?!
YJ: Alright, I take back the dumb part but be careful, or you will regret it.
JE: The whole world knows I’m your wife, so why would MH hit on me? Doesn’t make sense at all.
YJ: Okay, it doesn’t make much sense but it’s still possible. You…you have this aura that make people happy.
JE: Pardon?


Later that night, JE asked YJ if they could invite MH over for dinner.

JE: Erm, YJ…
YJ: What? (still mad because JE rebuked him for his ‘advise’)
JE: Don’t be mad… I think we should invite MH for dinner sometime.

YJ get angry and refused. “This isn’t your home, you can’t invite other for dinner as you please. NO!” The next day, YJ got an idea while changing clothes and tell JE that he is going to invite MH over for dinner tonight. “Therefore, get preparing.” Before leaving, “Just don’t make cold salad (YJ’s favorite food), okay?!”

JE is a bit upset because of such short notice and she doesn’t really know how to cook. She looks for online recipes and called YJ’s mother for advice. YJ mother is not home and grandma tells JE to come over. “I’ll teach you how to make fried mihoon.” Of course, grandma was lying, she is a worst cook that JE, and the mihoon tasted terrible. When JE found out, grandma pretends to be sick and start crying, making JE feel guilty. She forces JE to sing ‘3 Bears’ and JE started to cry while singing.

“Why are you crying?!”

“I love father, mother and granny. But why granny hates me?” (bawled like a baby).

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Grandma start to sing and dance ‘3 Bears’ to cheer JE up. YJ’s parent walked in, making grandma very embarrassed and quickly lies down.

HW asked YJ out to dinner, but YJ said he can’t because MH is coming over for dinner. HW is disappointed…

Meanwhile, JE brought back some beef from YJ’s house. YJ returned home to help her set up the table and teaches JE to vomit upon his signal.

“Eh, later when I kick your feet like this, you do this: ‘Urgh… urgh…’ get it?”

JE: Why?
YJ: You will understand in the future but for now just follow my order! Now practice. ‘URGH… URGH…’

Lol… it’s funny to see YJ trying to get JE look as if she is pregnant. But JE was still a bit blur, hehehe…

Hee Jin was walking to Full House when she bumped into MH. MH offered her a ride and Hee Jin start to tell him how special and important Full House is to JE. They were chatting when Hee Jin accidentally blurted the ‘marriage contract’. She drops off the present (watermelon) and quickly excused herself. MH heard the contract part but pretended to know nothing.

During dinner, YJ start bragging about how happy their marriage is and get chummy with JE.

YJ: Sorry, my wife is not good at cooking yet. But she’s already improving. Right, honey? (put hands on her shoulder. JE feels creepy LOL)
MH: Your house give an unique feel.
JE: Yes, my –
YJ: (cut in) Yeah, my father in law, MY father in law designed this house. Right, honey? Hehehehe. This house is filled with JE’s memories. Upstairs is our bedroom and the nursery for our baby.

“We plan to have lotsa babies. 2 boys and 2 girls. My wife hates to be lonely.”

“What the hell?!" JE hissed under her breath. “Smile honey, smile.” Evil laugh resounding in background.

After dinner, YJ shows MH their wedding potrait and start exaggerating how perfect they matched together.

JE: YJ’s nostrils look huge in the picture. (Lol...)

MH feels a bit uncomfortable and excused himself, saying that he still has some work to do. Seeing MH leaving, YJ quickly kicked JE’s foot but she refused to “urgh”. Finally she does after being pushed many times by YJ.

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“Honey are you alright? You’ve been nauseating since the past few days, are you pregnant?”


“Oh, What a great news! WHAHAHAHAHA! I’m going to be a father! Honey, I love you! I really love you!

MH played along and said “Congratulations.” After MH left, YJ feels happy, thinking that his plans worked.

“Now he’ll know who this rice cooker belongs to.”

JE is pissed and asked why he lied to MH that she was pregnant.
YJ: Eh, married couple will eventually get pregnant! What’s wrong saying that?
JE: But I’m not pregnant! People will notice it sooner and later! Grrr..
YJ: We can said it's just a false alarm.

“People will think you are jealous of MH. Are you jealous?”

YJ: What jealous? Shut up and start cleaning!

MH was troubled by what Hee Jin accidentally said and ask his secretary to investigate. Before that, we are treated of MH taking shower. Wohoo! Nice body…

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YJ is in a happy mood, grinning and rolling on his bed grin. The next day, JE asked him why he is so happy.

YJ: HJE what are you doing today?
JE: Later I have to go meet MH to hand over my scripts.
YJ: When are you coming back?
JE: I dunno.
YJ: I only have one autograph session today, so anyway you must accompany me to dinner, get it?
JE: WOW… why are you suddenly so nice?

YJ smiles wickedly.

“Nothing really, just that a pregnant woman should eat nutritious food, so the baby in tummy will grow. Hehe…”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“See you tonight, honey!” (charming smile ;) )

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JE pretends to be annoyed but smiled to herself after YJ leaves. She went to MH’s office but he gave her a cold shoulder. “Just leave the document on the table.”

"Miss Han Ji Eun, I really don't understand you."

JE: Pardon?
MH: We'll talk next time. You can leave now.

On the other hand, HW gathered her courage and asked MH out…


alice said...

don't u just adore YJ's smile ....MAN it's soooooooo cute...that pregnant's part was sooo funny!! hehhehe

Anonymous said...

very interesting. keng leong

sehseh said...

Hi, Keng Leong :) you must be thinking I'm an idiot to spend my time running this blog :P

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