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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My heart belongs to myself

Last night (Tuesday) Full House recap:

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Young Jae returns to Full House and found Ji Eun asleep on the porch again.

“Didn’t I tell you to go to sleep first? You are sleepwalking or it is something wrong with your room?

“Here. Number 105.”

YJ gave the roses to JE. They sat down and chatted in the garden. JE mentioned her date with Min Hyuk, that they went to eat, walk in the streets and goes to the park together.

YJ: Your date is so pathetic.
JE: No it’s not. It’s fun, I always like to go out.

“He said he knew.”

“That YJ doesn’t marry me because he loves me. That’s why his heart ache everytime he sees me.”

“He also said that he used to hate the words ‘if only’. But since he met me, he’s thinking if only he had known me first, if only our marriage is a business deal, can I give him a chance?”

YJ: What? Then what is your reply?
JE: He asked me to consider before answering him. I said ok, I will consider it. How should I answer him? Say yes? Or no?

JE then said she’s asking his opinion because rule no.6 in the new contract stated that they should ask permission from each other first before seeing another person of opposite sex. JE looked straight into YJ eyes and asked:

“LYJ… can I like him?”

YJ: … … …

That night, YJ sat on the bed, torn between what HW and JE had said. The next morning, while brushing his teeth, YJ suddenly took JE toothbrush and stared at it. JE walked in and YJ quickly hid the toothbrush behind him. To cover up for the awkwardness, YJ tries cheering JE (lousy joke!).

“Haha! Our chicken woke up early today to make breakfast!”

Dagger stares from JE.

“Sorry, I almost forgot that I can’t call you chicken anymore. Hmm... what should I call you?

*snaps finger* “AH… KOKOK!”

“OH~ our kokok wake up early to prepare breakfast? So obedient of kokok.”

JE ignored YJ and start looking for her toothbrush.

JE: Huh? Where has it gone?
YJ: Looking for toothbrush? (Grins) Here, I didn’t do anything to it!

YJ dashed out of the bathroom. JE get suspicious and took a sniff at her toothbrush. :P

It’s toast for breakfast again. YJ was irritated.

YJ: Until when you’re gonna treat me like this?
JE: I already said we have to eat bread when I’m busy.
YJ: What are you so busy about?
JE: I’m meeting MH this afternoon.

YJ was bummed by JE’s cold reply.

YJ… Then are you going to have dinner together before coming home?
JE: Dunno. I’m not sure.

YJ tries to lighten the situation and began to talk in a cheerful voice.

“Remember to make him buy you good food! He’s real rich. You can eat the most expensive stuff!”

“MH always buy me expensive meals.”

YJ: Really? Eh… hehe… that’s good.

That moment, YJ finally realized that he never bought JE a real dinner and always standing up to her (breaking his promise on their date).

“Now that you mention it, I never bought you a nice dinner, always letting you down. HJE… if, if… you want to like MH, then go ahead.” (sincere tone)

JE was stunned by his answers and her eyes go red.

“You don’t need to ask my permission. Our contract doesn’t include your heart. Even though our marriage is a business deal, your heart are not for trading.”

“Your heart still belongs to you.”

Poor YJ. I feel a bit sorry for him. JE became more upset with YJ and leave to meet MH. MH tells JE that he plan to make her synopsis into a movie and encouraged her to write the movie script herself. “But first, let’s have lunch. I’m buying you something extra good.”

Lol… MH and JE end up having burgers for lunch.

JE: This is what you call as ‘extra good’?
MH: (Embarrassed) The other day, when we went out, I saw this and it looked so tasty. But I’m afraid to eat alone.

JE then realized that MH was most probably feel awkward to buy the burgers while wearing his business suit (because that will really look out of place).

“Actually, YJ and I made a promise to extend the marriage contract to 3 years.”

MH: Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the contract and the house. Just leave it to me.
JE: Take care of? I’m sorry, I can settle it by myself, it is not something other ‘can take care of’.
MH: I didn’t mean it that way. I apologized if I hurt your feelings. It’s just that I’m worried that the contract is binding your heart.

“It’s not like that. My heart belongs to myself. (Sigh) Even though it’s mine, but I don’t understand it.”

“I… really hate LYJ, dislike him. He kept calling me chicken, bird, rice cooker, bullying me non-stop. Constantly thinking a way to trick me. Always yelling. And… and…

He like another girl, kept breaking his promise to me, always making me wait.

Yet… because he’s by my side, I felt so happy. My heart feels sad and painful at the same time. (JE crying and smiling) I’m so weird…”

MH was hurt by what JE just said. He was a bit frustrated and called YJ manager to see how YJ is doing lately. The manager told MH that YJ new movie is not going too well and some sponsors are planning to back out. She told MH that YJ’s sudden marriage has resulted in his dropped popularity, and the company paid a lot of compensation because of that. MH was deep in thought…

While waiting for J to come home. YJ take his mind off by cleaning up the house. YJ is a clean freak! After cleaning, YJ went out to wait for JE on the porch. He saw JE coming home from afar and waved his arms excitedly. “HJE, HJE!”

Over dinner, JE asked YJ if he waited for a long time today.

YJ: No, why should I wait? I just happened to be outside when you came back.
JE: (mumble) Ish… if I knew sooner, I’d rather come home much later. Ahemm… waiting for me to cook dinner?
YJ: Of course. What else?

JE was angry because all YJ cared was eating. “Well, have you clean up the house yet?” YJ asked JE to look around, saying it’s much cleaner than her usual job. “It’s heaven compared to earth.”

YJ: … Have you told MH?
JE: About what?
YJ: About you can like him…
JE: Yes.
YJ: What MH said?
JE: Nothing. Just thanks.

“In the future, I will date MH, so no need to worry.”

“Who cared! Go date him then!” (Jealous)

Tssk… the two of them are so stubborn. I mean, it’s pretty obvious they liked each other.

JE walked into the washroom when YJ was brushing his teeth. She took one look at him and slammed the door shut. YJ had enough of JE sudden temperamental flares and asked her what is the problem.

YJ: Hey HJE, why are you treating me like this?
JE: What?
YJ: Why you keep throwing tantrums at me?
JE: No I didn’t.
YJ: Yes you always did! I done everything you asked me too. I agreed to let you see MH, I didn’t interfere. And the contract, I agreed to all your conditions. Why are you still unhappy? What is your dissatisfaction?

YJ speak in a very quiet and hurt voice. Aww… make me want to give him a hug. JE said she’s not dissatisfied against him, she’s just busy lately because she has to write the script for her synopsis. Upon hearing this, YJ was happy for JE.

“Wow… our chicken… no, our KOKOK is so great! I thought your stories were always being rejected, who would have guess it would be chosen to be made into a movie huh?!”

Great YJ, just great (sarcastic). While you are at it, why don’t you add in dumb, bird brained as well? Then, JE will really ‘respond’ to your words. As expected, JE got annoyed and announced that he has to do all the chores from today onwards.

“From now on, I’m not your rice cooker. And if you call me Kokok again, you are dead!”

The next morning, it finally dawned on YJ that JE is serious about their last night conversation. She didn’t prepare breakfast, nor did she clean the dishes. When JE come downstairs, she ignored YJ and continue to work on her scripts.


“You want a raise?” (small voice lol)

"I don't know how much you earn for writing. But I’m giving you a raise, so go make some food..."

JE: "Give me one billion, see if I ever cook food for you again…"

YJ is confused... He just can't figure out what’s wrong with JE. He tries grabbing her attention, pacing in front of her, knocking on the window, but she continues to ignore him.

YJ: Let’s have a talk.
JE: I’m busy.
YJ: Even if you’re busy, let’s talk.
JE: Then say it right here, I’m listening.

“Okay, I admit that I treated you badly from the start. But after we rewrote the contract, I helped around in the house a lot. You can’t deny that. Now, suddenly you’re on a strike; I don’t even know the reason for that…”

“So from now on, I’ll cook!”

“And I’ll do the laundry, cleaning... I'll do that too. The wife is busy writing script. Of course hubby have to help out.”

Now it’s JE turn to feel confused.

"The hubby sacrificed a little, so that our honey can make a great script and turn it into leading production for Korea. I’m anticipating for that day to come. For our bright future, I’m going to make soup tonight. Ok?"

JE was totally freaked out by now.

YJ start preparing the ingredients for soup. He sneaked a peek at JE and decided to play a trick on her.

“Ahhhhh my finger!”

JE goes into the kitchen to see what’s the commotion about. To her horror, YJ is crying in pain that he had accidentally cut his finger off! Lol… of course YJ is just faking it.

JE: Quick, get on my back! I’ll carry you to see the doctor!
YJ: Idiot, why get on your back? My finger is still missing. Look for it. AHH… it’s bleeding!

JE then searched frantically for the ‘finger’. She even goes searching in that pot of soup! “Finger, where is the finger? I can’t find it! What am I going to do now?!” JE start crying in distress.

“If you cooked when I told you to, this tragedy wouldn’t occur! TADA! Gotcha!”

YJ wriggles his finger in front of JE and she bites it out of anger. :P

JE cooked dinner in the end. YJ finger is still painful from JE bite.

"If you ever make a joke like that again, I'll really cut your finger off!"

YJ then asked what is wrong with JE, why she keep flaring up at him.

YJ: You really hate cooking that much?
JE: No. I just hate it when you keep calling me a rice cooker.
YJ: What? Hey, rice cooker is a great thing. We can’t cook rice without it. Without rice, human can’t survive! They’ll die! So, rice cooker is very important. You should be proud to be called one!

“LYJ, you really feel nothing if I meet MH? You don’t mind at all?

“What feeling? I don’t mind. No feeling at all.”

JE held back her tears as she hears this. YJ looked down and continued to eat.

The next day, YJ goes to meet Hae Won and told her that his marriage contract has been extended to 3 years.

HW: Honestly, 3 years is a bit too long, but compared with the time you waited for me, it’s nothing. Furthermore, it wouldn’t really last 3 years, right?
YJ: This… I’m not sure. Maybe it’ll end earlier, but I really don’t know when will it be.
HW: I think it’s better for you and JE to return to your respective place in life as soon as possible.

To HW's shock, YJ turn to her and said:

“JE’s position in life; is where she need to belong to right now.”

Now, there is two meaning for that. It could mean that YJ dislike HW looking down on JE (because she’s a snob who thinks lowly of JE). OR it could be that JE position in his life is very important. You do the math.

“Then promise me. Promise me you won’t make me worry about your relationship with JE.”

JE received a call from YJ grandma asking her to come over. When she arrived, she saw HW there as well. HW brought some gifts from her parent in Paris. Seeing that they treat HW like a family member, JE begin to feel a bit left out.

HW asked JE to have a drink and dropped some hints to her.

“YJ has decided to accept me. I will not let him go again.”

“Actually, 3 years is a bit long, but it’s nothing compared to him waiting for me all these years.”

JE took this as a challenge from HW and defiantly replied:

“Unless YJ wants to, I’m sorry to inform you that I won’t be ending our marriage in the next 3 years.”

However, JE goes to her friend’s house and demanded them to pay her back the money they owed her. They insisted that they were broke and asked why she urgently needs the money.

“I’m divorcing LYJ. I’m the one divorcing so I’ll need money to pay him alimony.”

At the doorsteps, JE hesitantly took her wedding ring off…

YJ was reading in the living room when JE walked in. He asked where she went and she told him that she visited grandma. YJ teased JE that she must really like going over to his parent’s house. “Yeah. It would be much better if I hate going there…”

Suddenly, JE seem to be unusually submissive, volunteering to make dinner. YJ is curious with her sudden change of mood and stared at her. Uneasy, JE attempt to divert the topic and tell him some corny jokes again. YJ was not amused and told her that she shouldn’t be saying those joke in public. Or else people will scold her. Lol…

He asked if his family has said something terrible to her today. He’s worried for her. JE insisted there's nothing wrong and continue on her cheery tone.

“From now on, you can call me chicken, bird or rice cooker. I won’t mind.”

The next morning, JE got up early and made breakfast for YJ. “You said you hate toast. So I’ll make breakfast everyday.”

To be continued...

By the way, due to recommendation from soompi forum, I found another online store selling the Full House Director's Cut DVD at a much cheaper price.

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No. of Disc: 10 (16 episodes)
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