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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Love Story in Harvard OST

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You can dl the OST from soompi forum. You have to register first.

By the way, anyone know if MTV Video Music Awards 2005 will be broadcasted live in Malaysia this Sunday (28 August 2005)? Or delay show? This is because Rain will be representing Asia at VMA.

So I really appreciate it if someone can inform me whether we will get to watch it live here in Malaysia...

p.s. Here's this week Yummy Yummy summary mag scan. Credits to Dezzy and fung_cato from Raymond's Forest.


sehseh said...

p.s. I'm getting complained by the IT dept for using insane amount of bandwitdh. Therefore, I will have to cut down posting so much image, and perhaps reduce my updates. Sniff~~ sniff~

alice said...

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! me dun agree......but if it's like that!!! then i am ok with it!!!

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