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Thursday, August 04, 2005


Recap of last night's Full House:

YJ: You shouldn’t agree in the first place if you don’t want to do the interview. At least give me a good reason why you don’t want to do it!
JE: Reason? I’m busy. I have no time because I have to use my ‘dumb’ brain to write the script, then there’s cooking, cleaning and washing. I don’t have the mood to do the interview.
YJ: Well, can’t you do the laundry on another day?
JE: Whoa, look who’s talking, not washing the clothes, can you stand it? We understand each other too much. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Young Jae starts doing all the chores while JE relax and gave him a hard time. Tell him to do the laundry with his hands, dirtying the dishes, sneezes on the glass window and dropping cookies crumbs on the newly mopped floor. YJ reaches his limit and started to shout at JE.

“Forget the interview! You, start cleaning right now! I don’t care, no need to do the interview, so start cleaning!”

JE: Are you sure? I won’t do the interview anymore…

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YJ and JE end up doing the interview after all. They pretend to be lovey dovey; hugging, cooking together and watering the garden. JE told the reporter that her father built this house and YJ explained that the name Full House means a house filled with love. When the reporter start asking about Hae Won relationship with YJ, he got offended but JE stopped him and told the reporter that’s she’s okay with it because they’re childhood friends and she’s glad YJ have a friend he could rely on.

After sending off the reporter, JE worries that her photographs turn out to be ugly. “I should have gone to the beauty salon this morning. Tssk…”

YJ was feeling a bit weird over JE replies during the interview. “I thought you disliked HW?”

“Then what do you expect me to say? That’s your friend is as revolting as you are?”

JE: It’s alright if you want to meet HW, but be careful because people are going to feel sorry for me.
YJ: Huh? Why would people feel sorry for you?
JE: Because you cheated on me.
YJ: What?! Cheated on you?
JE: Well, the whole world knows I’m your wife, so it will seem as if you are being unfaithful.

YJ said if meeting a friend is considered to be unfaithful, then what about her because she meet Dong Wook quite often too. JE said it’s no the same and warn him not to get caught or else…


JE: Darn, is cooking all I can use to threaten you?
YJ: Well… you can always say you’ll pack up and leave.
JE: You won’t care if I left anyway.
YJ: Not really… When you’re not here, umm the house seems a bit dark and quiet…
JE: What you mean?
YJ: !!! I meant to say that it will be dark because you’re not here to switch on the lights!
JE: Oh… It must be the ghost stories, is it? Yo…young Ja jae~~~~~~~
YJ: Tssk, can’t communicate with you.

HW called YJ to meet her but YJ make up excuses that he is busy. HW asked if JE had said anything (bad) to him. “Why would JE do that? It’s just that I’m busy.” HW got pissed and threaten YJ to come and meet her at once. JE asked where he was going but YJ said nothing, just that he won’t be back for dinner.

HW is upset and asked why YJ is avoiding her. “Why are you so afraid of the scandal? You can just deny it. Since when you have become a coward?!”

“Yes, I’m afraid! I’m afraid and I hate it! I don’t want other people to talk something bad about you! I don’t want to see you get hurt because of it! IF YOU GET HURT… IT’S EVEN MORE PAINFUL TO ME!

YJ and HW went to a bar and HW starts to tell YJ about Min Hyuk. How he always remember to send her birthday gift every year. Even though it was his assistant that bought the gift, she still feels happy because MH is the dream guy of every woman. However, MH never really cared for her existence…but still HW is attracted to him.

“If I give up on MH, will you return to my side then?”

YJ was shocked and HW just laughed. “Anyway, remember that you will never let go off my hand before I let go off yours… A promise is a promise.”

YJ was troubled and kept reflecting on HW’s words.

The next day, JE goes to MH office to hand up her weekly synopsis. MH said that he liked it and it was much better than the usual scripts she wrote. He asked whether JE has watched YJ new movie yet and offered to watch with her again.

Hee Jin saw JE and MH at the movie together and tell JE to ‘work hard’ (wink wink). JE warned Hee Jin not to make a big deal out of it because there’s nothing between them. Dong Wook dislikes MH and think that YJ is better. “That MH looks like a playboy.” He added that though JE and YJ was a contractual marriage, JE is still YJ’s wife so she better behave in public.

“Well, YJ is the one who is fooling around first. I don’t care, I like that handsome guy (MH), I’m gonna root for him!” Hee Jin.

In the cinema:

MH: Would it cause you problem? Being seen with me by your friends?
JE: Nah, it’s just that my friend thought you like me, talking a bunch of nonsense. How ridiculous.
MH: (Smiles). She is right, I do like you a lot.
JE: Huh?
MH: Maybe you don’t realize this, but I’m a busy man. Even if I’m busy, I will still make time to meet you. To me, it’s not something easy (very common).

MH tells JE that she still owes him a spaghetti meal and she promised to have dinner with him after the movies.

Meanwhile, YJ was at the office discussing his future movie projects. Dong Wook gossiped to YJ that MH is courting JE and they looked very close together at the movies. He warned YJ to be careful, not to lose JE and regret it when it’s too late.

YJ: (shouts) Eh, why would I regret?! No need, I don’t care! I don’t care whatever, wherever or whomever she’s meeting outside! Don’t tell me these stuffs again or you’re dead!

Lol… YJ is visibly upset and paced around in his office. Aha! Someone is jealous! He grabbed his cellphone and start to dial…

MH asked JE if that Italian restaurant is really famous. JE said not really, just that it’s very cheap and generous. “So don’t worry and order as much as you want!” They are having good conversation when JE received a call from YJ.

JE: (annoyed) Yeah, I’m nearby the cinema with MH. We’re going to eat spaghetti. What’s up?
YJ: WHAT?! Hey, HJE! Must you eat spaghetti?! Forget about it, I’ll open a restaurant for you so come home NOW!

JE refused to come back and asked what’s so urgent. JE got a bit tongue tied and said that grandma is ‘really sick’ and asked them to go home immediately. YJ went to pick up JE. “HJE hurry up and get in the car.”

MH: Is grandma alright?
YJ: How would I know? Have to go home and see. (cold expression)

MH feels a bit disappointed as YJ speeds off with JE. On the other hand, YJ grinned sheepishly at JE. Hehehe: 1 for YJ, 0 for MH. YJ’s grin is so cute~

YJ asked her opinion regarding his movie and get offended when JE said that she couldn’t really understand the message and it’s a bit boring. JE was worried about grandma and asked YJ about her condition. Oops! YJ pretended to receive a phone call from grandma “Oh, grandma! You are okay now? No need to come back anymore?! Oh… okay! Bye!” (sweating)

JE insisted to go visit grandma because it’s not polite and YJ sulks “Already said no need to go what…”

JE rushed into the house and find YJ’s grandma and parent playing Go Stop. JE is confused and YJ tries to cover up his lies.

“Wah~ grandma, I’m relieved to see you! I’m worried sick! Last night I dreamt about a ghost, err no, grandma calling out ‘Young Jae, Young Jae…’ Grandma, don’t die, you must live a long life!” YJ start to hug and kiss grandma.

JE was pissed and demanded an explanation from YJ.

JE: You better have a good explanation.
YJ: Oh~ Last night I dreamt that grandma was sick, so that’s why I called you to come back. Geez, the dream is so real. Maybe I’m just too tired from work…

JE eyes widened with disbelief. She called YJ an idiot and asked him about the so called phone conversation with grandmother.

“That… that must be a phone call from a ghost! Yeah, that must be it! A ghost! You’d better get some monk to ‘clean’ the house. Must expel ghost, must expel ghost!”

It’s MH birthday, HW prepared a birthday present and hesitate over the phone. She gives up and placed the present back into her drawer.

MH on Times magazine cover! Hehehehe

JE felt bored and offered to help YJ autograph his pictures. YJ complained that her writing is ugly and grabbed back the pen. “I only have exactly 500 here, you know.” (YJ has to sign 500 photograph that day). JE received a call from MH and YJ started to feel annoyed.

YJ: Ahemm…Was it MH? What did he say?
JE: He said he need to see me today.
YJ: (looked up immediately) WHY? Didn’t you just saw him yesterday? Why you need to see him again today?
JE: I don't know. Wait… Is he going to fire me?! No way, he said the scripts was okay. Is he planning to make a movie with my scripts?!
YJ: Tssk…your work is terrible, why would it be made into a movie?
JE: Don’t be so sure about that. Think what you want anyway.

YJ then try to persuade JE not to go out. Hehehehe… how sly :p

YJ: Hey, just tell him you can’t go. If he want to discuss anything, just talk over the phone. Aiyah, the weather is so hot, you better don’t go out.
JE: MH is a busy person, do you think it's easy for him to make time for me?
YJ: Then... when will you be back?
JE: Not sure. He wants to eat dinner after that. I maybe be home a little late.

YJ is really upset now.

JE: What do you mean why? We eat because we are hungry. What else?
YJ: Then, how about my dinner?
JE: There’s rice in the rice cooker, so go serve yourself. Must I have to lay down the food before you? Why you like to treat me like a slave?

YJ said that he is the one paying her salary, so he has the right to order her around. YJ decided to threaten JE to come home early:

“Well, I’m not going to eat, I’ll wait for you. So come back early, understand? I said I’m gonna wait for you so come home early!”

“Fine! Do whatever you want. It’s not my tummy that will go hungry! Who cares?!” JE

Hahaha… a very bad idea of YJ because JE couldn’t care less as long as she doesn’t need to serve him. YJ then prepared a long list of chores and tell JE that she must complete them before leaving the house. JE was pissed and defaced his photograph (drawing devil’s horn, big jerk on his face lol…).

JE finished all her chores and shoved the list back to YJ. He saw pic and decided to make it harder for her. JE was all dressed up but YJ said her job was not done properly, it’s still very dirty. He goes around inspecting all corners of the house.

Windows: FAIL!
Staircase: FAIL!
Carpet: FAIL!
Wall: FAIL!
Sofa: FAIL!

JE: YOU FAIL!!! This is ridiculous!

JE finally had enough and escaped through the window in the laundry room. YJ chases after her.

YJ: Hey, HJE! Stand right there!
JE: No way! (Stick tongue out)
YJ: If I catch you, you’re dead meat!

“Damn! Never thought that the shorty (JE) can run so fast…”

JE hides behind the shrubs and escaped when YJ turned back to the house. YJ grew impatient waiting and called JE cellphone.

JE: (annoyed) Ish…What is it now?
(YJ shouts at the phone)
YJ: Where are you? Come back now! You better come back before I’m really angry. Come home now! RIGHT NOW!
JE: Puhlease, if you’re me, will you come home now? (Flinched from YJ’s yelling). Whatever! Do what you want!

JE got mad and removed the battery of her phone.


-End of last night’s episode-

Finally, YJ get a taste of jealousy! I must say, he’s quite possessive of his ‘rice cooker’. Not to spoil too much, but he is getting really desperate in tonight’s episode. He will try to tell MH not to fool around with his ‘rice cooker’. Muahahahaha!

And MH will find out about the contract, no thanks to Hee Jin…

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