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Sunday, August 28, 2005

It's weekend! Hurray!

Plenty of updates, I need to leave for a trip early tomorrow so I guess I'll post some today and the rest tomorrow night as it's already 1.30 am over here.

The lyrics for "So in Love" by Kim Jeong-woon. This is the themesong for Love Story in Harvard: (special thanks to midnightblue)

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Spring, summer, fall & winter dreams.
Those are shinning like a star
They keep whispering,
"I'm so in love with you"

Spring, summer, fall & winter love
It is breezing to my heart and it keeps telling,
"I'll make you rainbow smile"

★ I remember when we were angels,
when we dreamed about us
All my days were happy
just like a snowy Christmas
I wish i'd have them always.

Every step I make writes a story
It is full of the heart
feeling love of my life and
missing friends of my time
I wish i'd have them all. ★

In Spring, summer, fall & winter days.
We've been sharing all the hearts
Love shines in my eyes
Love just won't fade away


If you'd all the way show me the world
Where I will stay in love
All my days will be white
Just like a snowy Christmas
You're just all I need.

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Sigh... I knew that there will be plenty of passionate kissing between Hyun Woo (Rae Won) and Su In (Tae Hee), but knowing Malaysia censorboard... I can only cross my fingers since they didn't cut the kiss scene last friday. It's just brief smack on the lips. I was dissapointed before when they cut out the kissing scenes in Full House. I mean, the kisses (there's only 2!) was so tame! Just pecking on the lips! And THAT was censored off. I can't imagine what will they do to the passionate lip locking in LSH (Love Story in Harvard).

Anyway, I've made a short clip out of the bicycle scene in Yummy Yummy but darn I can't upload it again! Argh!!!! Here's the short animation I made to put under my tagboard: (hope you enjoy it! I will attempt to upload the clip again)

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I've finally translated the Yummy Yummy interview of Charmaine and Raymond. Will post them tomorrow. This time it's for real. (Sorry for delaying! Busy mah...). Mentioning about Ray and Charmaine series, Kitson has posted news saying that LWOLAP might be aired after HH3. Good news for overseas fans because we can rent it soon but HH3 time slot in HK... is 10pm. Bad news for ratings. I guess I shouldn't complain yoo much...

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