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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

If only

Ok, Monday's recap of Full House here. Last night's recap is coming up later this afternoon.

“You are not ‘nothing’ to me…” Ji Eun kept thinking what Young Jae said to her. “Darn, LYJ… Now I’m feeling confused again!”

Hee Jin came and confessed to JE that she ‘accidentally’ mentioned about the marriage contract to Min Hyuk. JE was upset because if YJ finds out, Full House will be taken away and she will have nothing left. JE threatens to send her friends to jail if anything goes wrong. She called to ask MH out, which he quickly agrees. They went to have spaghetti at the restaurant that JE has always promised to take MH to. MH is very happy and said that the food was great. JE asked about Hee Jin’s little chat with him the other day “Urm, did you hear anything weird?”

“How do the people date these days?”

JE: Huh?
MH: We already went to the movies and dinner together. What else we haven’t done?

JE took MH to sightseeing to nearby street stalls (sort of like our Pasar Malam). They have a great time trying out new stuff and eating. Lol… did you see how JE eat? Very messy but I guess MH like girls who eat like that. They passed by a flower stall and MH surprised JE with a bouquet of red roses.

Later, they bought some drinks and went to the nearby park to have a chat. JE asked MH what he think about dating “Not that much fun, huh?”

MH: No, I had fun. JE, you don’t like it?
JE: No, I had a great time. I always like sightseeing and eating.

JE then sighed and lamented to MH that YJ never went strolling with her. “He’s either at work or home. You know, when we went to the movies, he has to come in after the movies started and leave before it ends. He’s afraid people will recognize him.”

JE: But hey, it’s the first time a guy has given me flowers, I’m so thrilled!
MH: YJ never gives you flowers?
JE: THAT GUY?! Forget it. I would be grateful if he stops tormenting me for a day. (Oops!) Hahaha… anyway, I’m so happy to receive flowers.
MH: I’m glad you are happy.

“Actually, I knew from the start that YJ didn’t marry you because of love. That is why my heart aches every time I see you.”

JE was shocked at MH revelation and tried to deny that their marriage was a sham. But she’s speechless…

“People keep saying, ‘If only’. That is the words I hate most. What is the use of regretting something that has already happened? However, since I met you, I kept thinking of ‘If only’.”

“If only I meet you Han Ji Eun first.”

“If only you are not married to Young Jae.”

“If only I have the chance, I will never let you go again.”

“I kept thinking, if only your marriage to YJ is just a business deal, then it’s still not too late for me.”

“Will you give me a chance?”

JE was lost for words. “I… I…”

“You don’t need to give me your answer now. Please consider about it.”

YJ’s new movie is not doing too well in the box office. His manager thinks that they should be careful on choosing his next movie project. Dong Wok asked YJ about MH again and YJ became suspicious. After some interrogation, Dong Wok confessed that Hee Jin accidentally told MH about the marriage contract. YJ is pissed and start yelling at Dong Wook. “HEY! Are you human beings? Do you have brains? Why?!”

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Dong Wook suggested to YJ that he should tear apart the marriage contract and refused to divorce with JE. “Then you can keep JE. Don’t let MH steal your woman away!” YJ was even pissed because all Dong Wook can think of is how to con people.

JE arranges the roses that MH gave and starts thinking about his ‘proposal’. YJ returned and she quickly hid the flowers behind her. Was it guilt? At dinner YJ noticed the flowers and asked JE about it. “Someone gave them to me…” Upon hearing this, YJ became agitated and slammed his chopsticks against the table.

YJ: Who?! Who gave you the flowers? Was it MH?
JE: … Yes. Actually –
YJ: You go and meet MH again? Why are you meeting him?!
JE: I have some thing to ask him so…
YJ: Tell me, what do you want to know so much from MH?

“HJE, I never thought you were ridiculous like this. Are you fooling around?”

YJ: Are you a beggar, receiving flowers from others like that?
JE: What are you talking about?
YJ: What did he say when he gave you those flowers? That he want to meet you again?

“So? What does that got to do with you? Mr. LYJ, you never bought me any flowers!”

“Unless I go out of my mind, why should I buy flowers for you?”

“That’s right. I never expect that from you so why are you interfering with my business now?

JE: Anyway, our divorce is just a few months away, so till then let’s just respect each other and live peacefully.

“Lee Young Jae, you can go dating with Hae Won whenever you want, and I do whatever I please.”

That night, JE was sleepless, thinking about MH asking her to give him a chance. YJ was having trouble sleeping as well…

The next day, while JE was busy doing her chores, YJ attempt to search for their marriage contract. He’s resorting to Dong Wook suggestion, after all. He searches her bedroom but couldn’t find it as well. Suddenly, JE phone ran and she head upstairs to her room to get it. YJ can’t escape and hid in her closet instead. After answering the call, JE decide to change her clothes but strangely, her closet was tightly shut. YJ was struggling to keep the closet closed. “Tssk… why is she so strong?!”

JE managed to force open the closet and YJ tumbled out. “Hehehe… want to play hide and seek?” JE hits YJ and called him ‘maniac’. “Get out, get out maniac!”

JE thought that YJ weird behavior was due to the ‘baby making’ tonic. She thought that YJ wants sex! Lol… YJ was embarrassed, and tried to explain.

“No need to explain. I understand. I know, you didn’t mean it. It’s the fault of this tonic. From now, LYJ you stay away from these tonic, don’t drink them anymore. I will drink your portion as well. Dreadful medicine…”

“Hey HJE, let’s make a new contract.”

“We should make a detailed contract and put in our new terms and conditions.”

JE agrees to his proposition and start typing a new contract. YJ was actually bluffing and couldn’t think of new conditions. JE showed him the new ‘terms and condition’ she made, making YJ complaint.

JE: 1. Will not request for sex. After today’s incident, I think it’s better to add this in, no offense okay?
YJ: HOHOHOHO even if you throw yourself at me plus a car I still don’t want you. I’m not interested in you! I don’t fancy short woman, I hate short pumpkin!

JE: 4. Sleeping outside without a valid reason, fined 1 million won.
YJ: 1 mil won?
JE: You disagree?
YJ: No, I agree. Your instances of this happening are higher. Just don’t tell me you don’t have the money to pay the fine.

JE: 5. When JE is busy; YJ has to help do the household chores.
YJ: What?
JE: Humans should help each other out.
YJ: HA HA HA. You so funny, what there’s to be busy about? Furthermore, you are not human being. You are birds; chicken!

JE: “Hmph… Never call HJE as birds, chicken, rice cooker or vacuum cleaner. Number 15!
YJ: EH, then what should I call you?
JE: What else? My name!
YJ: No way, I don’t want that. Eh, you have to understand, the nicknames suited you. Moreover you are a bird so what wrong in admitting you are a chicken. Huh, bird? (taunting)
JE: Then are you willing to admit you are a disgusting jerk?

YJ have enough of JE new terms and agreed to all of them. “Really?” JE

“But I only have one condition; the marriage must be extended to 3 years.”

JE start protesting because her youth will be wasted. “3 years is too long!”

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YJ convinced JE to agree after saying how heartbroken his parent will be if they divorced after 6 months and his grandmother may get seriously ill. ‘You will be held responsible.” In the end, JE caved in and YJ gleefully signed the new contract. He asked her to take out the old copy of their contract to be destroyed. JE took it out from the freezer. YJ must be thinking, “Damn, all along it’s in the freezer?!”

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YJ quickly tore up the old contract. The look on his face, so evil ^_^’. JE told YJ that she agreed because she loves his family.YJ was touched.

That night, JE thought about her parents. YJ is contented; and he carefully put away the contract before going to sleep.

The next morning, YJ came down for breakfast and found toast on the table. JE said that the new contract stated that he will have toast for breakfast 3 times a week. “Number 21.” And he has to clean the dishes by himself after eating. “It’s in number 21.”

YJ read the contract in disbelief “This is a scam!”

“Well, who told you to sign before reading through the details first?”

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YJ was forced to help JE do all the chores in the house. JE keep messing up the chores, lazing around. “Hey, don’t waste water! The water bill is expensive, you know?!” Before YJ leave for work, JE tell him to buy her roses. “You have to give me roses every 2nd and 4th Wednesday. Number 105.”

YJ is at HW’s boutique to change clothes for his press conference. He’s in a hurry but Dong Wook was nowhere to be seen. HW helped YJ looked for him and overheard his conversation with Hee Jin. “If MH knows about YJ and JE marriage contract, will he keep quiet?” Dong Wook walked out and realized HW has just heard what he said…

Instead of asking YJ, HW head straight to Full House, demanding an explanation from JE.

Meanwhile, YJ promotes his movie at the press conference. A reporter asked regarding a rumor that he’s having trouble in his marriage, YJ replied with a smile “I’m perfectly blissful, I’m so fortunate to found such a great woman.”

HW asked JE the reason YJ married her. JE is upset and asked HW to go and ask YJ because she doesn’t have the answers.

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HW: Actually, I hated you. Though I loved another, but when YJ is not by my side, he’s by your side: I’m unable to accept this. He has always been here by my side, whenever I need him, he’ll be there. He is my closest friend. When I finally realized that I have lost YJ, I knew how much I need him.

JE: You love another, but you are unwilling to let YJ go, you are not being fair to him.

“I know, I’m too greedy. But from now, I will only like YJ. I want YJ back by my side. Please help me. Please help me.”

Argh… I really want to slap ‘her royal highness’ silly. Wake up, wake up! You dumb, selfish, arrogant woman! You just said you don’t love YJ; you just want him for the sake of keeping him. Then JE has to say something that made me equally mad:

“… LYJ, because LYJ love you, which is why he married me…”

After HW left, JE sat alone at the dinner table, thinking about her conversation with HW. “Stupid… I shouldn’t tell her…shouldn’t tell her the truth…” Sad, but the truth is, YJ married JE because he love HW (he want to protect HW) and later *SPOILERS* divorce JE because he has to go back to HW (though he love JE now and he wants to protect her but he can’t). YJ love life always goes awry at the critical moment.

The press conference ended and YJ head for home. He saw the roses he bought for JE and sneered at it. Then, he chuckled and starts smiling. YJ received a call, and it’s HW… YJ called JE to inform her that he’s not coming home for dinner and tell her not to wait for him.

(In a very gentle voice ^o^ Just like a husband reporting to his wife hehehe…)

“I’m with HW at the bar. No, I won’t drink (lol JE must be nagging!). Don’t wait for me. You go to sleep first. Erm… don’t fall asleep on your desk. Go to your bedroom. Yeah, bedroom. That’s it. See you later, bye.”

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After YJ hangs up, JE has a sudden urge and says to the phone “LYJ, don’t meet with HW. Come home… come back home now, ok?”

YJ and HW start chatting about their childhood, how HW used to think MH protected her when it was YJ who really stayed by her side.

“You are always by my side, but I never realized it…. Thank you for your patience…”

“LYJ, I… really want to return by your side. Will you accept me?”

YJ: … … …


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