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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I can't let go off your hands

Full House recap (Monday 1/8/2005 episode)

Ji Eun apologized to Dong Wook and Hee Jin (now I got their name right) in Young Jae’s place. She start relate to how sad she felt after coming home and finding out that her two best friend sold her house. The duo feels ashamed and left Full House.

YJ feels awkward and offered JE some beer as a truce. However, JE was busy calculating and ignored him. YJ looks guilty and told JE that he has ordered a new wedding ring.

YJ: Next time, aiyah… I won’t lose it again.

YJ then remembered something:

YJ: Hey, speaking about that, last time when you lost the recorder, I didn’t say anything and take you out to buy a new one! How come you can treat me like this? You can make a mistake but I can’t?! You are such double standards, not fair at all!

YJ starts to sulk (so cute, just like a little kid!). JE smiled and thought YJ learned his lesson. She decided to play a trick on him by telling him that she found the ring. She grabbed YJ right hand and started to draw a ring on his finger with a black marker.

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JE: Look! Now we don’t need to buy a new ring! Oh ~ you don’t have a watch, I’ll draw one for you, hmm… I draw the latest model for you. Don’t move! (slapped YJ hand) What time should I put? Our dinnertime, 7pm.
YJ: What are you doing?!
JE: Ring and watch, 50 000 won.

YJ grabbed the marker and drew a watch on JE’s wrist too. JE complained it was ugly and YJ charged her 100 000 won.

JE: (idea) Mr. Lee Young Jae, you like sunglasses right? Let me draw one for you then! (starts grinning wickedly) Don’t worry, I’ll draw a cool sunglasses for you, guarantee you’ll love it and wear it everyday!
YJ: No thanks!
JE: But it’s free! Come, let me draw, come!

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JE tries to draw on his face and YJ ran away. So funny and sweet at the same time. After that, they sat out in the garden and have a heartfelt chat. JE to YJ that a marriage; be it good or bad, love or contractual, it is still a marriage. “So let’s work hard until the day our divorce finally arrived, ok?”

JE: Till then, fighting! (means work hard)
YJ: (grumbling) Fighting; that is all you know. Why must say fighting?
JE: Aw…come on!
YJ: No way, I want aza, aza! (means go,go!)
JE: I don’t like aza, aza.
YJ: Then forget it.
JE: Alright, alright, aza aza!
YJ: (grins) Aza, aza!
Together: Aza, aza!

The JE shouted ‘Fighting’ again and they two bickered over which is better. Sigh~ something never changes…

The next morning, YJ washes his hand carefully, not wanting to smudge the ‘ring’ on his hand. Suddenly JE screamed and he ran downstairs. “What is this?” JE tore away the plastic of the wedding potrait.

JE: Gasping in horror ~ Mr LYJ, your nostril looked so huge!

Lol… “No way, you’re the one with large nostril!” rebuked YJ. JE asked what’s the wedding portrait doing here, and they argued where to hang the potrait. Neither of them are willing to hang it in their own room, because they hated each other’ faces.

They played paper rock scissors and the loser must hang it in his/her room. YJ loses and told JE to hang it in the living room instead.

HW took out YJ’s ring and ponders over it. YJ was ‘directing’ JE how to hang the wedding potrait (actually it was more to yelling and complaining how crooked, unbalanced etc) when he received a call from HW. She asked YJ out and he agrees, albeit hesitantly.

JE asked who just called. “It’s the company.” YJ was shocked at himself for lying to her and turned away from JE. She suspects he was lying…

JE writes a new story, naming the main character as ‘YJ’. He’s a movie star, a bit tall with an okay face, arrogant and full of himself, loves nagging and yelling at other people. His family comprises of grandmother, father, mother and a sweet wife. JE basically is referring to YJ here, apart from the sweet wife part. Kekeke…

YJ comes down and JE asked where is he going, whether he will be coming home early etc. YJ got annoyed and said that JE shouldn’t bother, because it’s his private business. (Their contract stated they have no right to intervene in each other’s private life).

JE continue to work on her story until it was quite late. She glances at her wrist and smiled when she saw the watch YJ drew on her wrist.

Hae Won saw the ‘ring’ on YJ and became unhappy when he told her that JE drew it. HW returned the ring and said that at first she doesn’t want to return the ring because of JE.

YJ: What’s wrong with JE? She’s a nice and kind-hearted girl. Sometimes she could be too naïve, a bit foolish but this is the uniqueness of HJE.

OMG! YJ is smiling to himself while describing JE. Hehehehe…

HW : Idiot. That is why I dislike JE.
YJ: ???
HW: YJ, whenever I’m sad, you are the first person by my side to comfort and protect me. But now… you already have someone else, you will go back to her side… It’s weird, I love Min Hyuk but I’m still hanging onto you…
YJ: (emotional) HW, before you let go off my hand, I can’t let go (off you)… I’ve tried but it’s just too difficult. I won’t go…until you let go off my hand…

I know, naturally the audiences rooting for YJ-JE will be pissed, but Young Jae’s expression; it’s so emotional because he just can’t get over her yet. He yearned for her since kids, all these years she never acknowledges his feelings for her. Very sad…

At home, JE was pissed because YJ was late and he didn’t call to tell her. YJ came back and got a lecture from JE. “You should have at least called if you’re coming home late!”. YJ start criticising the food she ate, saying that it look more like dog food. JE offered some to YJ :p

JE noticed the wedding ring and asked where YJ found it. He told her that HW found it and confessed lying to her this morning. Now JE is really mad, because he lied about meeting HW.

JE: Why did you lie to me?!
YJ: When you asked who am I seeing, it (lying) just come naturally.

If YJ never liked JE, he wouldn’t lie to her automatically about another woman. Get what I mean? YJ tell JE not to ask about his whereabouts anymore because he doesn’t want to lie to her again. “We already agreed not to interfere with each other private life anyway.”

JE: Fine, go fool around all you like. I don’t really care!
YJ: Fo.. fool around?! What the hell you are talking about?!

JE went to the bathroom and washed off the ‘watch’. The next day JE start daydreaming about going to HW’s boutique with Hee Jin to kick HW ass. “Stop fooling around with my husband!” Lol…very funny scene. Then the scenario changed to YJ and HW kicking her out of Full House (with rice cooker in tow).

JE: (begging) LYJ, I will cook good food! I don’t want to leave like this! I’m a bird, yes I’m a bird, I don’t care if you call me a bird anymore ~ so please open the door~!

JE was brought back to reality when YJ tell her that he’s going out. “Hold on. From now on, you leave and return as you please, no need to inform me. Do not interfere with each other personal life, right?” YJ was irritated with JE’s reply.

Grandma want to go to the art gallery and tell YJ’s mother to invite “3 Bears” (JE). YJ’s mother asked grandma not to call JE “Three Bears” anymore. At the art gallery, grandma said to a friend that she liked JE a lot, making JE very happy.

DW starts working at YJ’s office. JE has arranged for him to work there and will deduct 40% of his salary every month to repay the money he owed her. YJ was pissed and start scolding DW for being a crappy friend.

YJ: Was it because JE’s a good girl, you think you can bully her? If you try to take advantage of her again, I will not let you go! Scum like you should be thrown in jail!

DW starts crying and begged YJ not to send him to jail, because he need to support Hee Jin and their baby. This scene is so funny because DW almost pulled YJ pants down! Lol… The whole office saw the ruckus and YJ was embarrassed. His new movie premiere is coming up and his manager told him to bring JE along. He returned home early, but JE is nowhere to be seen…

Meanwhile, JE had a great time at YJ’s family house, sharing stories of her childhood and playing Go Stop card games with her in-laws. YJ grandma and father is so funny in here ;) It was already late so YJ’s parent asked JE to sleep over.

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YJ gets frustrated waiting for JE to come home and start pacing around the house. He picked up the phone but put it away. Finally he went up to his room and kept peeking at the driveway through the window. JE was looking around in YJ’s room (in his family house) when she received a call from YJ, yelling at her over the phone for not coming home. She told him she was in his room and make fun of his stuffs and pictures. JE saw a photograph of a bald little girl and asked who she is. YJ said (very sad tone) that it was his little sister. She died from incurable disease. YJ was bitter that his father, a doctor couldn’t save and protect his little sister.

YJ: He never shed a tear. Perhaps my father never cried from the moment he was born.
JE: Maybe he cried in his heart…
YJ: …

YJ then told her that HW love to cry when she was little and he always buy her ice cream to cheer her up. JE become dead silent. You can even hear a pin drop.

JE: …
YJ: HJE, are you asleep?
JE: No.
YJ: Then why didn’t you say anything?
JE: What is there to say about? (bitter)
YJ: Umm… do you want me to come and fetch you home now?
JE: Huh?
YJ: I mean, you have to come home to cook and do the laundry. And what about my breakfast tomorrow?
JE: (pissed) Stop repeating about cooking. When you see me, is that all you can think of?! You think I’m really a rice cooker? I don’t want to talk anymore!

JE hanged up and stare at the origami HW made for YJ. Flashing back, she realized that YJ loves HW all along. She stared sadly at her own wedding ring…

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YJ got hungry and made the same kind of mixed rice JE ate the other night. It tasted good and he gorged down on it. JE suddenly walks in and YJ choked in embarrassment. He called it as dogfood, remember? Kekeke… JE pats YJ shoulder to aid his digestion and scolded him for being a hypocrite. She complained that his arm is too long (too tiring to stroke).

YJ: I’ve given some thought about not interfering in each other private life. From now on, we inform each other where we are going. This is not considered as intrusion of privacy.
JE: But I don’t want to tell you (where I’m going). Why are you suddenly so fickle?
YJ: No way! I’m the one setting the rules. From now on, you must report to me before you go out.

JE got annoyed and pricked hardly at his thumb. Poor YJ… has to bandage his thumb. He insisted she did that deliberately (of course!).

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JE shoved a chart at YJ, calling it ‘The privacy schedule”. She divided the time and house so that they can avoid speaking to each other. “If you have anything to say just leave a message on the fridge.”

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