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Friday, August 12, 2005

Haze! Haze all around!

First 2 picture taken from my office window yesterday. The last pic taken by Amanda.

Haze emergency has been declared on Port Klang and Kuala Selangor yesterday. All workplace and schools are now closed. Air Pollutant Index (API) there has breached the 500 mark. Over 300, it's mean the air is just not unhealthy, it's certified HAZARDOUS to human being. People are falling ill everyday. I don't mean hundreds, it's more than thousands. And the culprit? Indonesia! Call me evil, wicked or plain insane, I'm silently praying to God to create a freak typhoon and blow all those smoke back to where it belongs: Indonesia. Let them have a taste of being suffocated, headaches, breathing problems etc. Make THEM suffer, not us!

PSI Value & PSI Descriptor
0 to 50 Good
51 - 100 Moderate
101 - 200 Unhealthy
201 - 300 Very unhealthy
Above 300 Hazardous

What ticked me off is that some people still smokes outside, with utter disregard for public health. It's bad enough will all the haze, the smokes from the cars/motor. I don't know about the smokers, but I still want to live longer, you know.

Darn, I forgot to bring my Full House recap - AGAIN! That mean I also forgot to bring Yummy Yummy mag translation as well. Why?! Why am I getting so senile? I hope it's just the weather causing me to be a bit cuckoo. In any means, I will be posting the previous two episode recap for Full House tonight, or tomorrow morning along with tonight's episode (that's 3 LONG article!). I'm free till tomorrow afternoon. After that I have to go to Maxis centre to upgrade my sim card and then hang out with my 'sisters'. Hope I remember to bring Full House OST for Amanda. Amanda, if you're reading this, you better sms a reminder for me, just to be safe. You know, I'm getting old...

Talking about music, these day I'm pre-occupied with Full House ost and also Rain's album: 'It's Raining'. I really want to download high quality MV of Rain, because he's a totally different person when he danced. Normally he's down-to-earth and cute, but when he dances onstage, it's just ELECTRIFYING. Sexually charged. It's pure awe. Ahemm... (sehseh, get a hold of yourself!). If you watched his live clip you'll know what I meant.
And he always insisted to sing live, not mime. He once mentioned that early in his career his agent told him to mime onstage, because it's hard already to dance all those moves. But after he got a taste of singing live and getting good feedback, he decides that he will always sing AND dance live - he practiced dancing and work out, day in and out to maintain his stamina. Don't worry, my infatuation is not enough to make me build a shrine - yet.

Charmaine posing for DKNY 2005 Autumn Collection. Special thanks to Ennix.

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Anonymous said...


The haze is horrible! It's suffocating! I pray that it's gonna rain real heavy tonite. Total downpour to wash the air. If you can actually wash air that is...

I'm getting fuzzy brained. Will call you soon. After lunch break. Got some changes with my schedule tomorrow. Won't type work stuff in you blog though.

I'm looking forward for our "sisterly bond" tomorrow, yet reluctant to go out at the same time :( Cursing the darn haze for killing us. We are suppose to rejuvinate ourselves with a good "holiday" from work....

My colleague said it looks like "Autumn in my Heart" here. Misty and yellowish. Bleargh! For me, it's more like "Haze in my Lungs".

Cough cough! Faint....

Amanda LKY

*glad to see the pictures came in handy.

sehseh said...

How about Stairway to Hospital?
okay, will wait for your call.

Helen said...

Charm looks nice in the pictures, but she is too skinny....makes me start to worry about her health. Miss her chubby face.

sehseh said...

Yeah, i wish Charmaine could gain some weight. I'm a bit worried for her :(

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about the haze, but I do admit from the picture it looks rather heavenly ( like passing clouds exactly). I've to agree with helen, Charm looks quite skinny :( I really miss her chipmunk cheeks.

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