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Monday, August 22, 2005

Happy Ending for Full House (recap)

Here's the recap for the final 2 episodes of Full House. Took me some time to do it, since I was busy working OT for the past two days. Right now I'm still very tired... and my feet hurts.

Will you marry me?

Young Jae tell Ji Eun that he’s asking DW to move his stuff back into Full House this weekend. “I have a reason to stay now.” JE said that he can’t stay unless he asked forgiveness from his father.

YJ: I did! And after I asked forgiveness, he hit me!
JE: (concerned) Really? Where?
YJ: Here, my head, face and arm… Ouch they hurt so much! (pretends to grimace in pain)
JE: Let me see… Does it hurt? But there’s no bruise…

“HJE… let’s go out to dinner tomorrow.”

JE: Huh? Why are you so nice all the sudden?
YJ: I promised to treat you a nice dinner. And I have something to tell you.
JE: What is it? You can tell me now. You’re not getting movie roles and advertisement deal anymore; as a fallen movie star you shouldn’t be so spendthrift. You’re not the old “Lee Young Jae”.
YJ: (sulks)…

JE received a call from Min Hyuk. He’s on his way to Full House. JE was a little flustered and informed MH that YJ has returned. MH is a little unhappy hearing this.

YJ: Who was that?
JE: … … It’s was MH.
YJ: MH?! You’re still seeing him?
JE: ???
JE: Why are you shouting? Yes, I’m seeing him, so what?!

Both of them become angry and sat silently. MH arrived and YJ stopped JE from answering the door.

“You, sit still.”

YJ opened the door for MH. MH was here to cook spaghetti for JE because she loves it. YJ became really jealous and asked JE to cook him rice because he doesn’t want spaghetti.

YJ: Hey, HJE! I don’t want spaghetti, so cook me rice!
JE: There’s no rice.
YJ: What?
JE: How about instant noodle?
YJ: You know I hate instant noodle!
JE: Sorry then, there’s nothing for you.
YJ: … … Do you have ‘jajang’ (a kind of flavour) instant noodle?

In the end, YJ has to cook his own instant noodle. JE sat down next to MH and YJ become upset again.

YJ: Hey, HJE that’s my seat!
JE: Who cares? I can sit anywhere I want.

YJ get jealous seeing MH and JE get along so well. MH asked YJ where he been hiding all along. “Are you going to do a movie again?” MH offered YJ a role in his new movie. YJ was curious why MH would want to hire a fallen actor like him when he could choose a more popular actor with his big budget. “Well… I have to respect the opinion of the script writer.” MH looks over to JE and YJ said he’s not going to accept the role. JE was a little offended and asked YJ to read the script first.

“I don’t think so. Why should I read it? You wrote it, and THAT pretty sum it all.”

JE: What if it turn out to be a big hit? Just accept the offer, or you’ll really regret it when it’s turn out great.
YJ: Don’t worry, I won’t regret it. You; bird writer… can mind your own business.
JE: Fine! I don’t have to waste my breath on a bird actor that can’t see it’s a good movie! I don’t care.
YJ: Fine, then don’t mind my business.

The two bickers and MH tried to calm them down.

MH: YJ, you can’t stay here forever. I’ll look for a place for you. You can move out this weekend.
YJ: Strange, why are you helping me to look for a place?

“I don’t like it when you’re around my woman. That’s all.”

YJ was shocked speechless by what MH said. JE was a bit flustered and she doesn’t know how to explain to YJ. Later, while JE was preparing her scripts, YJ and MH have a chat outside in the garden. MH asked YJ to consider about the movie role again because he thinks it’s suitable for him. Well, after all, JE did write that story with YJ in mind…

YJ: But MH you doesn’t really like me accepting the role, isn’t it? (bitter)
MH: I don’t like it. But still, work is work. It’s hard to earn money.
YJ: Rich people. The more money they have, they more they love it.

“YJ, I’ve proposed to JE.”

YJ pretends to be okay and asked what JE said. MH said that JE asked him to give her a little time. Therefore, he’s still waiting for her. MH turns to YJ and said:

“YJ… If you have decided to give up on JE, then just leave.

You coming back; do you want to hurt her all over again?

Only when you leave, she can be truly mine.”

After MH left, YJ and JE have some beer at the dinner table. JE told YJ since his father has forgiven them; they should pay a visit to the family house.

YJ: Why?
JE: Well… to thank them for forgiving us. We can have dinner together, and I want to help out with the vegetable garden, and sing them the Three Bears again.
YJ: HJE, who do you think you are? They’re not your family. We already divorced. Did you forget about that?
JE: ???
YJ: I’ll move out tomorrow.
JE: What? Why all the sudden? You said you don’t want to move out.
YJ: I heard that you’re going to marry MH. (Sigh) I thought MH dumped you, so I felt worried. But now… MH seems to care a lot about you…
JE: YJ, I… (tried to explain)
YJ: To be honest, when you told me that you’re leaving me for MH, I was troubled and my ego was bruised. But…this is a good thing for you. I can’t understand why a rich, capable and good looking man like MH would fancy someone as dumb, temperamental and messy as you.

YJ then advise JE that MH parent’s might dislike her, but they’re occupied with work so she doesn’t need to worry they’ll give her a hard time like YJ’s grandma. Plus, JE get along easily with people.

“HJE, you can do it. Aza aza fighting!”

JE was little hurt with YJ speech and doesn’t explain to him. They both have a sleepless night again. The next morning, JE went downstairs and found a goodbye note from YJ on the fridge.

“HJE, don’t fall sick again. Goodbye.
P.S. You chicken! Love to sleep! Must wake up early and exercise, okay?!
Fighting! Aza aza fighting! (drew a chicken sketch)”

JE couldn’t believe what she’s reading and quickly ran up to YJ’s room. It’s empty. YJ is gone…

JE asked MH out to the nearby park. She told him that YJ left again.

MH: Did he say where he’s going?
JE: I don’t know. Maybe to the mountains or the oceans. He left when I’m still sleeping. Not even a goodbye. He’s so weird.
MH: One day, you’ll meet him again.

“When? How long should I wait for him?”

At this MH feels uneasy. Perhaps he realized what JE is going to say next…

“When he’s not around, I always wait for him. Even though I knew, he won’t be coming back, I’d still wait for him. But whenever we meet, it’s always a mess. Still, I feel odd when he’s not around. I told myself many time not to wait for him anymore… but instinctively I’ll start to wait for him again.”

“I learned that waiting for someone is so hard. (Turn to MH) So… please don’t wait for me anymore.”

MH: JE… (please)…
JE: I’m sorry. I should have told you earlier not to wait. I’m so sorry to tell you this now.

MH was heartbroken, but he’s not angry at JE. He understands. Back home, he thought about JE and YJ and smiled to himself. On the other hand, JE went home sad because she thought YJ is not around anymore. To her surprise, YJ was sitting alone in the garden…

JE: YJ? I thought you left this morning…?
YJ: Well, there’s something I forgot to tell you. There’s also something I want to give you.
JE: Huh? What is that?
YJ: HJE… I said I won’t leave your side anymore… But it’s so strange; I keep screwing up at the most important moment.

“I’m so discontented. I was so mad at myself; I just could bear it any longer.”

“You were right about me constantly hurting you, that I can’t even protect you. Just like you said, I don’t know how to love someone, or how to express love. Therefore, I have no idea how to make you happy.”

“Because I don’t know all this, I’ll obey you. Eveything you asked, I will do.”

“If you asked me to wait, I’ll wait. If you asked me to sing, I’ll sing. If you asked me to dance, I’ll dance. And if you asked me to buy you flowers, I do everything you ask me. Anything you want…”

“So, Han Ji Eun… Ji Eun (tenderly)… this is for you…”

Image Hosted by

YJ took out the ring. JE was still a bit stunned by what YJ said.

JE: What’s this?
YJ: Can’t you see? It’s a ring.

“HJE, Let’s get married. Will you please marry me?”

JE stared at the ring. Lol… I noticed that YJ’s hand is trembling!

JE: YJ… You… proposed so suddenly, it’s … it’s strange…
YJ: Strange? What is so strange about it?
JE: No, I mean, yesterday you wish me to go with MH and then you just disappear like that. Now you do this… You’re so fickle.
YJ: No, I’m not fickle!

“That time, I thought I looked cool letting you go like that. So… anyway, are you going to accept this or not? Are you going to marry me?”

JE: Er… I think I need to consider about it first.

JE then hurries into the kitchen, looking a little shy. YJ was starting to get impatient and followed her into the house. He asked JE whether she’s troubled because of MH. She told him that they (MH & JE) have decided to be just friends. “MH and I decided to be good friends only.”

YJ: (happy) Really? Is that so? Then what’s the problem? Am I not good enough?
JE: No… I have to consider it first. How can I make decision so soon? (shy)
YJ: Then when? When will you give me an answer?
JE: How about a week, okay?
YJ: A week? No way, that’s too long.
JE: Then… 3 days.
YJ: NO. GIVE ME AN ANSWER BY TOMORROW. TOMORROW! (Turn round angrily and leave)
JE: Huh?

YJ stop in his track and ran his hand on the fridge. He sees dust on his hand and shouted at JE: “The house is so dirty. Clean it immediately!”

JE: Tssk… Still as irritating as he used to be!

The next morning, YJ woke up early and knocked mischievously at JE’s door make her follow him to morning exercise.

“HJE, it’s time for jogging! Kookoo~ Wake up and go exercise! Kookoo? Kookoo?”

There’s no response from JE and he goes searching for JE. She’s asleep on her desk again. YJ sighed. He took out a blanket to cover JE and switches off the computer. He went jogging alone and smiled when he thought of her. Aww…

However, when he came back, he found JE hovering at her desk, clearly distressed. She asked him whether he touched her computer. Something’s wrong with the computer and the writing she worked on has all gone. YJ insisted he saved her work before switching it off. JE get mad at YJ for ruining her work and shouted at him. “Who do you think you are? I’ve lost everything because of you! Do you even know how much effort I put in it?!” YJ get angry too.

YJ: Hey, you can write it again if it’s gone. You don’t need to make a big deal out of it! You have no writing talent anyway!
YJ: Talented writers would just sit and their ideas will flow out smoothly. But you don’t have that talent. What can a chicken write anyway? @_@

“Fine. If you were so great, why would you want to marry a chicken?”

“Why do you want to marry me? Why do you want to marry a chicken?”

YJ: (stutters) Well… who said I proposed because I like you? It’s just that I pity you. Yeah, that was it!
JE: What?

“If it’s not for me, who will want you? Short, bad temper and dumb. Who will want you?”

“Well, MH does. Isn’t it? LYJ, regarding last night’s proposal: I will give you my answer right now. I don’t think I can marry you!”

At breakfast, the atmosphere was really uneasy.

JE: YJ. When are you leaving? You have no movie role or advertisement deal; and you’re not popular anymore. Don’t you have somewhere else to go?
YJ: I’ll stay here until I find an apartment. Till then, I’ll pay you rent.
JE: I don’t need the money. If you want to stay, then I’ll employ you as a servant.
YJ: Servant?
JE: If you don’t like it, you can leave. Breakfast must be ready by 9 a.m. And since you love cleaning, then take the chance and clean to your heart content.

So, YJ wore the apron and start cleaning the house. So cute~ JE try to rewrite her script on the pc again and screamed once in while out of frustration. YJ was scared…

YJ: HJE… eh, HJE… (puppy eyes)
JE: What now?
YJ: After we divorced, I realized how important our marriage is, so I think we should treasure it right? But now you say you don't want to marry me out of anger, you should not make rash decision like that…

"What I mean is… What if you doesn't marry me and regret it later?" (aww… so cute)

JE: What? Regret?
YJ: If you continue to be so stubborn, you'll regret it.

JE explained to YJ that she rejected him not because of the computer incident. She told him that their previous marriage gave her bad experience. They doesn't suit each other. "So, let's just be friends."


"Or master and servant. Whichever you like."

YJ was about to persuade JE when the doorbell rang. It was Dong Wook and Hee Jin bringing his stuff back to Full House. YJ was embarrassed because he forgot to remove his apron before opening the door. DW helps YJ unpack his clothes in his wardrobe upstairs. HJ ran upstairs and told DW not to unpack. "YJ proposed and JE rejected him. So, YJ have to leave Full House soon."

While JE was preparing food to serve them, YJ, DW and HJ have a little chat outside in the garden. JE was curious why they're suddenly so chummy. YJ hates them, remember?

DW and HJ offered to help YJ woo JE, with one condition: YJ has to invest in their video store. Initially YJ refused but HJ reminded him that MH is a much better choice for JE. So YJ reluctantly agreed to meet them at a nearby café later. The waitress at the restaurant recognized YJ and scolds him for being a skirt chaser. DW and HJ gave a stack of documents detailing JE biodatas (her blood type, favorite color, flower, food, movies, childhood stories etc.)

YJ: Rank 48th? Well, prove that I was right in calling her a bird. Huh? What's this?

DW and HJ wrote their dating experience along with the guide. "Study it and hope you'll succeed!"

Ji Eun, I love you. (Full House ending)

Young Jae sit on his bed reading the notes Dong Wok and Hee Jin prepared for him.

"How to get to a woman's heart"

Stage 1: Romantic dinner
Stage 2: Physical contact

"Huh? What is this? So childish! Tssk… they'll do anything for money." Lol… but YJ continue to read it anyway. He's desperate!

YJ approached JE in the bathroom and asked her out for dinner.

YJ: HJE, I'll pay you rent… so can you cook instead?
JE: If you don't like cooking then leave.
YJ: (Irritated) The computer incident was an accident. I can't do anything about it.
JE: Sure (sarcastic). Did I say anything?
YJ: JE, don't be mad. Let's go out and eat.
JE: Pardon?
YJ: Making food is such a hassle. Plus, I promised to spend you dinner.

YJ took JE to the same posh restaurant that MH took her on his birthday. YJ think to himself:

[Stage 1: Capturing a girl's heart with a romantic dinner date]

Hahahahaha… (YJ laughed wickedly)

JE asked why YJ is laughing. "Nothing." YJ tried to tell JE a joke. JE already knows the answer and chided him for not being able to come up with a better story. YJ then asked whether JE liked this restaurant.

"This is a famous restaurant, isn’t it? MH took me here last time, and I ordered the same food too. It's still taste great. Expensive, but worth the money."

YJ became jealous with the mention of MH. "Are you done yet? We're leaving!"

JE: But I'm not done yet.
JE: (angry)… …

YJ and JE returned home and he made JE do some outdoor laundry.

YJ: It's nice to do laundry on a day like this, isn't it? You should do more exercise instead of just sitting around. Hey, use some energy and step harder!
JE: Weirdo! Spend me dinner and now making me do this hard work?

[Stage 2: Caressing your woman through physical contact]

YJ: JE, use some energy.
JE: It's so tiring!
YJ: Really? Let me help you.

Image Hosted by

YJ jumped into the big basin and grabbed hold of JE from behind. YJ grins and laughed to himself. His expression so funny!

JE accidentally stepped on YJ foot. "Oh… does that hurt?" (I wonder if she did it on purpose). YJ returned to his room and crumpled the notes DW gave him. "Useless! Totally useless!". But he still pick it back up and continue reading the next step.

[Stage 3: A romantic surprise. Confess your feelings followed by a passionate kiss!]

Downstairs, JE warned YJ not to get near her computer again. YJ tell JE that exercising regularly is good, and JE tell him to do all the chores if he love hard work so much. "Stop torturing me, you're so irritating!"

YJ was getting a bit impatient and tried to control his temper from flaring.

YJ: JE, are you free tonight?
JE: Why?
YJ: If you're free then go somewhere with me.
JE: I'm busy.
YJ: Can't you do it later?
JE: No, it has to be done by tomorrow.
YJ: Then quickly get done and come to Magic World.
JE: Magic World? What's the special occasion?
YJ: Nothing… But just come anyway!
JE: Can't we go another day? I'm very busy.

"No way! No matter what, come to Magic World. If not, you're dead! I'll be waiting for you."

It's getting dark and JE was still typing away at her computer. She get up to get some water and saw a note from YJ on the fridge.

"See you at Magic World. You must come, or you're dead!"

"Aja aja fighting!"

JE: Tsskk… Already 'you're dead' and then 'aja aja fighting'?

Meanwhile, YJ was practicing his confession in the skating rink, with a huge bouquet of roses in his arm.

"JE… let's get married. I'll make you happy. You know, I've changed a lot. HJE, live with me…"

"Darn…" (kicks the ice)

"I was reborn because of you. Because of you… … damn, mess up again!"

"The flowers are for you. I really like you; I love you… But I - What but?!"

"Will you accept me? Grrr, what is this? I wouldn't accept it if I'm a woman!

It was late and still JE haven't arrived. YJ start to shivers. JE only remember about meeting him at Magic World when she got up to get another glass of water. She hurries to Magic World but it was closed so she called YJ. Finally, she arrived at the skating rink. YJ stood there sulking.

JE: YJ, what are you doing here?
YJ: I'm standing here. Couldn't you see? (sulks)
JE: Are those flowers for me?

YJ hands JE the roses and walked away. He slipped and falls on the ice. JE teases him and they have a sweet time skating around the rink. After that, they sat down and JE noticed that YJ's nose is running. She wrapped her scarf on him but he put it back on JE. "I'm okay, you wear it."

JE: YJ, why coming to Magic World all the sudden?
YJ: Nothing special. I mean, you said you want to come here again.
JE: How about the flowers? Today is not Wednesday.

"Han Ji Eun… I have something to tell you."

YJ was about to confess his feelings for JE when the cleaning crew walks in. YJ and JE were chased out. YJ gets upset because he doesn't get to tell JE how he feels about her. They went home and JE asked why he is so unhappy.

JE: I'm sorry. But we skated and I forgive you, so everything is okay now, isn't it?
YJ: Okay? You thought I waited there because I want to apologize?
JE: Then why you waited?
YJ: Whatever, just forget about it.
JE: Alright, I said I was sorry. I don't know you'd be shivering from cold.
YJ: Who said I'm shivering? I can't be cold because I exercise regularly! (sneezes)
JE: Your nose is running again.

Back at her room, JE thought of YJ and smiled sweetly. She took out the wedding ring from her drawer and stared at it. Meanwhile, YJ uses the notes as tissues for his runny nose. "I can't believe I trusted you two. I'm such a bird (dumb)!"

The next morning, JE find the living room empty. "What time is it? I told him to make breakfast by 9 am." YJ was still asleep in his room when he received a call from DW asking about his 'progress'.

"You conman! What success? I won't invest in your video store. SO BE IT!"

YJ hanged up angrily on DW. DW called YJ again.

DW: Wait, don't hang up yet. Listen, Hee Jin forbid me to tell you this… but there's still one last stage.

YJ listened to DW. "What, overnight trip? You're so sly! I don't want to talk anymore!" (flustered)

Still, YJ gave a thought about it. DW must have taught YJ to bring JE to an overnight trip and 'let rice become porridge'. @'_'@ YJ was considering about it when JE walked into his room. He's a little flustered. Lol…

JE was complaining that YJ failed to make breakfast when she noticed that YJ looked a bit pale. She asked him whether he's sick but YJ insisted he's fine because he exercise regularly. Silly…

[Stage 4: Overnight trip]

"Hey, HJE… Want to go camping?"

JE: Why you want to go camping all the sudden?
YJ: Well, summer is almost over and we didn't go anywhere so let's go to somewhere nearby. We'll set up a tent; it'll be fun!

JE told YJ she can't go because she has to meet MH tomorrow to discuss about the movie scripts. YJ feel threatened by MH again and insisted JE has to go camping with him.

YJ: No way. You must go camping with me first and then you meet him. Tell him you can't see him tomorrow.
JE: I won't. Who will go camping when's there work need to be done? You think I'm you?
YJ: Then go camping with me today! (YJ really, really desperate)

He told her that since he waited for her at Magic World yesterday, she should follow him camping to make up for it. "Make some sushi. And pack the tent as well."

JE finished making the sushi and found YJ asleep on the couch. He looked terribly sick. JE touched his forehead and realized he has a fever. She woke him up and tells him to cancel their trip today.

"Are you kidding? I never get sick. We have to go camping before you meet MH, no matter what. So get changed quickly."

In the car, YJ start to mumble due to the high fever. JE brought him back to his room and gave him some medicine. "You rest for a while, we can leave an hour later."

YJ: "Alright, wake me up in 30 minutes. Remember to get the tent ready…"

"JE, don't go anywhere… stay by my side… don't go to MH. Don't go…"

JE watches over the sleeping YJ, smiling… When YJ finally woke up, he was shocked that it was already dark! He ran downstairs and asked JE why she didn't wake him up.

JE: You're awake. The porridge is ready.
YJ: Porridge? I told you to wake me up in 30 minutes!
JE: (irritated) You're sick, how can you go camping? Just eat some porridge.
YJ: I'm not eating! (sulks again)
JE: (sigh) Alright, have some porridge and we'll go camping after that.

YJ was a little disappointed that the camping JE was referring to was setting up a tent outside on the dock. JE teases YJ about it.

JE: So… do you like the tent? Do you like it? (laughs)
YJ: (sarcastic) Sure, I love it. I'm going crazy over it.

JE told YJ he shouldn't be drinking beer because he's sick. YJ insisted he's not sick. JE let him off the hook this time.

YJ: JE, about the computer, I'm sorry. And calling you a bird writer and names, I'm sorry about that too…
JE: Wow, LYJ know how to apologize too?

"Although I rarely does, but I still apologizes."

JE asked him to reconsider about taking part in her movie. "It's going to be a great hit!" YJ then proceed to tell JE her favorite color is green, she loves roses, she falls asleep listening to classical music and her first crush. JE asked YJ how he knew all this information. "Did DW tell you these?"

"No, you said I doesn't know you… so I asked around for information."

JE: If you want to know anything about me, just ask me. What I'm thinking or what I want to say, I'll tell you all. Silly.
YJ: Then… HJE, may I ask you one question?

"Will you… marry me?

Answer me now. I can't wait until tomorrow. We might be arguing again tomorrow."

JE paused.

"Are you a fool? We ARE already married. Why should we get married again? See, look at this!"

JE showed YJ her hand. She's wearing the wedding ring. She asked YJ where's his ring and YJ quickly pulled it out from his pocket. He always kept it along by his side. JE was surprised.

YJ: Last time, when I lost the ring, you got really mad at me.

JE: At first, when I look at this ring, I wonder… was it fake? Is this all a lie? But to me… it was real. Waiting for you at home everyday, it makes my heart so painful. But at the same time, I feel really happy. All of this… because of you Lee Young Jae. Everything became real for me.

YJ: When I thought I couldn't protect you anymore, I almost went insane. I kept thinking about you, worrying for you, and I missed you. It really hurt my heart… I realized that loving someone could be so painful, it's so tiring… But I can't help myself from going near you.

"Ji Eun, I love you."

"Even if the universe exploded, the waters in the ocean has dried up, or until my soul burned to ashes, I will love you forever."

"Han Ji Eun, I love you very much."

Image Hosted by

JE was touched. Heck, the dialogue was a bit corny but even I'm touched! YJ sees no response from JE.

"Why aren't you saying anything? I really love you!"

Suddenly, JE gave YJ a kiss. YJ was surprised, and he leans in to kiss JE…

The next morning, JE woke up in YJ arms and felt contented looking at the sleeping YJ. She came out from the tent and told YJ to come out and exercise.
YJ was shy… So cute!

Image Hosted by

JE: YJ, some out! We have to go exercise!
YJ: I… don't want to exercise today… you go on without me. I'll stay and make breakfast for you. (Buried his face in the blanket)
JE: No way. Don't be shy and come out. (teasing YJ)
YJ: Who said I'm shy? I'm not shy…… (blushes)
JE: Alright, so come out. Come out now or you're dead! From now on, you must obey me, got it?
YJ: Okay…
JE: Aww… our kookoo is so cute!

Time passes. YJ starred in JE movie "The Maid and I" and it became a great hit. He's even more popular now. When asked about his role in the movie, YJ said he learned a lot from a 'chicken'. That's JE. After the press conference, YJ invite MH to Full House the next day for a celebration party. MH tells him to invite Hae Won along.

YJ and JE became a loving husband and wife. They doesn't mind appearing together in public, walking around holding hands, teasing each other, giving pecks on the cheek, going karaoke; just like any other regular couple.

At Full House, YJ and JE still bicker once a while. MH watches them as HW walks over.

HW: They really matched each other, isn't it?
MH: You're right.
HW: Are you feeling envious? (teasing)
MH: Yes, I am.
HW: If you had come to me earlier, you won't need to feel envious.
MH: Pardon?
HW: Just kidding.

HW and MH leave Full House, waving their arms goodbye. YJ and JE smiled sweetly to each other and went back into the house arm in arm. We see the wedding portrait hung back at it's original place.

Next, we see various scenes of the series. In the ending, we see YJ and JE hugging each other on the dock, feeling contented and blissful.

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