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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Back at Full House, Young Jae is reading while Ji Eun mops the floor. He’s curious why JE stayed back. JE said, “Well, because you said I have to clean the house.” YJ doesn’t seem to believe her so JE told him that she remembered about the past.

“Remember when we were at your movie premiere? You were going to leave with HW and I asked you not to go. But you still left with her. I feel really bad back then.”

YJ: I won’t do that again.

JE cleans the window and YJ came over to help her.

YJ: HJE, isn’t it fun cleaning together?
JE: If it’s that fun then you do the cleaning by yourself.

YJ was a little irritated but then he noticed how pretty JE was and stared at her. JE feels weird and asked why he was staring at her like that. YJ said there was something on her brows and told her to close her eyes.

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JE closes her eyes and JE leans in to kiss JE when the doorbell suddenly rang. YJ was really annoyed: “Who the hell is it?!”

YJ opened the door to see Dong Wook and Hee Jin with his belongings. DW helped YJ put back his clothes in the wardrobe and tell YJ that the reporters are writing bad stuff about JE, that she’s a conwoman, trying to cheat YJ’s money. YJ got very angry and warned DW not to tell JE. He doesn’t want JE to get upset. However, HJ told JE about this while they were alone downstairs. JE is a little upset, but tell HJ that she doesn’t really mind, because it’s not the truth.

On the other hand, a reporter goes to YJ father and told him about YJ and JE contract marriage…

The next day, JE was brushing her teeth when YJ walked in. YJ noticed that JE was a bit down and asked her what’s troubling her. JE told him that she heard people are calling her a cheat; a conwoman. She assured YJ that she’s okay with it. YJ tell her not to worry because what they saying are not true, and they don’t know the real HJE.

“Aja aja, Fighting!”

JE feels much better after being comforted and smiled. YJ has that weird look on his face again, staring at her lips.

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JE: What is it?
YJ: Erm… you have something on your face. Eh, why you kept having something on your face? It’s on your eyebrow.
JE: Huh?
YJ: Now close your eyes.
JE: What?
YJ: Just hurry and close your eyes!

Lol… so cute. JE closes her eyes and YJ tries to kiss her again. But the doorbell rang again! Now YJ is super annoyed, he fiercely hissed:


YJ opened the door and was shocked to see his father. Inside the house…

Father: They said you never registered your marriage.
YJ & JE: … … …
Father: I also heard that JE married you for your money because she owed a lot of debts. Can someone explain what is going on here?

“Tell me! What is wrong with you?!”

JE: I’m sorry…
Father: Sorry? I can’t believe this. What the hell are you thinking?
JE: I’m really sorry…

YJ father got really upset and shouted at YJ.

“You dropped out of school to become an actor. You thought you were so great and left home. So… this is want you wanted with your life? This is your so-called great life?!”


YJ father slapped YJ and continued to hit him. JE cried and shielded YJ from his father. JE was crying and begged him to stop.

“Please, father… don’t hurt YJ. It’s not his fault. Please don’t hit him! It’s all my fault, not YJ’s fault! Father, please stop!”

YJ goes to his room while JE and YJ’s father have a talk at a café. YJ father tells JE how disappointed he was and tells her not to call him father anymore. “Because Miss Han Ji Eun, you are not my daughter in law.” He said that he doesn’t want to see JE ever again and asked her to leave YJ.

“Now, please leave YJ.”

YJ’s father left and JE sat there crying. She went home and goes up to check on YJ. He appears to be asleep.

JE: YJ, are you asleep?

YJ didn’t respond and JE knew he was awake. She touches his face and he brushes her hand away.

YJ: Go away.
JE: You look okay. You didn’t break your arms and legs…
YJ: … …
JE: YJ… You should have apologized to father. Why do you have to retort back? Hmmph… It’s your fault, you just have to get beaten up to realize huh?
YJ: What? (angry)
JE: Just get up. It’s time for dinner.
YJ: I don’t want to eat.
JE: Why you’re not eating? Everytime you look at me, you asked for food!
YJ: I’m not in the mood to eat now!
JE: Fine. I’m not hungry either so I’m not eating too. So we’ll both not eat.
YJ: (concerned) No, you must eat.

YJ end up eating dinner because he doesn’t want JE to starve. They were both depressed so JE offered to tell YJ her corny jokes again.

JE: YJ, you want me to tell you a story. It’s really funny.
YJ: Tssk… I knew this is coming up.
JE: Are you listening?
YJ: Go ahead.

JE tell YJ a story about a turtle, snail and caterpillar. It’s not funny at all.

JE: See, funny isn’t it? (laughs)
YJ: Yeah, really funny. So funny I’m going crazy over it. (sarcastic)

“JE, you are alright, right?”

“I told you that whenever you are sad, remember that I bought you a lot of roses.”

“I already gave you a numb shot, so never forget about it.”

So sweet of YJ… JE smiled and blamed herself for all the mess they created. She said she will go to his parent house tomorrow and apologizes to them. YJ tell her not to go because she’ll only end up hurting herself. “So don’t go.”

But JE is not listening. The next day she went to see grandma but she refuses to let her in. JE stood outside crying and begging for forgiveness. Grandma told her to leave.

Saddened, JE goes to the park and cried her eyes out. She called Min Hyuk and he hurries to meet her at the park.

JE: I never thought that it’s a bad thing. But somehow it turned out to be a bad thing.

“I never meant for it to turn out like this. I don’t know where went wrong…”

“I am sorry towards YJ, and also his family. But, I’m hurt too. I really like grandma, father and mother. The feelings I have for them, they are not lies… And even now, I still love them very much…”

“I’m so sad, my heart hurts. I’m so painful… it’s driving me crazy.”

MH comforted JE that they are just upset right now. After some time, they will understand and forgive her. JE is not so sure about that. She wondered what she should do to set things right again. “Can I turn back now? Is that how I can set things straight again?”

At home, YJ was worried for JE. He must have figured out that she went to his parent’s house. He heard a car coming and realizes that MH is sending JE home. JE thanked MH for accompanying her and went inside the house. YJ was upset but didn’t show it.

YJ: You’re home.
JE: Yes.
YJ: Where did you go all day long?
JE: I just went somewhere…
YJ: Meeting MH?
JE: Yes. I was meeting him, that why I’m late.

YJ gets bitter and remained silent. JE asked whether he ate dinner, offering to make him some food. YJ snapped at JE.

YJ: What did MH tell you?
JE: Nothing. We just talked.
YJ: What did you two talked about?
JE: Why are you asking this? Because I have something to tell him, that’s why we talked!

“What is there to talked about with MH? Can’t you talk with me?!”

JE: There are things I can’t talk with you.

“What is it? TELL ME! I want to know. What is it? You want to go vacationing with him again? Or he want to kiss you?!”

“You liked each other so much, yet I refused to divorce. So sorry (sarcastic). You must have hated me huh?!”

“Say something!”

JE: I meet him and talked about how miserable I am!
YJ: … What? What is making you miserable?!

“Because of you. I’m miserable because of you Lee Young Jae! You always hurt me; you make me sad! Since meeting you, do you know how much I’ve cried?”

“My heart hurts, and I’m so sad… And you ask why I’m miserable?”

YJ: From now on, I won’t hurt you anymore.
JE: (bitter smirk) Not hurting me anymore?
YJ: Yes, I won’t hurt you again. I’ll protect you.

“LYJ, how are you going to protect me? Do you know what it is to protect someone? Buying me ice cream when I’m sad, you call that protecting?”

“You don’t know anything… you know nothing at all! You don’t know how to love someone, how to express love, or what it really means to protect someone! You hurt someone and yet, you doesn’t even realized that!”

Ouch, that hurts! Stupid JE, what she said really hurt YJ to the core. YJ get teary, but he didn’t cry. JE tell him that it’s all over, they should divorce. Took another stab at his heart.

“Let’s break up. Please go back to HW now.”

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Of course YJ was dissatisfied, he asked JE one final time:

“HJE, let me ask you this once. Does MH, never let you hurt? Can he protect you?”

JE kept silent. But YJ took her silence as ‘yes’. JE goes to her room and regrets saying those words to YJ, but there’s nothing she can do about it. Meanwhile, YJ seem to have made a decision…

The next morning, JE comes downstairs and it’s awfully quiet. She finds YJ goodbye note on the fridge.

“Han Ji Eun, thank you for all this time. Take care. Aja Aja Fighting!" (he drew a chicken in the note)

JE struggled with her tears. At the hotel, YJ’s a nervous wreck. He want to call JE, but changes his mind and hangs up.

HW came to visit Full House and JE returned the ring that YJ bought to proposed to HW.

JE: LYJ really likes you. Please, make him smile. Make him happy.
HW: (confused) I can’t. I can’t make YJ happy.

HW told JE the reason she came here was because she heard that they’re divorcing.

“YJ is so stubborn and he doesn’t really know how to express his feelings. He just don’t know how to defend himself.”

“JE, you might not realize this… but LYJ really like you.”

What HW said shocked JE. The reality starts to sink in for JE.

“JE, please give YJ another chance.”

JE started to cry because it was too late. “I can’t. I’ve hurt so many people. It was a mistake from the start. Now, it’s too late. I just want to set thing straight again.”

At the hotel, YJ assistant asked the manager to stop YJ from doing what he planned to do. She said that it’s YJ decision. She turned to YJ and asked him if he’s prepared to give up everything he have. “You will not be popular, and you’ll lose everything you have. Is that what you want?”


YJ… he’s rescuing JE at the expense of his career, his entire life. He’s freeing her. My gut turned because I’ve this uneasy feeling for YJ. I’m a little angry with JE at that moment. Idiot chicken!

“Aja aja, fighting!” (YJ giving himself courage)

YJ walks into a conference room filled with reporters and cameras.

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“Hello, I’m LYJ. Thank you for coming today. The reason for this press conference was because I want to tell you all… about a woman I love. A woman I really love so much.”

“I love that woman very much. She’s a type of person who can find happiness and hope in the littlest thing. Whenever I’m with her, I’m always happy.”

“She’s the first woman who taught me what happiness really felt.”

“That is why… because I love her so much… in order to protect her…”

“I have decided to get a divorce.”

“You might be curious who she is, but I can’t reveal at this moment. I can only tell you that although she’s just a normal and kind hearted girl, to me she is the most precious and special woman.”

The reporters started to go crazy and asked whether he’s leaving his wife because of this ‘woman’. They thought YJ was confessing to having an affair, which led to his marriage breakdown. In another word, his image was tarnished and his career doomed.

YJ remained silent and goes back to his hotel room. He sat down and thought of his bittersweet memories with JE. YJ started to cry… it's breaking my heart...

sniff... sniff... I'm gonna cry too, last night episode was so sad... :(

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