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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Full House episode recap for Wednesday & Thursday

Sorry, I'm already a bit late for my 'outing' today some I'm gonna hurry and post as much as I can. I'm going to post 2 episode recaps today. The rest; last night recap of Full House, Rain's update and Yummy Yummy mag translation, I will try to post tomorrow night if I can make it. Thank you for your patience!

Let's Divorce (Wednesday, Full House recap)

Young Jae decided to test Ji Eun patience. He kept disturbing JE typing her script.

“HJE, bring me a glass of water.”
“HJE, I want water with ice.”
“HJE, I want juice/soft drink/ etc.”
“HJE, the floor is dirty. Clean it up.”
“HJE, sing me 3 Bears.”
“HJE, dance while you sing.”

JE did all his request without a single protest.

“HJE, did you commit some mistake? Something very bad?”

“No. It’s just that there is not much day left to be bullied by you, so I’ll do anything you ask, as long as you’re happy.”

YJ: Are you going somewhere?
JE: Then what do you expect? Living together for the rest of our lives?

YJ noticed that JE doesn’t have her wedding ring on and thought that she’s feeling guilty because she lost it. “Where’s your ring? Do you know how expensive it was?! Tsssk… anyway, it’s not the money that matters. You once said the wedding ring cannot be replaced. This is our promise, remember?”

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YJ then took a pen and draw a wedding ring on her finger. “Here. I don’t have a watch, so draw a pretty one for me!” :) After drawing the watch, YJ feel a bit relieved and tell JE to continue singing. LOL…

Min Hyuk company magazine has found out regarding YJ and JE marriage contract and planned to expose it in their coming publication. MH was troubled but he can’t do anything to stop the publication.

JE finally finished typing her scripts. YJ was happy for her but she’s still a little cool towards him.

“LYJ, today is the long awaited D-Day.”

YJ asked what she meant. “You will understand later. Knowing now won’t do you much good.” JE tell him to stay home and wait for her to come back tonight.

JE gave MH the scripts and sense that she was a bit unhappy. MH asked her out for a dinner celebration. Meanwhile, YJ is decorating Full House, planning to give JE a surprise celebration.

On their way to dinner, MH noticed that JE kept glancing at the time. “Did you have other plans tonight?” JE said it’s nothing important, just that it’s D-Day. “It’s a secret”. JE called YJ to inform him that she’s coming back a bit late and told him to eat dinner without her. YJ protested and tell her to come home now.

“But I have something to show you! Hmmph, I don’t care, I won’t eat dinner, and I will wait until you come home!”

At dinner, MH sensed that JE was unhappy and felt a little uncomfortable. JE tried to lighten up the mood by telling MH the same jokes she told YJ. As usual, MH laughed at her jokes.

JE: Even though I told YJ the same jokes, he never laughed.
MH: Then, should I not laugh at them as well?

“Lately, I’ve been angry. Because of Ji Eun.”

“Once, I asked YJ ‘What can you do for Hae Won? Nothing.’ Now I’m feeling that YJ is getting back at me. There is nothing I can do for you, JE.”

JE said that is not true because MH always buy her dinner, gave her flowers, laughed at her jokes and comfort her whenever she’s unhappy. “I know you are waiting for me, and I’m very grateful.”

“To tell you the truth, I do like you a little bit.”

MH: A little bit?
JE: (smiles) No… more than a little.
MH: Does that mean I have a chance?
JE: Of course. So work hard. And even if my jokes are not funny, you must pretend to laugh.

On their way home, JE suggested to MH to go elsewhere first. She wants to punish YJ by coming home late. “I want to punish YJ. Let him feel what it’s like to be waiting. He always makes me wait. That’s unfair.”

YJ was waiting for JE outside on the porch. Bored, he start singing 3 Bears and imitates JE doing the ghost voices “Ji Eun~~ Ji Eun~~”. A cat screeched and YJ was spooked so he went back inside. LOL…coward! JE arrived back home and thought YJ didn’t wait for her as the lights were off. She tells MH how disappointed she was as she always waited at the door for YJ. As JE leaves, MH stared sadly on her back…

JE was surprised to find YJ asleep on the sofa. She saw the decorations and was touched. JE took out a blanket for YJ and strokes his hair. Then, she woke him up.

JE: I thought you said you are going to wait for me? Why are you asleep here?
YJ: I wasn’t asleep! I was just… thinking! By the way, what time it is now?!
JE: I already told you I’ll be late.
YJ: But I asked you to come home early!
JE: Fine, I’m sorry. So… what you wanted to show me?
YJ: Nothing. (sulks)

In the end, they light up all the candles and YJ brought out a cake for JE. JE was happy but YJ was still a little upset because she was late. JE told YJ that she did it on purpose because he always makes her wait.

JE: I said that today was D-Day, right? I’ve something to tell you.

JE hands over the wedding ring to YJ. “Here, take this.” YJ was happy because he thought JE found the ring and asked her where she found it. JE said she is returning the ring to him.

“Let’s divorce.”

YJ was stunned and asked JE what she meant. “I said, let’s divorce.” JE added that she will pay him alimony. YJ cannot believe what he’s hearing.

YJ: If you asked for divorce first, you will not be getting Full House back. Remember?
JE: Then, are you going to make HW wait for 3 years?

“The time has arrived. So let’s just divorce peacefully.”

YJ refused to accept the truth. He gets teary and shouted at JE.

“No, I’m not divorcing!”

JE: Why not?
YJ: There’s no ‘why’. I don’t want to!
JE: Why are you so stubborn?
YJ: How about my family? Are you going to responsible for all the shock?
JE: They all like HW. So, no need to worry. Let’s just divorce.

YJ is getting desperate and tried to laugh it off as a joke.

YJ: What happened? Are you trying to go against me? Was it because you hate cooking? Then don’t cook.
JE: It’s not like that. I can’t live with you any longer.
YJ: Why? (angry) Is MH forcing you to hurry and divorce?

“Hey, HJE you are so ridiculous. You want to divorce me because of MH?! Forget it, FORGET IT! Let’s forget it, you do whatever you want, go meet MH if you wanted to. BUT I WON’T DIVORCE! I’m sorry.”

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YJ got up and walked away. JE tried explaining to YJ “It’s not like that.” HE stopped with his back towards JE.

“I like you, Lee Young Jae.”

“I really like you. I think… I’ve fallen for you. I like you.”

Now both of them have tears in their eyes. YJ still had his back towards JE so she couldn’t see his expression. He laughed at JE confession and told her not to joke.

“Don’t laugh, LYJ, can’t you see? That I’m hurting? It hurts so much, I can’t go on anymore. So please… just end it right here…”

YJ: Silly… you shouldn’t have told me that you liked me. Now that you said it out loud, we really can’t be together anymore. (bitter smile)
JE: I know. That’s why I’m saying let’s divorce. Divorce and return to HW. Let’s divorce.

“I’m sorry, Han Ji Eun. We can’t be together anymore.”

That night, both YJ and JE couldn’t sleep. MH also has a sleepless night. He called his editor and told him to hold back the article, at least as much as he can. The next morning, JE went out early and YJ found the note she left on the fridge. “I’ll be back. There’s some food in the fridge so remember to eat. Aja Aja, Fighting!” YJ was a little bitter.

JE asked MH to lunch and told him that she has nowhere to go (bored). MH asked JE what’s D-Day was all about.

JE: Yesterday was the day I dropped the bomb on him.
MH: Bomb?
JE: Yes, I asked for divorce.
MH: … (shocked)
JE: Now YJ and HW can end up together and I’ll have Full House. Everyone has a happy ending.

JE tried to hide her sadness and MH knew it. At home, YJ called his manager and asked her to find an apartment for him as soon as possible. YJ is moving out of Full House. JE came back home and returned to her room quietly because she wants to avaid YJ. She still bumped into YJ and they felt awkward.

It was a silent, cold dinner. YJ tells JE that he’s looking for an apartment and he’ll be moving out soon. “You can keep the furniture.” JE said that it was his and YJ only reply was “If you don’t want it, then throw them out.” He didn’t answer when JE asked him about his family.

YJ grandma and mother came across news on the papers about an anonymous star marrying the wrong bride (basically it’s talking abt YJ but they didn’t realize that). They start saying that YJ relationship with his father has improved since his marriage, and it’s all because of JE. YJ manager saw the news as well and questioned Dong Wook about it. DW slipped out the marriage contract and blamed it all on HW, insisting that she was seducing YJ.

At Full House, YJ was avoiding JE. JE keep following him around (I think she was worried) and YJ snaps at her. JE wonder why he’s so upset when she’s the one being dumped. YJ manager called JE and asked her not to tell YJ about it. She told JE that she knew about the contract and she’s doesn’t care about that. What she cared was YJ career, and this scandal could be the end of YJ already flopping career. She asked JE to reconsider about divorcing for YJ’s sake, at least a little longer when things calmed down.

After that, the manager goes to HW boutique and told HW that she will not need to prepare YJ clothes anymore. Basically she’s firing HW as YJ stylist. HW refused, insisting that she couldn’t live without YJ. “I… I can’t let YJ go…”

She told HW that marriage contract or not, he’s still a married man. What she’s doing now will hurt YJ career. She warned her not to meet YJ, at least until YJ and JE settled their divorce.

I will protect Han Ji Eun (Thursday, Full House recap)

Back home, YJ is still giving JE a cold shoulder. JE reconsidered what his manager said and sit next to YJ. She told YJ that she can forget about the divorce if he has repented over the bad things he did to her. At this, YJ get angry and asked whether JE is messing up around him again. “Are you punishing me? Trying to fool me?” YJ got upset and walked away.

JE followed YJ into the kitchen and he burst out:

“Did I do something wrong? What did I do wrong? Okay, I stood you up, keep making you what. But I already apologized for that, I promised that it will never happen again! What else? About me calling you names like chicken and rice cooker?! You hate it? Then call me a chicken, rice cooker too! And what else? The chores? If you really hate it that much, then don’t do it!”

JE: It’s not that…
YJ: Then what the hell was it then?! Tell me! (YJ really scary when he’s angry)
JE: Hey, it’s not that you never played a joke on me! The last time, you said you cut your finger off, you know how scared I was?
YJ: Why are you comparing that with this?!
JE: …
YJ: (sad) I thought… we are really breaking up….

YJ sat on the couch and refused to face JE. JE feel a bit guilty and tried to cheer him up. “LYJ, you want to hear a story? This one is really funny…” YJ snaps at JE and she kept quiet. She starts to sing 3 Bears and YJ told her to shut up again. “It’s annoying. Stop singing.” JE then mimics the spooky voice “Young Jae~~ Young Jae~~”. YJ had enough and yelled at JE. “I told you to shut up!”

JE: YJ, don’t be mad. I know I was too much, I’m sorry okay? Don’t be mad.
YJ: …
JE: Fine! Then hit me once! Just hit me once and we are even!

JE grabbed YJ hand and told him to punch her. YJ refused and tell her to let go off his hand. In their struggle, YJ accidentally punched himself in the face. JE laughed LOL… She boiled an egg and told him to run it over the bruise. YJ refused, but he’s actually not angry at JE anymore.

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YJ: JE, do I always bully you? That is why you always wanted to run away, to leave me? I don’t know that you have a rough time, it’s just that because of you…

“Because you are Han Ji Eun. I don’t know, whenever I’m around you, I’m not like myself. And suddenly, we have to break up, it makes me feel odd.”

JE: Odd?
YJ: Yeah, I thought I would be relieved… (realized what he just said) No, I mean it’s really relieving!
JE: Hmmph, if it’s that relieving, then why you got so upset?
YJ: I did not. I’m just not prepared to divorce now. I need to prepare myself first.
JE: We are going to end up divorcing anyway, so why would you need to prepare? You always got to be prepared everyday.
YJ: Then… you are always prepared? Prepared to divorce (leave me)?

JE replied yes and YJ couldn’t help but hide his disappointment. JE jokingly warned YJ not to fool around with her anymore, calling him chicken. It was another sleepless night for them. This time, YJ was feeling relieved. He touched his bruise (ouch!) and smiled… The next morning, JE was surprised to find YJ cleaning the house. He also made breakfast for her. When she was working on her scripts, YJ bring a glass of orange juice for her “Aja aja fighting!” JE wonder what is YJ up to.

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JE: What’s up with you today? Wait… have you added something weird? I get it, you added some salt?!
YJ: (irritated) Salt? Fine, then don’t drink!
YJ grabbed the orange juice and gulped them down.
YJ: Okay, I won’t be nice toward you anymore.
JE: Great! Please don’t be nice, because you are making me uncomfortable. (lol… I was laughing at this part too)

JE goes out to meet MH and YJ reminded to come home early.

JE: If you clean up the house, I’ll come home early.
YJ: What the - ? Want to pick a fight with me?

As JE leaves, YJ goes after her and said “I’ll clean the house, so come home early.” Aww… YJ goes up into JE room and placed the wedding ring back into her drawer. He starts cleaning the house.

“Since I’ve finished cleaning the house, Honey, come back home early!”

During lunch, MH tries to cheer JE up and tell the same type of jokes JE used to tell him. “So… this is how it feels. I think I shouldn’t tell these jokes anymore. They are really cold.” MH asked what’s troubling her and JE told him that she is not divorcing YJ yet. She explained that it’ll hurt YJ career if they divorce now. She has no one to blame because she got weak hearted at the most important moment. “It’s going to be hard, but I’ll be okay.”

Meanwhile, Dong Wook brought some movie scripts over to Full House and tell YJ that his popularity is doing down. YJ get a little worried because his jobs are passed to other actors. YJ received a call from MH and they meet at the bar. MH warned YJ that his marriage scandal will be out soon, and he hopes YJ could let JE go.

YJ: Didn’t you say that you want to steal JE away from me? So… how it’s going?
MH: Not too smooth. It’s more difficult than I imagined, But I’m working hard on it. I look forward to defeat you. I hate losing to you.
YJ: Really? I’m so scared! (sarcastic)
MH: In the future, you will be scared of me.. Because your life is turning upside down.

Both of the men were really pissed at each other. MH looked like he’s going to wring YJ neck. MH eyes are really frightening when he’s serious.

YJ: If I went down, you think you can have her? You think you are so great? I’m not afraid of you. Don’t look down on me.
MH: Really? Speaking of HW alone, you can’t even do anything. Soon, the scandal of your marriage while emerge. Therefore, while it haven’t happen yet, let go now. I don’t want to see JE hurt.
YJ: You don’t need to worry. I won’t let her get hurt. I’ll protect her.
MH: No. That woman is the one protecting you. Don’t be too greedy. You can’t even protect HW. You let go off HJE.
YJ: Thank you for your useless advice. But…

“I’ll protect JE.”

Even though YJ said so, I think he’s unsure that he could protect JE. JE found the wedding ring in her drawer and put it back on her finger. YJ came back from meeting MH and JE is a bit mad he’s late. She still cooked dinner for him anyway. Sensing YJ was unhappy, JE tries to cheer him up. YJ warned her not to tell him those jokes again. “My mood will get worse.” JE thought YJ meant he doesn’t want to see her and got up. He told her to just sit there.

“HJE, am I hurting you?”

JE asked why he’s suddenly saying that. YJ said that someone asked him that and JE asked what he replied.

“What else? I told them I’m not going to let you hurt. I’m going to protect you.”

JE was a little shocked at what YJ said. She stared at YJ. YJ quickly corrects himself.

“No, what I meant was of course I have to protect my rice cooker! Who else? I still need to eat rice. It’s not like I can eat instant noodle everyday!

JE: Hmmph… that’s what I thought. I was wondering why you haven’t mentioned the rice cooker part. Hey, I already said don’t call me rice cooker anymore. I’m sick of it! Why do you keep saying that huh?

YJ laughed and JE warned him not to laugh. “What re you going to do about it then?” JE gave YJ dagger eyes. YJ continued to smile. Early morning, YJ drag JE out of bed to jog with him. JE really tired from running after him. At breakfast, YJ gleefully asked JE “The food tasted better after exercise, don’t I tell you so?”

“Even if I don’t exercise, the food still tastes great.” JE dryly replied.

YJ suggested that they should exercise together from today onwards. JE said she hates exercises, and she was mistaken that YJ has changed his attitude for good, but now he’s back to forcing her again.

“ I’m not forcing you to do things I like. If you want to go anywhere or do anything, go ahead and tell me. We will go together, then it’s fair.”

YJ then told JE that their marriage contract might come up in the news soon and media will write bad stuff about her. He told her not to take them seriously because “They don’t know you. I don’t want you to get hurt.” JE said she is okay with that, just that she’s worried for YJ. YJ assured her that he will be okay because he’s used to scandals anyway.

After YJ left, Hee Jin came over and asked JE to give them a little more time to return the money they owed her. Hee Jin also mentioned about HW being fired by YJ manager. JE was upset that Dong Wook told the manager and feel guilty because of HW case. The doorbell rang and JE opened the door. It was delivery of roses to “Han Niao Lei” (means, Han the Bird). JE immediately know it was from YJ. Lol…

The flowers were never-ending, dozens of them. JE was very surprised with YJ sweet gestures. YJ returned home and smiled at the sight of JE surrounded by roses. JE asked YJ why he bought her roses and he said that he’s just following the contract. “Number 105”. He joked that he only ordered one, the florist must have made a mistake. Meanwhile, HW arrived at Full House…

JE: What’s up with you? So many flowers?
YJ: Nothing really. You said you like flowers, you hate ice cream.
JE: Yeah, but still… it’s too much.
YJ: Hehe… it’s just that I want to anesthetize you first, to numb you so you won’t get hurt (from the rumors).

YJ then diverted the topic, saying it’s just like a romantic scene in the movie. JE said she wanted to visit Magic World again, and YJ agreed.

YJ: Okay, let’s go together. But this time I must learn how to skate. I don’t want to be bullied by a chicken again!
JE: And I want to go to expensive restaurant.
YJ: Got it. I will order a lot of food until your stomach burst!
JE: And the place we went for honeymoon? I want to go there again.
YJ: Sure, but make sure you learn how to swim.
JE: You can always save me again.
YJ: No problem. (aww… the good times)

“Aja aja, Fighting!”

Image Hosted by

When YJ was looking away, JE gave him a peck on the check. YJ is surprise and felt a little shy. He was smiling to himself when he looked up and saw HW standing at the doorway. HW said she was sorry and ran out crying. YJ ran out after her, begging her to let him explain but she just drove away crying. YJ is feeling really confused.

That night, at the dinner table, they have some drink and JE apologized for what happened today. “Because of me…” YJ said that it was not her fault and told her not to be silly. He then told her that he met HW shortly after his little sister died. Back then, he hated his father and wanted to run away from home. But he end up staying because he used up all his savings to buy HW ice cream. HW has always loved to cry. “Hey HW, I’ll protect you forever so stop crying”

“But because of you… HJE, do you know… you are a strange girl.”

“Strange? Are you going to say I’m a bird, chicken, rice cooker, an alien?”

“Silly, those names, I’m just kidding with you. Because you looked really funny when you are mad.”

“When MH told me he wants to steal you away, I got a little angry. Actually, not a little, but very mad… to stop him, I did a lot of silly stuff…”

“When I’m with you, I feel good, very happy. Well, as long as there are no corny jokes. See, whenever I’m with you, I talked a lot…”

“With you… I become another person.”

“And I forgot about HW.”

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