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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Coming updates

Last night Full House recap will resume tomorrow along with tonight's episode. Sorry, but the haze is really making me ill. Also, translation for the Yummy Yummy article from TVB mag will be posted tomorrow as well.

This is a bit soon, but there will be no update on Saturday and maybe even Sunday.

By the way, good news for Singaporean. Yummy Yummy will be aired starting from 30 Sep 2005 onwards, every Wed to Fri at 10:00pm Channel U.

Talking about Yummy Yummy, the storyline has improved a little. After watching epi 8, my favorite character is Daniel (Raymond). One nice part in that episode is where Ray called the gangs out to help him (because he crashed his car and the other fellow extort him for money). Lol... when the guy said "I'll remember your face!" then rest shouted back in unison: "Fine, remember our faces as well!"

Another part would be Daniel and his family. His sister (Eileen) was harsh on him but what she said is true. Especially the scene in the car where he pretended to be asleep, but he's actually listening to his sister's advice.

p.s. I have also changed the shoutbox to a new tagboard because I don't know why, I can't post in shoutbox when I'm in office. But tagboard works (scratch head). I'll miss the good old shoutbox...

I've also made a new animation below the tagboard. It's a cute scene from Full House.
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Anonymous said...

For me I like Mandy Ma (Of cause) and Danial.

Hey about Danial's motto

"If you think you can, you can".

Do you remember, it's Yuk Chum's Motto (Charm's) in Seven Sisters. And Ray's dad in YY was Charm's Grandfather in SS. Ha Ha he had to listen to the same motto again.


Looking forward to Yummy's Pics. Thanks :D

sehseh said...

Yeah I remember Yuk Cham's motto, hehehe ;)
And her grandfather in 7 Sister is daniel's father in Yummy Yummy. Lol... I know, how ironic!

If you think you can, you can!

Anonymous said...

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Come and check it out if you get time :-)

sehseh said...

Thanks for visiting!

Erm, ceiling fan? Hmm... interesting... (I think I must stop watching TA. Too much influence from Trump)

litterstars said...

wah cool. didn't expect them to start showing so soon, thanks for the info! :D

alice said...

OOOOO i guess raymond did very good in this about charmaine any funny part of her??? heheh i'm curious!!!

sehseh said...

Charmaine's scene is okay, she looked really pretty. But due to her character personality, her action are more mature, so the chances of really funny scene is rare. Her cate, Eugene is quite cute though...

Mark Kwok looked as hot as usual, but somehow he has aged considerably. FYI, i think that his real age is above 40 yrs old. Can someone confirm with me? But he look so young and fit. Must have been working out like crazy @_@

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