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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Charmaine want the new Ferrari Black Pearl F430 F1

Thanks to Ennix, translation credit to Muka.

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Charmaine has fallen in love with the new Ferrari Black Pearl F430 F1 and sees it as her dream car, much like Leon Lai who recently purchased one. Recently, Charmaine had a chance to test drive a red F430 (worth 2.8 million HK dollars), and even though she and the car matched each other well, Charmaine has given up her thoughts on buying one.

Charmaine fell in love with the F430 at a car show she attended a few weeks ago, and she says "I like the black F430, when I saw it the first time, I already had a rush to buy it! Wow, it is a piece of art!!" Even though it is very expensive, Charmaine is still not hesitant to spend the money. "I don't mind, there are not many other things I want to buy, not even shopping or food, don't really like real estate either, but cars I love, maybe because I work all the time, I see my car more than I see my home. I have asked the car dealer, they said the earliest they can get me one is late 2007, that is so far away, it is too long of a wait, or I could put down $500,000 and get a used one as soon as someone sells it, but I don't know how long that would take either. Yes this is a beautiful car, it is my dream car, but it is ok, there will always be newer models."

Ever since owning her first car in 1999, Charmaine has pretty much driven only these same type of sport car, which is really in contrast with her cute appearance. "My look and my personality are the direct opposites, my mom said they are mixed up, when I was a child I didn't play dolls, I played radio-controlled cars, robots, and lego. I like cars with good speed, it feels like flying, but the most important thing for me is to be alone in my car, listening to the music I like, and watch everything around me past by, I really enjoy this feeling of flying."

Comment: Oh dear, Charmaine got to stop driving so fast! I don't want to see her driving license suspended again. If I'm not mistaken, she at least crashed her car 3 times after entering showbiz. She has to be hospitalized briefly in one of them. Ironically, her father passed away due to a road accident too. Sigh~

Anyway, Charmaine's car was already the most expensive car currently owned by any TVB actress, she just bought it after filming LWOLAP. Man, that car is hot! And now Charmaine is moving to the next level, so yay! for Charmaine. Too bad she was unable to wait for year 2007! Coincidentaly, Benny also drives a blackFerrari.

p.s Blogger is really slow today. Grr... I will update Yummy Yummy next evening (It's currently 1.45 am right now, I'd better go home because it's dangerous walking back home alone at 2 am!). I will try to upload all the clips as well. So far I'm up to episode 6, and I'm glad that the storyline of Yummy Yummy has began to pick up.

Someone have asked me whether Full House is better than Yummy Yummy, and I have to admit yes. From my recap you will know that I'm really into Full House right now. I know, it's to early to say Yummy Yummy is not good at all, I guess I'll have to judge after episode 15 huh?

Charmaine's current car model, her's in black color. It's the same one Rain is driving in Full House :) Thanks to Relevation, here's the link to the pics of this hot baby!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sweet,

Not that it is important, but just wanted to point out there is a very minor spelling mistake on title of this article. Sorry. Much thanks to all your efforts.


sehseh said...

Thanks for the reminder. But I'm sorta a lazy girl, as long as the reader can understand the article, who cares if I didn't win any journalistic prizes :P

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry.

sehseh said...

Huh? Why say sorry? DOn't ake it too seriously :)

Curious said...

but i really wanna know who is charmaine sheh's real boyfriend if benny chan is her rumoured boyfriend????

sehseh said...

She currently has no boyfriend.

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