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Monday, August 01, 2005

Charmaine and DFOGS cast heads out to Mainland China

Yesterday morning Ada, Charmaine, Moses and the others headed out to YinChuan (Mainland China) to film the outdoor scenery for Dancing Flames of Golden Sand (DFOGS). Ada and Charmaine each brought 2 huge luggage with them.

Ada also brought some soup packets(herbs), stove and fan. She said that drinking soup can avoid falling ill, since it's very miserable to be sick and no one is there to take care of you. "What about your boyfriend Zhang Shen?" Ada mockingly joked: "Are you trying to court death? I'm going there (Mainland China) to work."

Meanwhile Charmaine brought some clothings, medicine, fan and plenty of preserved plum. "I'm afraid of getting heat stroke, the plum can help alleviate the condition. When asked if she was afraid of the contagious disease (caused by pig), Charmaine said no because the main source of meat in YinChuan is mutton. ]

Charmaine new series "Yummy Yummy" is airing soon but unfortunately she will not be in HK to watch it. She already asked her family to record it for her. "I really hope it will receive good ratings."

Moses's mother drove him to the airport yesterday. There's also some fans waiting to send him off with some cards. Moses was very afraid of mosquitoes, so he brought a lot of mosquitoes repellant along.

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p.s. I will update the Yummy Yummy official translation when I'm free. Please do bookmark the link below so that it'll be easier for you to check any updates:

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