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Friday, August 19, 2005


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Sorry, guys/gals!

I'm loaded with work since yesterday and thus there won't be any update today. I haven't got time (or the energy) to do last night Full House recap. To be honest I fell asleep in front of my pc last nite (nearly banged my head on the monitor, ouch!) so you can imagine how exhausted I am.

I will be posting the recap this weekend along with tonight's ending on the weekend. Yes, the long anticipated ending of Full House is tonight! Hehehe... I've watched it, but watching it on TV gave me a different feeling so I followed it on TV faithfully.

A sneak peek at what happened last night and also tonight's ending:

I'm up to episode 14 of Yummy Yummy, and it's getting a lot better, though I knew the ratings in HK is not doing so well. Who can blame the HK audiences? I mean, the first 6 episodes was boring, and so many gave up before even reaching 5-6 episodes. Anyway, the relationship between the lead are finally going somewhere. Some spoilers ahead, don't say I didn't warn you before hand!

Terry found his ex-gf and they became friends again. She's nice to him just to cheat his money and Nathalie tried to warn him. But men, would they ever listen? No. Instead he's upset that Nathalie is sabotaging his relationship.

Kevin's parent closed the business due to the chicken flu and he doesn't have idea what kind of job he should look for. He decided to work in a chicken farm in rural areas, which Tavia disagrees because it's a lowly, no prospect career - and she likes him, naturally she'll want to have him in her sight. After working for a day in the farm, Kevin quit and found a job as a kitchen helper. There he met a old chef who taught him how to make noodles.

Raymond realized he like Charmaine and decided to court her, giving himself 1/2 year time to succeed. Michelle is jealous and teaches Raymond the wrong info how to get Charmaine's attenton. Of course he made a fool of himself. Soon, everyone knew he like Charmaine; he's constantly spying on her, going through her stuff to check her habit/hobbies , giving her rides home, giving her leave etc. When she's unhappy he bought food to cheer her up. I suspect Tavia taught him this but it was never explained in the series. He even moved out from his family because he was mad at his eldest sister for embarassing Charmaine in the office. Tavia asked Charmaine to give Ray a chance but she said she has no special feelings for him. So... bad news for Ray.

Tavia dad Lau Dan found an organ donor and he wanted to see Charmaine before his surgery. She told him in the face that her father died a long time ago. Very good scene, Lau Dan looked so sad when she rejected his pleas of forgiveness. He really looked like a fragile, old man in here.


da jie said...

sehseh, must say that i saw it coming.. you must get enough rest (otherwise easy to fall sick, ok.. choi, choi. so be careful) sleep well and eat well. dont forget to exercise too. other things can wait. hope you dont mind my nag-nag & busybody nature.

sehseh said...

Thanks for your concern :)

Exercise? Lol.. your advise just remind me of Rain in FH. Obsessed with working out and making SHK exercise in the morning :P

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