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Monday, August 22, 2005

Benny not "The One" yet

Credit to Charmaine fantasy forum and Muka for translation.

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Charmaine's relationship with Benny is already a well-known secret, and even though rumors continue to surround Benny, Charmaine still has a lot of faith in him and sees him as a potential marriage partner. And when the time is right, Charmaine says she will give up her life as a glamorous star to become a good wife and mother.

Charmaine has been filming dramas non-stop for the last few years, and while her wallet is getting heavier and heavier, her body is getting skinnier and skinnier each day. On the day of the interview, Charmaine came dressed in her extra-small-sized clothes, looking so thin that your heart almost wrenches for her. During the 8 years she has been in show-biz, Charmaine has starred in 22 drama series, almost never taking a break. So when will Charmaine finally stop and rest?

Charmaine, speaking in a very relaxed manner, said "I have a 1 month vacation, so after I finish 'Dancing Flame' I will take a break. I think I will stop filming when I become a mother, but who knows when? Or if it will ever happen? I haven't found my ideal marriage target yet, so it is not time yet." Charmaine wants to have children, so naturally one would think of Benny, who is rumored to be her boyfriend even though Charmaine would not admit to their relationship. "You should say I have not absolutely decided that it is going to be him yet. He is a very ideal marriage partner, and is probably a very good boyfriend in a relationship, but right now I don't want to think about that, I want to focus on my career when I still have the opportunity to achieve more things for myself."

Is Charmaine refusing to admit to her relationship with Benny because of all the rumors surrounding him? Charmaine laughed it off and said, "If you want to talk about rumors, I have way more than him, you cannot determine a person's heart based on these rumors. We all know deep inside what's real and what's made-up." So while Charmaine thinks Benny can be a great boyfriend and husband, she is not willing to committ to him right now. Does Charmaine think that will hurt Benny's feeling? Charmaine laughed again and said, "He is so busy working in China and Taiwan, does he have time to feel sad? I don't think so."

Relationships in show-business come and go easily, and a lot of them are affected by rumors. Charmaine also agrees that too much rumors can damage a relationship. "The trend right now is to report the negatives rumors and ignore the positives news. Even if you make your relationship public, you still can't avoid things like that, they happen everywhere, like in offices. It is worse in show-biz because our news are publicized, I knew that from day one, so all we can do is find more ways to protect our privacy."

Charmaine's view of love is also very simple. "The most important thing is to truly love each other, I had that belief since I was little, but when I was little there was no pressure, if a relationship doesn't work out then we break up. But now, I don't have time for that anymore, I don't have time to try, a lot of time is needed to observe if someone can be my ideal marriage partner, now when I have a relationship, I really think maybe this will be the guy I spend the rest of my life with. I used to have a lot of plans, like to get married by age 30, but now that plan is no more. I still have contract with TVB, and I won't quit halfway through. I am the type of person who do things one at a time, so I won't think about doing anything else right now." But after a short moment of silence, CHarmaine interestingly adds, "Unless something unforeseen happens."

Many female artists have goals of marrying into a rich or prestigeous family, but Charmaine says that is absolutely not her style. "I don't like to rely on others. I have always liked to rely on myself, yes, I had rich people intersted in me before, but we have different life style and I don't like theirs. I like to have my own freedom, but ususally the rich and famous guys tend to be more 'big man' (my translation note: like they are more traditional chinese men who want to be in control and want their wife to be traditional chinese woman listening to everything they say), so I am not interested, relationship is not about having money or not."

"I had a relationship with a man from a rich family before, but it was over in a month, it just didn't work. Finding a partner is about finding someone who can be with you for the rest of your life, the two people need to be really compatible, compromise with each other, respect each other, and are really happy together. Life is not just about money. Money is not that important to me, if you spend the rest of your life with someone for money but you are not happy, then what's the point?"

In the past year, Charmaine filmed about 90 episodes of drama (Yummy Yummy, standby, dancing flame), which is truly amazing. When asked if she wants to achieve an even higher point in her career, Charmaine says "Maybe now is the peak of my career, but until the end, you don't know when was the peak. But I always see myself as if I am at my prime, because that makes me happy. I feel like I get back how much hard work I put in, but I know there are many people who put in so much hard work but they may not receive that much back. I feel that I am really lucky, so I don't think about other stuff. I work hard now because I want my future life to be more stable, but also because I want more memories, I want a colorful life. Maybe because I am a Gemini, I am not someone who can be still."

Charmaine feels that she still needs to work harder since she does have big expenses. "I have worked for 8 years now, of course I can't quit now, because I haven't really saved up anything, we as artists have big expenses, we spend most of our salary. For me, I need to pay for my 2 flats and my car every month, that's already about $60,000HK, and that's not even including money I spend on food, but since I am doing fine so far, money is not a big problem"

There has been more and more young actors and actresses recently, and Charmaine feels that it is great to have more competition. "It is good to have more fresh faces, more young people watch TV now, so we need more idols and artists too."

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