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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Yummy Yummy news

The official site is up!

Yummy Yummy premiers on 1st August (HK), available for rental in Msia around 8th August.

Some pics from Mingpao:
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For huge size pics of the function, go to:

Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung and Ben Yeo attended a promotional function for Yummy Yummy yesterday. The press was a bit disappointed as the cast dressed a bit conservative on that day. Charmaine promised to wear a bikini if the rating exceed 40 points, while Kevin said he will wear a T-back underwear if it goes over 45 points. Tavia joked that she will also wear T-back, but she won't reveal all the way down!

Only Kiki Sheung, Lee Lai San and Tavia did not get into the water. Carlo Ng said Natalie Tong didn't enter the pool because she was 'inconvenient' today. However, Natalie did enter the water and Carlo joked "Don't make the pool 'inconvenient' (dirty) as well!" Because she was wearing a vest and not swimming suit, Natalie almost exposed herself during the game.

The cast was divided into 2 groups. In the end, Ray, Tavia and Wong's team lost. They were shot by water guns. Hui Siu Hung (Charmaine's father in White Flame) even hid behind Charmaine, turning her into a shield.

Kevin purposely aimed at Ray's lower region. Actually, no one admitted shooting him there, they only heard Lau Dan shouted "Shoot his 'little brother'!", making the people burst into laughter.

Ray's sensitive are was 'attacked' and Ray said it must be Kevin's doing; it's the second time he did this prank. When asked why his sensitive part become the target of Kevin, Ray embarrassedly said that because he covered his upper body with towel, but left the lower part unguarded, so Kevin aimed there. None of the girls are wearing bikini, a bit disappointing, isn't it? "I didn't pay attention to that. Maybe they are afraid of cold because it's air conditioned here."

Ray was a bit conservative that day, avoiding the swimming trunks as well. "I'm afraid of exposing myself (like Mr. Hong Kong exposing his private area)." Will you wear a swimming trunk if the ratings is good? "Depends whether I'm fit at that moment. I rarely wear swimming trunks!"

Kevin laughed when asked attacking Ray's lower region. "I aimed the water gun randomly from head to toe!" Raymond frankly admitted it hurts a bit, because the water pressure from the gun was quite strong!

Charmaine wore a top over her swimsuit (hehe... it was a bikini top) and is the one that played most carefully. "I'm not the most conservatively dressed today!" Charmaine explained: "I have continue filming straight after this so I don't want to wet my hair." Charmaine will go to Mainland China to film DFOGS for about a month. She smiled and said that her friends are busy arranging a send off dinner for her. The reporters asked Charmaine whether she will gain some weight before leaving as the weather there is so hot. "I failed in gaining weight. Nowadays my mum cooks for me daily, but I'm still 95 pounds." Will you be able to eat pork in Xi'an? "Probably not, I heard that mutton is the primary dish."

"I never openly wore a bikini after MHK pageant, so we will have to see the ratings first."

Meanwhile, Wong ?? who used to wear bikini at such events decided to cover herself up today with a vest and shorts. Carlo jested: "I've never seen her wore so many layers of clothing at a water event before!" When asked by the reporter, she replied that the company advises her to tone down her sexy image as the audiences might get tired seeing her in bikini too many time. Did you heard that the other actresses are not wearing bikini, so you followed as well to avoid standing out? "I don't want to snatch the attention away."

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