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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Yummy Yummy 30/7/05 function

First, I would like to apologize as I'm busy yesterday and today (I'm going out later), so there will be some delay in updating this blog (especially Yummy Yummy news because there was tons of them today). Things coming up:

1. News and pics of 30th July (Sat) function.
2. Yummy Yummy cast translation (Charmaine is ill again :( )
3. Yummy Yummy radio interview translation
4. The site added a new section for it's singaporean cast. Funn will be really pissed.

Part 1
Image Hosted by

The cast of Yummy Yummy did a mini contest/promotion yesterday in which Tong See Wing and Yeung Ji Long (dont know their english names) won, the team of Ray of Tavia ended up in last place and they had to face the punishment of eating crackers filled with wasaba and hot pepper! Ray had to drink a lot of water afterward.

Charmaine missed the radio promotion yesterday due to eating too much sashimi (raw fish), even though her condition is better now, she still needs to abstain from certain food. Since she is going to China today to film Dancing Flame Crazy Man for 2 weeks, she packed along some medicine to go along with summer and fall clothing. Charmaine hears that the scenary of "Un Choon" (that place she is going) is very beautiful, but it is a pretty futile land so she is afraid she might get heat stroke. When asked if her "good friend" Benny is worried, Charmaine laughed and said her mom is worried more. And when asked if Benny bought her anything for this trip, Charmaine said "no, I bought everything myself. (if your good friend come visit you would you be touched?) If any friend come visit me I would be touched, even better if they bring some food. (Would you give extra point to certain people [Benny] tha come visit you?) Not that easily.(but it is a long way to go visit you) I don't know! Let's worry about that later, most important thing is my work is not interrupted."

News, pics thanks to Kitson. Translated by Muka (thanks, it's like a burden lifted!)

Image Hosted by

K-100 clip thanks to Shehster. Just press "play" button to watch.

Screencaps from

Part 2: Radio interview

Detailed translation tomorrow. Charmaine was unable to attend because of food poisoning.


Funn Lim said...

Pissed is an understatement. Disappointed is more like it because apparently those self confessed "I got a minor role" seemsto get more publicity than probably the only villain in the entire series which means this series has no villains which means it is probably 80% love story and that is so darn boring!

I have made a concious decision. I am not going to open an account and I am not going to rent it. I can wait one year until and unless I see some reporting which says you know who has actually some major scenes in this series. But the way things are, I have a feeling you know who is really very down on his luck.

shehster said...

hey sehseh, saw the screencaps from but I don't remember seeing the clip with Charmaine in short curly hair. Which clip is that? Can you let me know? if you can email it to me at, that will really be helpful.


sehseh said...

shehster, that shot is from the 27/7 function (the water games). THink the clip is from that show which replaced starbiz.

shehster said...

oic, i think i got it, pardon me. a bit blur recently.

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