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Monday, July 11, 2005

Whoa! Kissing scene in LWOLAP

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Ouch! That must hurt~ By the way, some people insist it's not Ray above. It IS Ray, I recognise his hairstyle and costume. Plus, this is the kiss Charmaine mentioned about in the TVB magazine. Relax, it's just acting. It's not like they're going out in real life! Pics of Ray in the same blue costume below:
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Sonija and Derek


Helen said...

Hot hot hot!
Just can't wait to see the series - Charmaine looks absolutely gorgeous in the series. and yes, I am like sehseh too, I love ancient wusha series!!

alice said...

WOW!!!! so sorry for raymond!!! why can't they have a more gentle kiss!!!! geezzzz!!! can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

kiss looks like it was Derek, he has the blue costume. That much be why Charmaine slapped him.

sehseh said...

It's Ray's costume. I'm positive it's him. So I guess we have to wait till the series come out.

That much be why Charmaine slapped him.

Erm...I guess any guy who forcefully kisses a girl deserved a slap.

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