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Friday, July 29, 2005


Last night recap of Full House

Young Jae scolded Ji Eun for taking such a long time to come out. JE said it's okay since the shopping mall closes at 9pm. YJ said they will eat dinner outside today, making JE overjoyed because she doesn't need to cook (and wash dishes!).

Hae Won received the acceptance letter from the university in New York. She called Min Hyuk out and pretend to ask advise from him. She actually want to follow MH to New York. MH tell HW that he won't be going to New York anymore and advise her not to be so childish. He has always treat her like a baby sister and he will always do. HW was upset because she loved MH and all she got from him was humiliation.

HW: I love brother Min Hyuk! And all I got is humiliation!
MH: You don't love me. You just want to own me.

Meanwhile, YJ is being a jerk again and tried to irritate JE for fun. He said "Let's eat spagetti" and JE agreed, saying she love spagetti. YJ then changed his mind to chinese food. JE become more happy as she love chinese food too. YJ is getting annoyed and switched to ginseng chicken - JE loves it too. "Hey, HJE! Is there any food that you hate?!"

YJ received a call from HW, who is in a bad mood over MH's rejection. YJ dropped JE off and told her to wait outside the shopping mall later. He rushes over to the pub and found HW drinking alone. It hurts him to see HW heart's broken. JE told him what MH said, to which YJ replied: "Wanting to own someone you love is normal. Because you love them, you will want to own them." Touched, HW then tell YJ that he look extra suave today.

It was already pass 7pm and JE was getting tired and hungry from waiting. She called YJ and he told her to wait awhile. However, HW asked YJ not to leave...

JE was super pissed that YJ broke his promise. She went back home alone and waited for him to come back. Only then YJ remembered he told JE to wait and tried to speak to her outside her room. Boiling with anger, JE ignored his calls.

The next day, YJ tried to defuse JE's anger by making a joke. JE left without saying a word but returned back to the washroom while YJ is removing his clothes. She yells at YJ for not apologising and treating her like a fool. She calls him a pyscho.

JE: You are a PYSCHO!
YJ: Pyscho, psycho! You keep saying that. Do you know how to spell it huh?!
JE: Yes, I don't know how to spell it but I know you are one conceited pyscho!!!

JE said she couldn't live with a pyscho. YJ: "Then leave! Leaving home, that's your specialty! Leave, leave now! And take your toothbrush!" JE turns back and took her toothbrush. "Thanks!" (sarcastic). JE didn't pack anything since her luggage was still at her friend's house. She discovered that they were not home and was shocked that they are on their way to Full House.

JE two friends arrived at Full House with JE's luggage. They said without them, JE have nowhere to go so don't worry she will return to Full House again. YJ was pleased by didn't show it (He doesn't mean to kick JE out, but he's too stubborn to apologize to her). The two no-good friend then suggest a business proposition to him but YJ was not interested.

While YJ went to take a nap, the two snooped around the house, eating all the food in the fridge and trying on YJ's clothes. YJ came downstairs and was upset with all the mess. He tells them to leave but instead they scold him for being rude. I really, really hate and disgusted at JE's friend now. YJ was right; they are good for nothing parasites with absolutely no shame or conscience whatever. The girl got angry and attacked YJ. JE came back in time and break up the fight. She was very angry because they hurt YJ and chased them out from the house.

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Credit to IadoreDaniel at TVSS

JE defended YJ and this made him very happy. They make up when she help him apply ointment on his face (that girl scratched his face). Very cute scene as YJ look like a cute, defenseless pup.

On his way out, YJ remind JE to clean up the house. "See you at the movies later". JE was surprised that YJ left a movie ticket for her on the table (Hey, how come JE never noticed YJ putting the ticket there despite his habit of leaving stuff for her on the dinner table?) JE was excited and carefully applied make up and dressed up for their 'date'. Before leaving, JE received a call from HW. HW asked her to tell YJ she called.

At the cinema, JE was worried that YJ might broke his promise again. However, she still bought drinks and popcorn for two. The movie started (it's Van Helsing!) and JE is disappointed, thinking YJ is not coming again. Suddenly, YJ arrived and sat next to her.

JE: I thought you are going to 'release pigeons again' (meaning breaking his promise to come)
YJ: I have to wait until it's dark (YJ was afraid that people will recognise him).

JE smiled to herself and make fun of YJ still wearing his shades in the dark cinema. He glances around and removed the shades. JE passed a drink to him and shared her popcorn. YJ got greedy and they fought over the popcorn. The scene where JE slapped YJ's hand (reaching for the popcorn) is quite funny.

After the movies, JE suddenly remembered that JE called and told YJ. He immediately called HW and found out that she was hospitalized. They rushed to the hospital. YJ was running so fast JE could hardly follow up. Went she reach the room, she saw YJ holding HW's hand intimately and feel disturbed. I think JE realized that she was jealous because she has fallen for YJ. That is why she looked so disturbed.

YJ father arrived and tell JE to enter the room. HW, YJ and JE feel awkward because YJ's father asked why JE was standing outside. Flustered, JE lied that she was looking for a parking space so she was late. YJ was worried about HW's illness (cheh, it's just chronic gastric due to emotional stress) and his father said HW will be just fine. He also told JE not to worry (jealous) because YJ and HW were childhood friends. JE said she won't.

After YJ father left, YJ turned to JE and asked: "Jealous? Who give you the right of being jealous anyway?" (YJ, you jerk!). YJ went back inside but HW told him to leave because she disliked JE tagging along. On the way back home, JE was a bit jealous because YJ was overly concerned about HW and asked him about his relationship with HW. YJ said they are only friends, albeit a very close one (liar!). JE brightened up and remarked that their relationship must be like of her two friends with her.

YJ was shocked and said that you shouldn't consider (terrible) people like that as your friends (yeah, JE. Listen to YJ!). JE defended her friends, saying that they are good people, just a little misleaded. Yeah, right. JE suggest to eat noodles at a nearby restaurant but YJ refused. "Back to home and cook rice NOW!"

In the middle of the night, JE heard YJ leaving the house. She became restless (she's really jealous now) and decided to wait for him outside. YJ went to the hospital to accompany HW and make sure she sleeps okay. When he returned to the Full House, he saw JE sleeping on the porch and scold her again. Inside the house, he asked why JE was waiting for him. YJ admitted he went to the hospital because he was worried of HW (JE was really, really sad now).

JE: Why do you buy Full House in the first place?
YJ: Because I liked the name, Full House.
JE: My father named it.
YJ: I like the name because I thought I can live here with my beloved till old age...

to be continued...


alice said...

OOOOOO i love the part when JE put medicine on his face!! he looks so childish there!!!...actually i love every part with them together!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the summary!! feel like i m watching it myself...and the clip is cute!!

sehseh said...

Yeah, the medicine scene is so adorable. Young Ja IS childish, like a spoiled lil kid. Remember the last time JE scold him for being childish on the yatch?

He was like removing his shirt and say "Ok, let's do some adult stuff then..hehe"


alice said...

OF COURSE i remember that part!!! it was funny!!!JE was all scare heheheh

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