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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Portability - NOT!

I've bought a thumbdrive with mp3 function yesterday. The function is pretty good, with mp3 player, FM, recording, flash drive capabilities and the price is reasonable.

However, I just found out that I need to install the driver for pc not using Window XP. Which is fine as my own pc uses Window XP. Until I found out that I can't use it on outside pc (using WIN98, for e.g.) AND the manufacturer site actually did not provide services to download and install the driver online. The only choice I have is to bring the installation cd with me, which totally defeat my reason for buying it in the first place.

I can easily find the drivers for other weird (name) brands online but not mine. What is the significance of 'portability' if I can't use the drive conveniently when I'm on the move? So far, the customer support haven't answer to my 'comments' yet.

If I have known earlier, I would certainly buy a thumbdrive (no mp3) with 3 times bigger space with the same price.

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