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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Our wedding ring

Young Jae looked sad when Ji Eun asked who that person he is referring to. Deep down, JE was afraid that it was Hae Won. To cheer YJ up, JE changed the topic and told a ghost story. ~~Urgh…urgh… Younnn ung ja ae~~~~~~ YJ was annoyed and went to bed.

The next morning, JE was surprised to see YJ in the kitchen. He was cooking porridge for HW and asked JE to take it to the hospital since he is busy. JE was sad and quietly asked YJ: "If I’m sick, will you cook porridge for me too?"

"You idiot. Last time you caught a fever after sleeping like a homeless on the porch. I cooked the porridge for you, remember? Your dumb brain is getting worst (forgetful)."

JE feel much better after hearing that and took the porridge to the hospital. HW dislikes JE and rejects the porridge. HW asked JE whether her close relationship with YJ bothers her. JE replied that she won't mind.

HW: How does it feel, meeting someone from another league? (implying JE was out of YJ and HW's league – she was trying to undermine JE status)
JE: Huh?
HW: Even though you are now married, we (YJ & HW) will always be close friends.

That stuck up tramp. Anyway, JE and YJ's mother send her off back home. Grandma nick named JE as "3 Bears" and asked her to visit her. JE doesn't really want to go but she went anyway. While helping grandma to tend the vegetable garden, grandma started to diss her being as having no manners (because she was an orphan) and how useless she is. Finally JE couldn't take it anymore and retorted: "Your grandson Lee Young Jae is the one without manners. Always talking down at people. Look at you, no wonder he turned out that way. Grandma, you should change your way of speaking. Don't you know that your word hurts other people's feelings?"

Grandma was so taken aback by JE outburst and her blood pressure rose up. JE tried to carry grandma back to the house but she kept dropping grandma or even bumped grandma's head against gate and walls. To make JE feel better, YJ's mother gave her some fresh vegetables and asked what her favorite food is so she could prepare it next time JE come to visit. JE said she eat anything. YJ's mum told her that YJ favorite food is cold salad (sorry, my best translation).

Meanwhile, YJ was unable to concentrate on his job and call the day off. He visit MH and warn him not to hurt HW's feeling. MH asked him what he can do for HW then. "You should straighten up your emotions. You are being unfair to JE (your wife).' What MH meant is that YJ is already married JE, so it's wrong for him to still pine over HW. He doesn't want YJ to hurt JE.

YJ returned home with a bad mood. JE tries to cheer him up with ice cream but didn't work. So she tries to tell a corny joke to him.

JE: Once upon a time, a rabbit had a race with a turtle which runs really fast. Can you guess who won in the end?
YJ: (Bored) The rabbit.
JE: WRONG! Hahaha... It's the turtle!
YJ: What?!
JE: I already told you the turtle run very fast! Lol...

YJ was like 'whatever' but JE continues her joke. This time she said that a rabbit had a race with a turtle which wore shades. YJ was annoyed but he still answered 'rabbit'. JE said WRONG! again, it was the same turtle, it just took off it shades and ran very fast. Now YJ was super annoyed and he went up to his bedroom. At least JE's corny jokes manage to take his mind of HW and MH :p

The next day, YJ leave and like usual, reminded JE to tidy up the house (that clean freak!). Hearing that he is going over to HW's boutique, JE feels a bit jealous and asked YJ to wear his wedding ring. She said that his mother and grandmother will scold her if they were caught without their wedding ring again. But I think JE want to give HW a message that YJ's already married, so 'stay away from my man'. Hehe, very sly of JE...

Before driving home, JE tell YJ to come home early tonight because she's cooking something special tonight. YJ started to criticize her cooking skill.

JE: Hmm... Think I will make cold salad tonight.

That caught his attention. YJ immediately turned his head and said: "Huh? Di you just said cold salad?" JE said yes and YJ eyes widened (very cute!!!). YJ mumbled about JE messing up on it but JE assured him that it's just an easy job for her. YJ drove off but I can tell he's really looking forward to it. The stomach is really the way to get to a man's heart huh?

JE was lying about knowing how to prepare the cold salad because she was desperate to make YJ come home earlier. JE spent the whole day making the cold salad, referring to online recipes.

HW helps YJ to try on the clothes for his upcoming movie premiere. YJ asked HW if she was okay and mentioned that MH was concerned after hearing that she was ill. HW was upset and said he shouldn't tell MH. HW chose some accessories and become depressed when she saw YJ's wedding ring. She asked YJ if it's okay to remove his wedding ring to try on the accessories. I'm really offended here; I mean it's perfectly alright to remove the ring yourself. But YJ's action allowing HW to remove ring without a second thought speaks volume. I know, it's a contract marriage, but still, that image of HW removing his ring disturbed me. By the way, I noticed that Rain (YJ) have really nice hand. Hehe... I'm a "hands" girl myself; I detest guys who neglect their hands. Sorry!

JE finished making the cold salad (finally!) and called YJ.
YJ: HJE, it'd better be good or else...! (in a scary tone)

YJ tell HW he has to leave and forgot about his wedding ring. HW was about to call him but forgot about that when she received another phone call. YJ tasted the cold salad and criticized JE's cooking again. "Can human really eat this?" JE admitted the salad tasted a bit funny but it's not too bad. Then she noticed the missing ring.

JE: Where's the wedding ring?
YJ: Huh? Oh... must have left it at HW's.

JE made YJ call HW but he was too embarrassed to ask about the ring. Instead, he beat around the bush and asked her well being. When he finally asked about the ring, HW got upset and lied that she never saw the ring. She hanged up and YJ got angry at JE for insisting that HW lied. He asked her why she was making a big deal out of a piece of junk, saying that he could always buy another one. JE get angry and started to yell at YJ, saying that it was not any ordinary ring, it was THEIR wedding ring, and it signifies their commitment to each other. "You and your HW; that spoiled princess are the same, always full of yourselves!"

YJ: Commitment?! What commitment! Our marriage is just contractual based! We are not really husband and wife! You tell me, do we live like normal husband an wife?! You're nothing but a vacuum and a rice cooker for me! Why are you so upset? Unless you have fallen for me?!
JE: You jerk! It's over; it's all over for real!
YJ: Then leave! Leave all you like!

Damn I'm already crying buckets. I know, maybe it's my raging hormones, but that scene is so sad. YJ is the biggest jerk, I hope JE really leave this time to teach him a lesson! Hmphhh! But YJ is kicking himself, he never really meant what he said, but as usual, he rather jump into a shark infested sea than admit his fault.

JE ran upstairs and started to cry while packing her stuff. Frustrated, YJ threw a fit (see, I was right!). He couldn't sleep, wondering if she has left. The next morning, he went downstairs but JE was nowhere to be seen. He saw the cold salad recipes and feel bad about yelling back at her of being just a maid and chef. He checks her room and feels relieved after seeing her luggage is still there. He even tidy up her wardrobe lol...

MH reads JE's scripts and commented that her writing is still bad. JE, still feeling down over last night's argument, said that her main character was just a normal high school student. MH said that no one is 'just normal'. "JE, have you tried observing a person before?"

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MH took JE out for lunch and starts to describe the people walking by using his imagination. He points out at a girl and told JE a lot of stuff. JE was impressed but the girl walk over to say hi to MH. She was actually one of MH staffs! How cheeky of MH! JE feels a lot better and start chatting with MH. MH noticed that some cream is sticking on her lips and gently wipe it off with his fingers.

JE: Oops! Sorry, I'm always like that (making a mess).
MH: I know.

That handsome smile he gave while saying that can melt any girls' heart. MH is born to be a playboy! MH meant he always have noticed her, I never really put a thought about this but MH always sees JE in countless embarrassing situation but still, he's attracted to her natural charm. The same charm that is slowly capturing YJ's heart but darn he's too preoccupied with himself!

YJ called his manager and asked her to order the same wedding ring. He was about to leave for work when JE's two friends arrived to apologize but YJ just slammed the door in their face. Not giving up, the duo climb in through a broken window. This time, they even got bolder, eating all the food, messing with the TV sets and even snooped into JE's computer. I was REALLY offended, and I prayed that this kind of friend doesn't exist on earth. If they really do, God help me... or they are going to end up in a morgue.

HW hid YJ's wedding ring and put it in her purse.

Their wedding portrait has arrived at the office and the assistance asked YJ whether he want to take it home. YJ grumpily said "Leave it at the office" but change his mind and took the portrait back to home. He has hard time getting the portrait out of his car. He was pissed seeing the duo in his home but they told him about the marriage contract they saw in JE's computer...

Meanwhile, MH told JE that she makes him happy because of her funny personality. MH actually enjoyed laughing at her jokes. JE wondered if she's really that silly because YJ always yell at her for being a dummy. JE received a call from YJ and was shocked that her two friends found out about the contract. She apologized to MH, saying that she has to leave because there's emergency at home. MH looks disappointed...

She rushed back to Full House and found at that they are trying to blackmail YJ. Not only they want YJ to invest in their 'business', they also want YJ to apologize for yelling at them, calling them 'vagabonds'. Which I think is the nicest way possible to describe them. JE defends YJ, saying that they gang up and beat him up in the first place.

YJ: (Bruised ego) No I was NOT beaten up by them!
JE: Shut up!

JE dragged YJ aside to discuss how to settle the problem. YJ agreed to pay them but he won’t apologize. JE don't want to pay them a penny because they still owes her money, they have no right to ask money from YJ. The duo wondered what they are up to, but they guy cockily said that JE and YJ can't do anything; they have no choice but to agree to their blackmail. Someone give me a gun, no, make it an axe because I would love to hack them into 18 pieces and feed it to the dogs.

Waiting for next episode on Monday...

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Thanks Qingwa for the pics!

By the way, which car model is Young Jae driving? I know it's Mercedes Benz SLK series like the one Charmaine is driving, but it is the same model?


alice said...

wow!!! i am watching the serie again myself seh seh!!! u r a really good writer!!! heheheh

sehseh said...

thanks alice, glad to know i'm not a bad story teller :P

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