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Friday, July 08, 2005

Mini fan and facial mask on standby




Charmaine and Kenny


Recently, the reporters visited the filming set for grand production series "Dancing Flames on Golden Sand". The temperature has risen to 31 degree celcius and when they do not need to film, the cast will immediately remove their outer coat (costume) to cool off the heat, even if it's just the arm part only.

Seeing the other cast doing so, Charmaine can't help but feel envious. "I can't do the same, because I don't remember well (how to tie back the correct knot) and my hands are clumsy. I'm afraid I might not able to wear them back on time with all the chaos going around filming, so I don't dare to untie my costume knots."

The reporter also noticed that the mini fan never left Charmaine's hand, she kept holding onto it even while rehearsing her scripts. For convenience, Charmaine even place the mini fan in 'husband' Kenny Wong Tak Bun costume pocket so she have access to it in between filming scenes. (how cheeky! :P )

The filming crew also prepared two watermelons for the cast to help them cool down. Charmaine's eye immediately lit up when she saw them and quickly grab a piece. However, barely before she can get a bite, the director shouted to continue filming.

Charmaine also have another secret weapon for filming; facial masks. "We are heading off to Mainland desert to film outdoor scenes soon. I will bring a lot of facial masks because the weather is very hot and dry over there, to protect skin moisture level."

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for translation. Ah Sheh is so funny :D. The director's so cruel, why didn't he let her to bite it. :'(


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