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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Just Married

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Err... Happily ever after?

Last night episode of Full House is so good so I'm doing a recap:

(JE= Ji Eun, YJ= Young Jae, HW= Hae Won, MH= Min Hyuk)

Ji Eun was pissed at Young Jae and decided to run away; hiding at her friend's house (bad, bad move). Worried that they can't leech off money from her if Ji Eun doesn't marry Young Jae, so they tricked Ji Eun walking into her own wedding ceremony.

Young Jae, looking very dashing in his white tuxedo, was busy greeting guest - REAL celebrities. There's a lot of real star making cameo appearances like Choi Ji Woo (Winter Sonata & Stairway to Heaven actress), Kim Seung Woo (Han Tai Jun in Hotelier) & Song Yun Ah (Xu Zhen Yin in Hotelier) are among the big faces I could recognise.

Because Ji Eun is an orphan, Young Jae's father offered to walk her down the aisle. "Your are very beautiful, Ji Eun." After saying that, he offered her his arm. This scene is very subtle, yet so touching... because I think Ji Eun would really want her demised father to say such words to her on her big day.

Before handing the bride over to his son, Mr Lee scowled and scolded Young Jae under his breath. After the wedding ceremony, the bickering newlyweds goes off to Thailand for their honeymoon.

JE chided YJ for being childish - YJ retaliated by making her fell into the sea. YJ was annoyed because JE doesn't accept his apology (well, sort of) and give her a hard time at the resort. Because there is only one bed (what, ONE bed in a plush resort suite? No sofa ah?!) YJ 'seduced' and kicked JE out to sleep with the mosquitoes. Of course, JE can't stand it and barged back into the room, sleeping next to YJ.

Thus begin the war of 'seducing', which both can hardly stomach. JE gave up and ran out screaming when YJ tried to kiss her. The next day, YJ started to feel remorse treating JE badly and take her out to sightseeing. He didn't exactly invited her, just: "By the way, I'm going out, so if you want to tag along..." kind of way.

YJ gave JE a crash course in bicycle and made JE cry because he shouted at her of being stupid. JY apologizes by buying her ice-cream. "Who do you think I am? I'm not a child (bribing me with ice cream)!" JE.

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And then they went sightseeing and cycled around the beach area. Aww...sweet, especially when they fell asleep watching the sunset.

When they returned to Full House, JE was pleasantly surprised that YJ gave her a new bedroom. The scene where she hugged the teddy lovingly is so cute!~~~~ Hae Won missed YJ and asked YJ to be her model for her new fashion show. YJ, still hurting over HW's rejection, refused to come on pretext of being busy.

JE was shocked that YJ has another additional 'gift' in store for her. He told her he has a new vehicle for her outside and JE quickly dashed outside. JE saw YJ sport car and thought YJ gave her a similar car. "Nice, isn't it? There... is your new vehicle..." YJ gestured over behind his car at a BICYCLE!!! Lol... this is my favorite scene by far. Kekeke...

YJ spend the afternoon teaching JE how to ride the bicycle. HW arrived and feel jealous seeing them together. YJ gave HW a cold shoulder and she left crying. Meanwhile, JE received a call from the publishing company but they are more interested in YJ private life instead. Not giving up, JE went to look for Min Hyuk and left her script in his office...

Tonight episode seems interesting. YJ cave in and went to model for HW while MH start to get attracted to JE and offered her a contract for her novel. Plus, I think the 'newlywed' has to do press interview and pretend to be lovey dovey...


alice said...

so seh seh...u think u love this serie so far??? i was addicted to it when i saw it!!! man the bicycle part was funny!! i thought he really bought her a car!!! stupid i am heheheh

sehseh said...

yes, i think i'm slowly falling in love with this series. I've always been a sucker for romantic comedies.

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