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Sunday, July 17, 2005

DFOGS - Moses and Charmaine stuck in well


TVB specifically built a deep well for Dancing Flames of Golden Sand where Moses and Charmaine spent a lot of time filming various scenes in it. The bottom of the 'well' was filled with water, making Moses and Charmaine very cold.

Charmaine: It's so cold? Why it's so cold today?!
Moses: I don't know. It was very hot outside. We were cheated by them (the crew members). Actually, the sunlight couldn't reach down here.
K-100 host: You guys make the others so envy because it's so hot outside!
Moses: Really? Then you come down and join us! (laugh)

Charmaine: We were soaked (filming) from morning till night, then till morning again. We filmed a long time for the well scenes. Besides in HK (studio), we still have to continue filming well scenes in ?? where was it? Xian?
Moses: Yeah, Xian
Charmaine: So it's quite scary
Moses: Having to soaked for a long time
Charmaine: This 'well' scenes will remain here until September..shivers~

Moses also explained that the real well in Xian is much smaller, making it quite difficult and dangerous to film. TVB has made a larger one to make filming easier. You can also see Moses have to be 'wired' up and down the well, so it's very tiring.

Charmaine's scenes are also very difficult. Even though she was 'wired', she still need to really climb up from the well using her own strength. Charmaine said she wanted to wear a diving suit underneath but didn't do so as it will make her look bulky onscreen.

Tonight they will film another scene in the well so the filming crew will prepare to fill in warm water because it will be very cold. It was actually a passionate kissing scene!

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Anonymous said...

Thank for the clip and translation :D

Umm.. my poor Charmaine, she often filmed the hard scene, I remember seeing the clip in CS, where she had to walk on the fire. And in PONR too even when she was a princess in PITNOL, her character still has to do laborious jobs.

No!!! kiss scene with Moses. He's hot but my first time seeing him is being Charmaine's father in PITNOL and I impress his role very much (much more than his character in WAB) and he still be Charmaine's father for me. Now seeing father kissed daughter Oh!!


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