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Monday, June 27, 2005

The White Flame

Good news for Malaysian fans!

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Charmaine's series, The White Flame is now airing on TV2, 7.00pm (Monday-Friday). If you miss her cute chubby face, do not miss this series!

More news! Louis Koo in Triumph in the Skies 2?!

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Louis Koo mentioned that he might be filming TITS 2 around December this year, but for now his plans were still unconfirmed.

and pictures from Warring States Battling Heroes 《爭霸傳奇》

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alice said...

MAN!!! hi seh seh..thank you for replying...anywayzz, I really hope that charmaine can pair up with louis in tits 2....i just wanna see how they look like!!! *Fingers-crossed**** YAY!!!

sehseh said...

I'd like that too... but think the chances are slim. Plus, Charmaine haters will bombard TVB with hate mails if this really happens :P

So far, I'm having a low expectation since Louis haven't exactly promised anything - guess we should keep our fingers crossed for now.

Helen said...

Yes, I really miss her slightly chubby face. She was so cute and adorable back then. She now looks more mature as a grown up sophisticated lady. But she is a bit too skinny lah. Been slimming too much!

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