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Friday, June 24, 2005

New photo album

I've created a Yahoo! photo album as an archive for all the exclusive pics I took. So far, I only created 2 folders:

1. Charmaine visit to Terimee (June 2005) - 23 photos
2. Ray, Ron & Kevin visit to Malaysia (June 2005) - 55 photos

Please note that those pics belong to my blog. Please do not steal. Thank you for your cooperation and I hope, in due time I can add more pics to my yahoo album. Till then, please enjoy them for now :)

On a side note, Fung's Label has already uploaded the pics I submit to them. You can see Ray's face more clearly in them. The address of Fung's Label is:

Plus! Florence Kwok is back to TVB!!!

Thanks to Karen for the news and the mag scan.

Florence Kwok has returned to TVB and she will also be in new tvb series Dancing Flames of Golden Sands. Her role would be the ex-wife of Bowie's character.

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I'm so happy! Florence is a great actress, she rocks in both good and villain roles.

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