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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

《像雾像雨又像风》 Love Story in Shanghai

Would like to introduce my favorite mainland china production "Love Story in Shanghai" or 《像雾像雨又像风》- direct translation would be 'like mist, like rain and like wind'

There's some review at, but currently spcnet is down so I'm unable to provide the link. However, I will provide the link of the official site and also a gallery at the end of this post.

It's basically a love story between 7 people during 1930's in Shanghai. My favorite character, is of course Xin Yu (Zhou Xun) and Zhi Kun (Chen Kun)

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My favorite pair Zhou Xun & Chen Kun

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Two really cute actor: Lu Yi and Chen Kun
I like Lu Yi but totally hate his character, the rich playboy doctor Ying Qi.

The main characters:

Lu Yi as Li Ying Qi - the 'perfect' doctor who fell in love with Zi Yi at 1st sight.

Zhou Xun as Du Xin Yu - slightly mentally challenged daughter of a powerful gangster lord.

Chen Kun as Chen Zi Kun - works as a clock repairman in Zi Yi's father shop. Indecisive and lack ambition.

Luo Hai Qiong as Fang Zi Yi - Kun's first love and Ying Qi's wife.

Li Xiao Ran as the devious An Qi - whose love for Ying Qi was never reciprocated

Xu Hai Huan as Fan Li Jun - Ying Qi's pyschotic cousin. Her love was only reciprocated by Ying Qi after falling into eternal coma.

For more info, please go to the link below.

Official site:

Sina gallery:

p.s. I'm looking for the themesong and also the ending themesong. Does anyone has it or know where to download it? Thanks in advance :)


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me more about this series? I am very interested in borrowing it to watch. Any english sites that will have reviews on this series? thanks

sehseh said...

spcnet has some review. Here's one review from the old version:

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