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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Friendship - revisited

Recently I manage to locate some of my old high school friends. I've been wanting to contact them since last year, but failed to do so. Recently, I come across an old friend online (Thank God for Friendster!!!) and from his list I managed to find more people. Weird enough, I don't know what to say, even if some of them were my close friends who has went through ups and down with me. What if they don't reply? If they never cared? This quote suddenly popped up in my mind:

"Friends come and then they go..."

I remember this quote from my favorite novel Battle Royale (Ironically, the theme of this novel is high school students slaughtering one another for survival). I can't deny the truth in the words, but I refused to see it as reality. Make you think that when you wrote "Friendship 4ever" in your yearbook, do you really mean it?
I won't forgot my friends. Even when you can barely remember their names; but those voices, those laughter, how could you forget them? When time fades their faces in my memory, I'd still remember the jokes, the fights, all those stuff is in my heart.

So, my dear friends, if you are out there, it's time to say a simple 'hi'. That is all you need to make my day :)
Friendship Forever. And I mean it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeah, i totally agree with u.. no doubt contacts may be lost, frens will always be frens. All the best to you sehseh, hope u will be able to rekindle frenship with your old frens soon!

think i also need to do that since i am kinda free now :D


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