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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Charmaine at Berjaya Times Square, KL

Just returned from Times Square, very tired because I went out since noon. I will post the pics, video clips and write up when I'm free (as I am pre-occupied with something called a job - those which is necessary to put food on my table and fund my Charmaine related past time :P). Charmaine looks very pretty, even though I have to admit she looked a bit tired today. Her schedules must be hectic.

Also, I'm going to come up with a contest soon and three lucky winners will receive the newest Terimee booklet and memorabilia from me. The grand prize winner will also received rare photographs as well. So far I'm still thinking what kind of contest, maybe a slogan for my blog or quiz. Will keep you all notified via my blog or at


sehseh said...

Plus: Pong Nan coming to Msia on 1st July


Funn Lim said...

May I humbly suggest a contest where the top 3 winners will get those prizes and those special somethings could be sent to perhaps Charmaine herself as a get well son gift?

Maybe the most creative something that a fan truly represents Charmaine?

Instead of slogan??

sehseh said...

Hehe, Funn, I was actually thinking of a watermark design contest as I really need them for the graphics on my blog. The problem is not all people know how to create them.

Slogan, well everyone can come up something (hopefully creative) :)

Sigh~ Charmaine already left this morning lah... Sending the stuff to TVB city is just the same as never reaching her at all.

Funn Lim said...

What do you mean by watermark design? I thought you make very nice wallpapers, you can use those as a background.

I thought she has a manager? I am sure it will reach her. Why not someone just create an official fan club then?

sehseh said...

Watermark is like a "chop" on your images, made to protect your copyright of the images.

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