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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Problem with shoutbox

I dunno what's wrong... I can't post mesg in shoutbox. It keep telling me to enter my name. Sigh~ I've already tried my site and Funn's. Wonder what's wrong with my office pc settings. Can anyone help me on this?

Shoutbox is so convenient. I hate it when I see comment but can't reply instantly :(


sehseh said...

Found a cool trick for yousendit in Raymond Lam forum. Credit to Dorothy.

"...but it still expires in 7 days, it just doesn't count the number of downloads since it usually is 25 downloads.

So here's the trick. For example, change the "d" to "e" like this:
From this
To this"

So if anyone uploads to YouSendIt, please post the link with the "e" so more people can download it. I found this out at either forum or asianfanatics forum...

xunxun said...

Hi Sehseh,thx 4 all the translations n pics,I knew U spent alot time on it...I also luv Charm...anyway,its nice 2 have U here,as I can always know the updates of Charm...luv U lots!!!Haha...

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