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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Must watch clip!!!

New, never seen video clip of Chilam & Charmaine for MonaLisa Bridal Studio

Remember Chilam & Charmaine as spokesperson for MonaLisa Bridal Studio? Well, thanks to Shehster who informed us, we can now watch the clip/video during the photography session at the studio.

OMG I love the clip! Why oh why they're are not together in real life? This video could have pass of as a real home video for their wedding! They're so cute together and so at ease in each other's company.


Helen said...

Totally agree with you! I suppose they lack some "yuan feng" in real life loh. Destiny and fate always play tricks on us. Or they say it is the "complementary theory". Thus, a mellow person's other half will probably be quick tempered, so on and so forth. JC is so perfect together, just look at the video, they are like walking proofs of "the prince and the princess live happily ever after". I bet they are more like a pair than half of the real life couples.

BTW, the download is really slow. But the video clip is well worth the wait!!

another note - I read from Apple Daily in HK that a mainland actress who was shooting a drama series with Benny Chan earlier claimed that Charmaine visited Benny while they were filming in China and Benny had disappeared a few times. Finally Benny's agent found him at Charmaine's hotel. Argh....please, I hope this is not true...why Benny ah??

sehseh said...

sigh~i guess so...

abt Benny, I'm not sure... I know it's no use denying that they might have been together, but I don't know abt their present relationship.

If Charmaine is happy, that is all that matters :)

Helen said...

Well, I am disappointed because I had wanted JC to be together soooo much. And I worried that Benny is not serious and will hurt Charm. But I guess you are right. As long as Charmaine is happy we are happy lah.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i agree with u too!!
and btw , in the chilam and charmaine discussion forums they have a link to download the clip- so all of those die hard cc fans (like myself) that must have everything to do with cc- its a must have!
yeah, in the clip- they are soo made for eachother!! they have so much chemistry!!
agree with helen above! - they are a living proof of prince and princess! wish they were a couple but i guess best friends (hopefully they shud be in that catergoery) is better than none- but u neva know.... ^_^
cc 4eva!!

Helen said...

Yes- Chilam and Charmaine forever! Gosh, I have watched this video over and over again. I am so obsessed with it. Charmaine is just absolutely stunning! And seeing the chemistry between them just breaks my heart. Is their acting skills that good or what? Just can't believe there's nothing between them (maybe this is just my wishful thinking giving me hallucinations ??)

Agree with you that "good friends" is better than nothing lah. I really have to stop putting so much hope into them becoming a real couple.

Happy birthday to Charmaine! May all her wish come true and be happy all the time!

Anonymous said...

ex-actly, helen!! lolzz!!

yep-happy b-day to charmaine as well!!
may all her b-day wishes come true! (and also mine of cc being together!! lolzz)


Helen said...

Hahaha! That is my wish too. Glad to see another die hard CC fan!

Anonymous said...

ditto to that too!! lolzz

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