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Thursday, May 05, 2005

MUST READ ANNOUNCEMENT: Charmaine is coming to Malaysia again!!!

I braved the dark alley to the nearby cyber cafe to post this news (it's currently 1AM at this moment). Sigh~ Like Amanda once said of me; "Things you would do for Charmaine..."

Anyway, Charmaine will be here to promote Terimee (slimming centre) next month. Here is the schedule:

3rd June, The Summit, Batu Pahat. 7.30pm
4th June, Johor Bahru, 3pm
5th June, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur 3pm

I'm so excited she's coming to Msia again! And more glad when I know she'll be in KL on Sunday. That means if I'd happen to start working, at least I can see her that day! Yippeeeeeee!

Extra: Here is her comment on the advertisement (though it's most probably written by the PR dept of Terimee)

The Inside Story on being a Real Woman

"Losing weight isn't my priority anymore. Achieving the right curves and a shapelier body is what I desire. Terimee target areas for a flatter tummy, slimmer hips, firmer bottom and a more curvaceous body. My face is now slimmer and I look sexier with a fuller body and more confident with my short and sassy hair. I could never have short hair with my previous plump face. Thanks to Terimee IRX-20 and Terimee Contourface."

Attn: Yen & Teng, please contact me if you happen to see this post.

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