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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I'm back!

I'm back from my holiday. Today was my second day at work, so far so good. Got my own pass today. I'm not a morning person therefore I'm feeling tired because I have to get up before 7 a.m. Luckily I have 2 alarm clocks ;)

Anyway, updating some stuff on Charmaine:

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"Dancing Flames" Blessing Ceremony

TVB's new series "Flames Dancing on Yellow Sands" held its blessing ceremony earlier and cast members attending included Ada Choi, Charmaine Sheh, Gigi Lai, Moses Chan and Maggie Siu. Ada, who plays the family leader, had started filming a few days before and as she has several pages of lines for every scene and a lot of monologues, just remembering all the people's names is hard enough, so she is rather nervous about this and is having sleepless nights. Despite the pressure though, Ada is happy to take on the role because it is a very boisterous character, who is greedy and scheming and this is the most challenging job she has taken on in her acting career. Talking of the location filming for this series in Yinchuan, Ada says that she will be going there, but most of her scenes are indoors giving orders, so she will not have to work as hard as Gigi and Charmaine.

Charmaine was earlier photographed visiting the accident and emergency department, so when asked about what the problem was, she explained that through lack of rest, her muscles had been seizing up and when she was getting changed, she had pulled a muscle in her lower back. She has to wear a back support until she recovers, but she is fine. Her character in the show has to carry the hefty weight of Moses Chan and Kenny Wong, but will her hundred pound frame handle it? She says she is worried about re-injuring herself, so she has asked for this scene to be postponed. Will she ask for a stunt double? Charmaine says: "Using a double removes the realism from the scene and it is not for a long distance, just from the courtyard to the room and they will not do it in one shot, so I hope to do it myself."

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Gigi has been studying her script at home recently as well as gaining herself a tan to avoid too much of a difference between the location scenes and those in the studio. She is not using a salon or the beach to get herself bronzed, preferring to tan on her balcony at home. She says: "I have been reading my scripts and tanning at home, trying not to put on too much suntan lotion, but I have only darkened a little, so progress is slow. (Are you worried about injuring your skin?) Yes, but it can't be helped. (Will you age after this show?) Yes, so when I return I will have to go for some major treatment, but definitely not surgery. (Will you change your skin?) Maybe, but I will ask a doctor for advice first."

Moses has intentionally lost some weight for this series, but he does not know how much he has lost. He just feels that he has slimmed down and when he starts work again he will slim even more. When he heard that Charmaine has to carry him, he asked in return: "Carrying me? How? I am on average about 180 lbs and 170 lbs at my lightest!" Like the rest of the cast, Moses will need to tan for the show, but he will be avoiding the beaches, especially South Bay. When he does go, he will choose a corner space to avoid being recognised. When he does go sunbathing, Moses wears diving pants instead of swimming trunks and when asked why, he replies that it is not as acceptable now he has grown up.

Bowie has just finished filming for "Always on Standby" and is preparing for "Flames". As he plays a deaf character in the show, he has been researching on the internet and in bookshops, so that he can portray the character well. However, there is limited resources on this and he will have to try and understand it himself. With this show, his management contract with TVB starts officially and he has immediately received an advertisement job, with many more under negotiation. He is happy about this and feels that this is because the feng shui in his new home is very good because he has had so many opportunities to make money in less than a a year and he hopes to make even more.

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p.s. Pictures from my holiday will be uploaded as soon as Amanda pass them to me.

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