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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Charmaine injured, Benny wanted to cry

佘詩曼摔斷牙 陳浩民心疼想哭

My summary:

Charmaine was injured while filming for DFOGS. When her rumored bf Benny Chan heard about it, he was very anxious but he cannot leave the set as he is filming a series. Benny remained in a sad mood and his eyes appeared red. He rushes off after filming and bought porridge before visiting her. After seeing her injuries, Benny said "She's so brave, she didn't cry but I felt like crying after seeing her!"

Charmaine was sad and worried that her accident will caused the filming to be delayed but Benny advises her that safety comes first, she can film series other time!

Charmaine joked that her character in DFOGS might be Hercules, as she has to carry both adults and children. "Stop torturing me!" lol...

Gigi, who was also at the scene, felt sorry for Charmaine. Gigi joked that "we both also "bui" (bui in cantonese can sound like 'carry' and 'memorize'), her 'bui' (carry) is painful while my 'bui' (memorize) script is neverending!"

also: updated previous translation regarding charmaine & benny's news below:

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