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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Always on Standby mag scan (TVB Weekly issue 414)

Magazine scans credit to Erica from

My brief translation:

Ekin rescuing Bowie in dangerous water

Ekin: Bowie, hang on!

Alert, trouble! The helicopter piloted by Bowie crashed into the sea and his partner Ekin immediately went to his rescue. Finally, Ekin manage to find Bowie but he was unconscious. Will both of them survive this crisis?

The process

1. The helicopter part you're seeing were imitations made by TVB props department. The imitations look so detailed that it's hard to distinguish them from the real ones. The crew has to transport the props using a truck and throws it into the swimming pool. Don't worry, a stunt double for Bowie has already been arranged for the crash scene.

2. Bowie lost his consciousness and floated in the waves.

3. The crew create special effect and waves in the swimming pool for a more convincing effect.

Old time buddies in the water together

Even though the scene looked dangerous, the truth is that it was very safe because they filmed it in a special pool, not in the sea. The water appear to be very deep because it's bottom was black in color, giving the audiences are more realistic feel to it. As a matter of fact, the pool was pretty shallow, allowing Ekin and Bowie to swim with ease.

1. The filming crew pushed the helicopter into the water.

2. Ekin jumped into the water to look for Ekin.

3. Ekin lifting Bowie on the rescue boat.

Leaping into the water

1. Bowie jumped into the water in "superman" pose, outshining Ekin.

2. Haha... they created a huge splash as they fell into the water together.

The story:

The helicopter Yip Ching Wan (Bowie) piloted crashed into the sea and his partner Ko Ho Fung (Ekin) immediately jumped into the water to rescue him. Fung managed to find Wan in the rough sea, but Wan was unconscious. Can Fung save Wan?

Matthew / Fung = Ekin
Benjamin / Wan = Bowie

p.s. I just realized this... Ekin and Bowie's character name sum up to 风云 (Fung Wan)!!! Wind & Cloud / Stormriders?! Hahahha... Ekin once acted as Fung in Stormriders (movie). Wonder if they will purposely make a joke / reference on this in the series hehehehe...

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