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Thursday, April 21, 2005

More on Dancing Flames of Golden Sands

a.k.a. Fo Mo Wong Sa

(My translation on extra info)


Moses was caught having affair with a village widow, thus he was punished with “Dim Tin Deng” (direct translation lighting sky light) – resulting in the horrific scar on his chest. He will have some rather steamy scenes with Charmaine (I hope not!)


Ada play a woman widowed at young age, leaving her in-charge of the family business. Because everyone in the family was older than her (including her stepson), she suffered at their cynicism view on her and set herself to prove her capability. She will fight against Bowie for the position of village chieftain to protect her family business (producing firecrackers), and in their conflict they fell for each other. They will be punished by “Dim Tin Deng” because of their affair.

Due to role requirement, Bowie & Gigi will have constant physical fights – Gigi asked Bowie to really hit her if necessary, she have enough of NGs (during WAB filming). Bowie reminds Gigi to keep her fingernails short to prevent her from scratching (hurting) him during filming.

The theme of Golden Sands (interview with producer Chik Kei Yi)

The plot is different from WAB, instead of people vs. people conflict; this time around the theme is people vs. tradition. Because of tradition, these people were unable to do what they really want, the way they expressed their feelings are brute (sometimes violent). We always felt that the relationships of people living in that society are complex and unusual, thus we want to create a breakthrough in storyline to attract the attention of the audiences. i.e. What are their feelings, being led by fate and having to struggle with inner demons.

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extra: Moses is Ada's brother in this new series

Charmaine wearing HK10 million jade jewellery

Charmaine missed TVB's Popularity Award presentation because of gastrointestinal inflammation (is that what sehster said it is called?? i forgot), but she has since recovered and did some modeling work for a jewelry company yesterday. Charmaine looked as beautiful as ever showing off two sets of jade jewelry worth over 10 million HK dollars.

In response to missing the award presentation, Charmaine said, "I ate something wrong, probably the eggs I had for breakfast. I am disappointed too because I prepared some nice clothing for it." When asked if she is disappointed at not winning any awards despite 4 nomination, she said, "No, not at all, there are awards given out every year, I don't have to win everytime, I just enjoy the process of participating. Besides, not winning means I have more chances to improve. (TVB executive Lok Yik Ling said she will console you.) Oh really? I haven't gone back to TVB yet. (Will you congratulate Gigi for winning 4 awards?) Of course! But I haven't seen her yet." When Charmaine is asked why she didn't win, she laughed and said, "You have to ask the committee! Maybe all my fans went to vacation and didn't vote!"

Charmaine personally doesn't buy jade jewelry, because she thinks they are too old fashion. But her grandma does have some valuable jade that is passed down from each generation for Charmaine, but since she hasn't had a chance to wear them yet, Charmaine is keeping them in her bank's safety vault for now. Maybe one day when Charmaine gets married, she will wear them to show her grandma: "I want my family to be happy too, they have been waiting for a long time for me to get married, but I still don't have this plan yet! My grandmother is already 90, she wants to hurry up, maybe I will in a few years!"

Even though Charmaine was wearing very expensive jewelry, she didn't feel uncomfortable at all because there were a lot of security. Charmaine also jokingly said she doesn't like to buy expensive jewelry, because it should be given to women by men. Then does Charmaine have this kind of experience? She laughed and said "If I say no, would you believe it? (Then has anyone bought you a ring before?) When I was 21 and just gradated from school, someone bought me a ring and proposed to me, but I was so young back then, I was just very scared so I didn't accept it. But ever since I started acting, no one has bought me a ring." Reporters then brought up Benny's name, and asked Charmaine if Benny is too cheap to buy her a ring. "No! Maybe he just knows that I am not a materialistic person!"

credits to Muka & Kitson

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