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Monday, April 25, 2005

Lyrics translation batch 2

Note: I have re-edited the lyrics from the first batch. Here's two more translation. Please excuse me if I misintepreted some words (I'm english educated, after all!). The lyrics for Ray's song is extremely complicated, therefore please bear with my meagre skills.

Everyday with you by Bowie Lam

Regretting in silence
Why we’re in love yet hostile with each other
Each recluse in their own world
No need to argue
Disheartening us further
Keeping silent every time we meet
Why we’re lovers yet unable to harmonize
Happiness has ended
Destined to break up (Unable to change destiny)
Reluctantly this decision
Seem like a joke (Seem like fate)
Understand that there’s no more hope
But continues to get sadder

Every day with you
Unable to overcome barrier
Like falling down
Isolated aside

Didn’t stop you from leaving when we encounter
Going different way without a word
Feeling disappointed
Missing yesterdays laughter with you

Every day with you (Unable to be with you)
Facing the barrier
Destined to acknowledge
Silently accept the breaking up

When we meet again
We’ll understand
Peacefully pass by
I’ll still keep the memories of
Every day with you
Hoping to see you smile at me in the future

Realize by Raymond Lam

Who will understand the dilemma in my heart
Drunk because of love
Hate and revenge will go by
Uniting or separating
Unable to feel hostile
Why destiny played a joke on us
In the end still residing in painful love

Opportunity to love is rare
Therefore cherishing your existence
Fearing to be lonely in the future
Separating this way
Unless by suppressing love
Not surprised to look back coldly

Madly in love
How to resist
Difficult to forget
This true love memoir
There’s no need to remember such painful heartaches

No more future or emotions
Because in this lifetime
Baptism in tears
Wanting to forget everything
But in reality afraid to prove the hypocrisy of love

Revolving in space
Joy and regret
Fading away in the melody
Still longing for the fate that ended
Amidst the sounds of freezing winds
Learning is too late now

From now on able to love again
Hoping to break through obstacles
The destiny to be accompanied by loneliness
There’s no need to separate
Unless one hate being loved
Able to start over is a sweet surprise

Reluctant but still has to
Forget all this aching memories
Regretful love turned into deep wounds

Revolving in space
Joy and regret
Fading away in the melody
Still longing for the fate that ended
Amidst the sounds of freezing winds

You and the future
Accelerated the injury further
A depressing wedding ceremony
Unable to forget everything
Proving the hypocrisy of love

Circling in the space
Tinge of regret and sighing
Lost in memories
In a glance
Standing alone under the full moonlight
Will grow used to this loneliness

email me if you have translated some lyrics or would love to improve my translations of the songs.

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