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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bowie afraid to ice skate

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Bowie Lam and Ekin Cheng yesterday filmed ice skating scenes for their TVB series "Always on Standby". In the story Ekin brought Bowie's son to ice skating to help him overcome his personal fears. However, it seems that Bowie need some help first. Bowie said, "Earlier this year I went to Beijing and ice skated for the first time. I kept bumping around and the left side of my rear was bruised all over, and I ran into a girl."

Familiar with roller skating, Ekin handled his scenes very well during filming. Since he was not afraid of risky scenes, was he ever afraid of anything? Ekin laughed: "Boredom! I cannot sit still! I'm most afraid of boredom, afraid there’s no one to play with me. When I’m lonely I will go cycling, but cycling alone can be very boring too!"

source: the sun newspaper

More pics thanks to Bowie forum (pics originate from apple daily)

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