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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Yellow Earth Great Plain 《黃土大地》renamed to 《火舞黃沙》- Fiery Dance Yellow Sands (it's just a direct translation, it's not the official translation. Still waiting for more news from TVB)

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Thanks to Kitson who kindly informed that Ada, Charmaine, Gigi, Bowie and Moses are confirmed to be casts. Another addition is Maggie Siu who will be replacing Maggie Cheung. The filming will begin end of this month.

Hmm... does that mean Charmaine will finish filming her part in AOS by the end of this month as well? From yesterday news, Linda Chung mentioned that the series will be wrapping up by the end of May. Maybe she's referring to herself. Anyway, I'm happy that Charmaine have the opportunity to work with Ada. However, on the down side we'll be seeing Gigi, Bowie and Moses partnering again (Healing Hands 3, Rouge & Powder). TVB is running out of actors/actresses.

p.s. Chik Kei Yi (War & Beauty executive producer) will be helming this series. This series was also dubbed as the HK version of "Grand Gate Mansion" 《大宅门》

News link (in chinese):

TVB's 10 male stars release new album: All About Men
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From left:
1. Kevin Cheng - I've heard the song, it was quite good considering he first started out as a singer.
2. Patrick Tang - Never heard him sing, but his perky personality attracts me.
3. Moses Chan - He need more vocal classes
4. Ron Ng - Someone please ban him from a mic. I turned my speaker off halfway through his song.
5. Eason Chan - Haven't heard it yet, but looking forward to this Cantopop king rendition.
6. Hakken Lee - Same as above.
7. Ekin Cheng - He's singing the theme for AOS. Not always the best voice, but definitely have charm.
8. Raymond Lam - Nice soothing voice. Wonder why he never releases his own personal album.
9. Bowie Lam - Erm... What can I say, it's a voice for television series themesong.
10. Frankie Lam - Keeping my fingers crossed on Mrs. Kenix Kwok (*cough)

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