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Thursday, April 28, 2005

ATTN: About re-posting my stuff

Please remember to credit me should you re-post my translated articles and lyrics. I painstakingly translated the articles out of goodwill. Not to mention looking up in the chinese dictionary word by word, sacrifing some sleeping time as well. Therefore I believe I have the right to demand credit for it. It frustrated me to see my work posted everywhere else and not getting appreciation for them.

I'm not asking too much, just a little respect by crediting me or my blog. For those out there who enjoy "cut and paste", it doesn't take much of your time to add in "credit to sehseh" as well.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sehseh. Sorry i'm not trying to offend you in anyway, i'm just posting an opinion. I think if you really did translate the lyrics out of goodwill (which i'm sure u did) then you shouldn't care if people didn't credit you. Because it all comes down the point that you did it so that others can understand the lyrics, and whether or not you get the credit really shouldn't be an issue. This is just my opinion. If i were doing something really out of the kindness of my heart, i wouldn't mind if no one ever knew i did it. I'm sorry if this comment sounds like i'm being negative... but really it's just an opinion ><

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ with anonymous. Bloggers deserve the same respect as with any journalist or writer. I think it is only fair for SehSeh to ask to be given due credit. Besides, what harm is there to just put a little note of acknowledgment? If you appreciate the work of others' and use it to complement your own work, then out of conscience, be grateful to the originator of the content.

I understand SehSeh's predicament. It is not much of her to ask for recognition, and it is not wrong either. She has the right to ask for credit because she is protected by copyright. It may seem ridiculous because the Internet is the hub of all things ripped, but if possible, just do a good deed once a while. No harm done! Plus, you can at least retain some self-respect. Just a piece of advice. Do yourself this favour.


sehseh said...

Thanks, Amanda.

Anonymous, does that mean I have the right the take the work of other ppl like Em (tvbspace) and Funn (Funn Ent)and many other webmaster/mistress hard work for myself then? Because I believe they also did their work out of goodwill and the heart to share. That's why I always try to credit them. or at least their site.

Even though my works weren't of the best qualities, I take pride in them. They're like my own children. How would you feel to see your children abused?

This is different. I don't need credit or acknowledgement if I were donating to beggars or helping a stranger in trouble. But when it comes to my works, I hope to see them appreciated. That make me glad that my work helped other non-chinese reader out there.

Anonymous said...

oh no, pls dont' take me wrong sehseh. You have everyright to ask for credit, i guess what i was trying to do was just help u feel less "angry". i really didn't mean it in a way that was like making you feel bad for wanting credit. but i guess it came out in that way? Well, i guess what i was really trying to say but didn't get to articulate well enough is: i personally don't care if my work for translating stuff wasn't credited for, and i was just hoping that you know that you won't be so offended by silvermoon, because i'm SURE she would have credited you, but she probably forgot. haha omg this is getting blown way out of proportion. neways, sorry if you felt "offended" in neway at all.

sehseh said...

First thing first:
I never pointed fingers specificly at Silvermoon here. She's not the only one, so it's unfair to mention anyone's name here.

I know some ppl might forget to credit me, which is excusable for the first time. But some ppl keep repeating over & over again so much, I try to be civil and do not create a ruckus at their site. I'm just merely complaining in my own blog.

I understand you won't feel anything IF your works are being ripped off (intentionally or unintentionally), but clearly I don't feel the same way. I'd be lying if I'm not somewhat offended by your first comment.

I practice what I preach. Because I respect other bloggers/site owners work.

No hard feelings, I'm not that angry, but instead I feel sad over some people's mindset.

Anonymous said...

yea sehseh, u're right. what i said in my first comment is just plain wrong, and i really wish to apologize to you here. I hope you will forget about the dumb thing i said. Again, sorry.

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