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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Amazing Race returns

What the f**k?! Rob and Amber (Survivor All Star winner) is back and they're in the new season Amazing Race! The bad news is, despite me praying for them to lose a.s.a.p. (sorry, but can't help but feel nasty toward them), they're still in the leading place. Guess some people couldn't be satisfied "Hey, I have an idea, let's join Amazing Race so we'll split 1 million dollar each instead of 1/2 if we get divorced!" Yeah, right *snigger*

I haven't watch Season 7 yet, but I get the idea that Rob & Amber will most likely be 'competitive' and aggressive. Ironically, they remind me of Season 5 Colin & Christie (though violent would be a more suitable term - cue to "It's okay, just run them over!" - Christie to her cabbie regarding pedestrians or Colin close encounter with law & spending a night in jail ""Oh my GOD! My ox is broken! This is BULLSHIT!" ). But I have to admit, they're the strongest team on AR, finishing first 6 times in the race.

"My ox is broken". Colin and his infamous breakdown lines. And I thought I'm the one that need anger management...

I was of course, rooting for the God loving, constantly praying couple (I'm not joking about the praying part) : Brandon & Nicole. God do perform miracles :) If you got stuck in your task and you have no clue what to do, pray. If you have bad luck with slow cab drivers/delayed ticketing, pray. If you have no energy to run/walk/crawl up a snowy mountain, pray and imagine God is spreading HIS arm on top of the mountain. It WORKS!

Brandon & Nicole

If Rob & Amber do win, it will make Flo & Zach win in Season 3 tame in comparison. Poor Zach, Flo really doesn't deserved 1/2 million. Flo really have to thank Zach for dragging her complaining ass (99% of the time) around the globe. (Whines~) "I don't care, I want air cond./hot shower/real hotel bed NOW!" or "We're losing anyway, I don't want to move/run/crawl blah blah..."

Zach & Flo (in her non-meltdown time)

And she has to be dating Drew, my fav AR contestant of all time (The twins slash model Derek & Drew - I religiously followed their progress every week).

Derek (left) & Drew. Sorry gals, Derek is married and Drew, well is seeing pyschotic Flo.

For more updates and information on the newest season, please go to:

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